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Bade Ache Lagte Hai - 13th March 2013 Written Update

This is a discussion on Bade Ache Lagte Hai - 13th March 2013 Written Update within the Bade Acche Laggte Hai forums, part of the Sony TV Archive category; Bade Ache Lagte Hai - 13th March 2013 Written Update Video Update here: Click Here to Watch Online Episode Starts ...

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Question Bade Ache Lagte Hai - 13th March 2013 Written Update

Bade Ache Lagte Hai - 13th March 2013 Written Update

Video Update here: Click Here to Watch Online Episode

Starts with all in the Sharma family and Kapoor family sitting in Sharma Refugee camp . Everybody is seeing each other, Ram and Priya are also looking at all of them with lots of concern.

One by one Shipra is asking whats it, KK is telling Priya that the suspense is over and asks her to say something. Nutz is asking Bhai to tell something immediately, Sudhir also joins in.

Priya says that they have come here to tell and asks Ram to tell half of it and the rest of the half she would tell. Ram says okay.

Ram keechofies a bit and then says that both have got a job with a huge smile. All are surprised. Shipra hits Priya and hugs too while all others say congrats to a smiling Ram. Now, Priya says now the other half she has to tell…. Keechofies again and says after 10 minutes she will tell. Hahahaha… Shipra and others get hyper again and now Priya says that both have landed the job in the same company. All of them are happy-shappy – like a Toothpaste advertisement. Daadi blesses both of them. Shipra turns to Soumya and Nutz to distribute sweets.

Ram interrupts and says that he wants to give one more news that even Priya doesn’t’ know. He addresses Maa and Daadi and tells everyone that he had been to meet Ayesha and had a big discussion, that after this, she was not going to disturb anybody and so all can go back to KM and live there. KK asks him to just leave it (is disgusted). But, Ram persists that its their house and they have to go and live there and its his final decision. Daadi now says that they all will live with him wherever he takes them to (meaning that she doesn’t’ want to go back to KM).

But, Ram insists that its their house and they have to live there and that he will be there to oversee this as its not right to the be thrown out of the house like that and takes responsibility. KK is also stubborn that they will not go back to that house again, She says Without both RaYa, that house does not seem like a house. Daadi also joins in saying that the house is very lonely without RaYa, asks Ram to leave them here, so they get to see all of them everyday.

Ram is feeling awkward saying that if that’s the case, how will Sudhirji feel. Sudhir interrupts saying that he will feel very very good about it. He continues that its Ram’s duty to see that both Daadi and mom (KK) are happy wherever they live and that he doesn’t’ have a problem as they all are family. Ram is unable to say anything, while Sudhir decides that all will be living in Sharma house (Refugee camp … thank you Saraswathi )

Priya opens her mouth saying that after RaYa get their salary, they will make arrangements for their living. KK says that Sudhir and Shipra are their own, very much like family, so whats the awkwardness about. Priya tries to tell something, but Shipra doesn’t’ allow and asks Nutz to bring the sweets from the fridge. RaYa have a cute separate shot eye lock – resigning to the decision of the elders.

Next day morning, refugee camp is busy with women buttering the bread and a couple of them in the kitchen. Rishabh is saying bye to Ram and goes off to his office, while KK comes to Ram and gives curd-sugar as its his first day at office. Shipra also gives him one more. Ram is confused why he is getting to eat this twice, Shipra says that when there are 2 moms this is what will happen.

Priya is kind of jealous says to Sudhir that mom has forgotten her while he smiles away. Remembering how they are going to office now, Priya says that they both are in the same office so will go in an autorickshaw. Neha comes over suddenly and says that why they would go by auto when they have a car and swings a key at all of them. Insists that she will drop both of them and also pick up. Ram says.. they are not kids, but, Neha cuts him and tells that she is aware that they are not kids and are not going to school, but, she wants to do this for them. Priya tells her that they will manage and why she was bothering (yeah… Neha kabse haddi bangayi … RaYa ko akeyla chod dho na yaar ….and we know how dono chipakh kay jaathey hain auto mein ) Neha starts getting hyper and Ram shouts…okay… and looks at Priya and says, if Vikram could never have his say with Neha in all these years… they never have a scope to do it now.

Raya are leaving to office, Priya takes Daadi’s blessings, hugs Sudhir and now comes Shipra to give curd-sugar. Priya is surprised that she remembered as she thot that her mom would have given all that to her son-in-law .

Its Kush’s school and is being dropped by Ayesha who is chirpy and tells Kush to eat his lunch properly and if he has packed. He says that Bansi chacha had packed for him and smiles. Ayesha wonders why he is feeling happy, he says that whenever his mom behaves nicely to him, she looks nice and he feels happy. She tries to arrange his hair but, Kush asks her not to as his friends are looking on and then runs off to them and says bye. His friends are asking if his mom would come daily to drop him now, he says yes.. she will from now on. Ayesha turns around and is wondering how long she has to do this drama of being nice and that she hasn’t’ slept fully also.

Scene shifts to Nutz trying to hurry up to her boutique, while Pihu doing some coloring at home makes fun why her bua is not getting up early then, Nutz replies “okay daadi amma” . She also happens to see how beautiful Pihu’s coloring is and says that for this she has to give her a treat. Pihu asks her to bring her favourite chocolates and Nutz says okay and turns to pack her things to go. Pihu changes her plan and asks Bua that she doesn’t’ want chocolates but wants to meet Kush and asks her please if she would take her to meet him. Nutz is blown away and asks her to come right away and takes her happily.

RaYa are waiting in a cabin in the office. Priya remembers how all in the family were excited for them. A guy comes over and asks if both are waiting for the GM, RaYa nod and he says that the GM was coming straight from the airport to the office in another 5 minutes. Ram asks if GM was gone somewhere. The guy says that he was in Qatar for the past 5 years and he was coming just today and that he will be RaYa’s boss. Both say okay and smile and this guy leaves them. Priya tells that their job contract has been signed, so if the boss comes, their job also can start immediately. Ram says “yes… I think so” and both smile, Ram continues that everything is good and its going good, so much of good things are happening to them, the office is good, both get to work together and feeling happy about it. Priya also says that she is also very happy as now, they have another point / chance to fight now – both in the office and house. Ram tells sweetly that why only quarrel, it can also be for manofying (making it better) eachother and smiles away to glory.

A voice is heard saying why two employees of different departments are sitting together.. the camera slowly pans to Ashwin while RaYa’s face falls down in surprise and shock.
He is walking inside while telling them that its against the rules of the office and gives some weird smile. He continues, All companies have rules and they are to be followed, this is not Dad’s company or a single owner (soul proprietorship) company where an employee can be thrown out of the office when the owner chooses too (he gives a stern look to Ram), here the managers follow the orders from above and the employees are suppose to follow them and for them (RaYa) he is the boss.

Dont' know if I have to see The Ram Kapoor being bossed around by Ashwin and bang my head or to wait and watch if this As** will bring in the TRPs So, the U wala or even Niharika returning doesnt' seem too far away for me ..in that case

Whatever he says will have to be followed by them without asking any questions. Priya is looking disgusted but keeps quiet. There is another rule in this company where, the employee has to leave his or her previous status and achievements before entering thru that door to the office, coz.. here only work is given importance and for name. Ashwin continues mocking, world comes around and makes people stand facing eachother, don’t’ you agree with me Mr. Ram Kapoor, looks from one to the other and wishes them a good day and walk off from the room.

We are now in Kush’s school where Nutz has brought along Pihu to see him. Points out to Kush who is eating his lunch and Pihu sprints to him and both hug sweetly. Kush asks if Pihu has come back now and tell her some new additions to his toys which he wants to play with her. Other kids also join in telling her where she had been and that they missed her. Pihu says “silly” she had been in Jaipur till now and that her papa has told her that they will live here and will not go anywhere now.

The teacher who comes there, greets Pihu and says how glad she is to see her. Nutz says that her brother and SIL have come back to Bombay, now the teacher asks if Pihu will join this school now. Nutz face tightens with worry.

Last week it was buffalos, yesterday was saudamini and hazaronmini, today is dog next week is cat and mouse or cows & hens
Its Vik-Neha’s house – Rahul and Sammy are arguing with Neha that she never listens to their wishes, but she continues with her ‘no’. Both are saying that if Dad had been there, he would have said ‘yes’. Neha angrily says that she will call Vikram and ask him whose side he is. She calls and Vikram asks why she was calling when there is so much work, Neha retorts why he was having so much work whenever she calls …hahaha. He asks whats so important, if its was a national emergency she says its house emergency. She continues non-stop if he doesn’t’ come back home now, she will have to leave the house.

He comes back and enquires what the emergency was. Neha shows the boys and tells him to see what these two have brought. It’s a cute ‘bull dog’ (looks like Ram’s Joey ) Vikram is shocked and looks at Neha, but both boys want to keep the doggy in the house. Neha shouts to tell from where they had brought it. Boys tells that this bechara doggy was loitering alone in the compound and insists that they have it. Now, looking at the dog, Vikram also melts and all the 3 guys try to make Neha accept that they bring up the dog in their home., as afterall, she has cared for her monkey-like sons and also a husband like himself, why not this cute doggy and that it will lot bark or give her any hard time. Neha screams back that she has not brought anybody from the road like this and that its an apartment and they cannot have dogs here. All 3 of them show the face of the dog and asks her to accept as he is so cute and cuddly. Neha also melts and smiles and takes the dog on her lap, but on a condition that the 3 guys will take responsibility of the dog. All 3 nod that they will deffo do it. Vikram wants to keep a name for the dog. Rahul says Snoopy, Sammy says Vampire and Neha says Paglu …hahahaha, as he is a pug. Vikram is not convinced with Paglu. All of them shout … Paglu, Vampire, Paglu Vampire. Vikram tries to solve the issue by saying that Neha can call him Paglu and kids can call him Vampire.

Its RaYa’s office. Ashwin is swiveling a paper weight and FBs about his first meeting with Ram near the elevator and also the slap by Ram, etc. He sees Ram working in his cubicle assisted by another employee from his cabin with a serious face. He resolves and calls a guy Atul to come to his cabin. This Atul guy is given a file and Ashwin asks him to tell Ram that reports have to be readied by 4 pm. This Atul taken aback asks how its possible as its already 2 pm, but Ashwin insists.

We see Priya coming to Ram’s cubicle with a huge hot pack saying that its 2 pm and have to eat lunch ( dunno who eats this late.. anyway..BT logic) to which Ram acknowledges with a smile. This Atul guy comes over, gives the file and tells to make the report ready by 4 pm. Ram is surprised as to how it was possible to ready that in 2 hours, but this guy says that if GM tells, it has to be done. Both RaYa look at each other surprised. Priya asks Ram to finish his lunch fast and do the job, but Ram says that this job was very important and has to finish it and then eat. But, Priya inisists that it will only be 10 minutes, but Ram counters that he can never eat in 10 minutes. Priya says okay half hour, he can work half hour more and finish it. Ram says no - a very cute yes-no banter.

Then, Priya never backing off, says that she will make a roll of roti and the sabzi which he can eat while working. An employee comes over and tells them that its company rule to eat only in the cafeteria and not in the cubicle. Priya tries to tell the employee that if a person is given work during the lunch time, he should be allowed to eat in his table, but the employee says its office rule. Ram comes in between and says thank you to that the guy and a sad Priya says its not fair and he should not have accepted. Ram firmly asks Priya to go ahead and eat. But, Priya (visibly pissed off) tells that now she will also eat only at 4 pm with Ram. Ram tells her not to do emotional blackmail, but Priya smilingly tells that its an incentive to finish his job faster, as she will await to have lunch with him. Ram smiles with a nod of his head.

Priya repacks the lunch and goes to her cubicle when Ashwin comes over with a cup in his hand, sipping, says “there is so much of sweetness in the shaadhi..” she turns around and gives a stern look, while Ashwin gives a sly look and says “I mean… in this chai ..” . Freezes on a disgusted look of Priya.

Precap: Priya is unhappy and asks Ram, “why are you tolerating all these nonsense, whats the necessity” Ram says “its just a job, we need the money now, so its okay”, Priya almost in tears “you don’t’ know him, but I know this man …”
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