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Bade Ache Lagte Hai - 12th September 2011 Written Update

This is a discussion on Bade Ache Lagte Hai - 12th September 2011 Written Update within the Bade Acche Laggte Hai forums, part of the Sony TV Archive category; Bade Ache Lagte Hai - 12th September 2011 Written Update EPisode begins with an image of the Statue Of Liberty, ...

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Heart Bade Ache Lagte Hai - 12th September 2011 Written Update

Bade Ache Lagte Hai - 12th September 2011 Written Update

EPisode begins with an image of the Statue Of Liberty, New York where Ram had fled post his wedding to try & salvage the deal which would make his beloved Choti a proud owner of a company. A meeting related to that is underway which is presided by our Golu. He is suavely dressed in a charcoal grey suit & is looking as fresh as dew. The people he is having a meeting with need more information which happens to be saved on a pen drive currently residing in Kapoor Mansion Mumbai. Golu, apparently in his haste to salvage his Choti's wedding present has forgotten to pack it in.He instructs his associate, a rather dear looking Sardarji, sitting beside him to call his home i.e Ram's home & instruct his wife to keep the pen drive ready telling him the exact location where it could be found. The associate protests mildly saying its midnight inMumbai but Ram insists that his wife be woken up for the task at hand. He adds that his apologies are to be conveyed to the new Mrs Kapoor for such a nocturnal nuisance. The man walks out to make the call.
Mumbai. Priya who has fallen asleep with some difficulty is roused awake by the shrill noise of her ringing mobile. She takes the call but cannot hear anyone on the other side. The associate too can't hear Priya asthere is our usual "Network problem". He tries again & Priya too picks up again but still can't hear one another. Priya recognises the international call number & wonders if its Ram trying to reach her but then dismisses it saying why would he call from someone else's mobile.

Sharma House.

Nutz wedding party is in full swing at the Sharma House. Shipra is busy playing the grand hostess but Ayesha is in all knots. She tells Shipra she has a shoot in the morning at 7 & really needs to call it a night.
She complains she can't look her best with dark circles due to lack of sleep.Shipra refuses to let her go sleep saying important people from the fashion world are here. Someone might notice & her luck might turn. She tells her not to worry about the next day's assignment as make up would take care of any dark circles. Ayesha feels like crying at her mother's thoughtlessness. She then spots her father who is more dense than his wife & fails to recognise Ayesha's distress. When she tries to tell him about her trouble he interrupts her midway praising her for arranging a grand party & giving up her room to the newly weds. He tells her Priya would be proud.He goes off to bed asking to be sure that the guests are well taken care of.Ayesha sadly remembers her Di & thinks to herself that if Priya were here she'd not only understand her problem but solve it too.
Siddhant is noticing all this from the corner of his evil eye.He traps a distressed Ayesha & asks her about it. She tells him everything. Promptly a call is made to the guy who has signed her asking him to postpone the shoot in the evening. He is made to agree & Ayesha is super happy & impressed.
The bakri is slowly lured into the trap as she joins the fellow on the dance floor.

Ram walks out of the meeting & sees his associate unsuccessfully trying to reach his wife. He decides to call Priya himself & Voila! He straightaway hears from his wife.But alas! Steam Roller Priya does not wait to see who is on the line & assumes she is being crank called goes full throttle. She screams at the caller saying why is somebody making international calls & then not speaking. Its just a waste of money she lectures.She says it might be daytime for the caller but its midnight here,she has been trying to sleep for the past hour but the constant calling has ruined any chance of her having a peaceful night. Ram is frozen to the ground from all the unfair blasting he was getting. Priya screeches some more that she ought not to be disturbed anymore. Somehow he manages to get a word in between Priya's torrents of words.She finally shuts up hearing Ram's voice then begins a volley of stammering apologies. She explains that she has been harassed by "breather calls" hence the yelling. Ram tells her its okay & then explains the reason for his calling so late.He asks her to retrive a pen drive from his cupboard. Priya jumps up & runs to carry out the errand asking him to be on line to instruct her as to its location. He says its in the first drawer of the second cupboard.Priya reaches the wardrobe area & opens the door to the second cupboard from left. There she notices the clothes arranged by like some obssessive-compulsive nut. She is amazed by the precise way stuff there is arranged & comments loud & clear with the phone line open saying the wardrobe looks like a painting.Ram hears her but not clearly.He asks her if she said something & Priya is drawn back to reality.She then pulls open the first drawer but instead of finding an important looking pen drive she sees rows of gleaming white jumbo sized undies staring benignly back at her. She has opened what happens to be the 2000 crore company ke owner ke "jaddiyon wala" drawer. Shocked to the core by her discovery Priya manages a very hard,"Its not here" to which our Golu comes back with a very patient & deliberate ,"Its right there. Loook carefully". Priya forces herself to look in the drawer again & a rakish underpant winks at her. She turns voilently away shutting her eyes tightly. She pleads with her hubby that there is really no pen drive there.He insists it can't be to which Priya replies she checked but she can;t see it. She nervously adds that it doesn't seem the kind of place to hold office supplies. She tells him he must have put it somewhere else.Ram is confused at this.He tells her very patiently to search for it as he had put it there himself. He then gently tells to put her hands in to check properly as it might have rolled in to a corner.
Priya turns green at this & then manages okay she'll check again. Ram again gives explicit instrustions to put her hand in to check each corner thoroughly ...of the drawer .i.e. The Palak Khichdi seems to be slowly making a comeback to Priya's throat as she runs a very reluctant hand over the jaddi baniyaans with her eyes firmly shut. She again pleads with him that she cant find the damned pen drive.
She says the thing is filled with "c...c...clothes" Ram is surprised at this & says "what clothes?". Priya says a very painful"thooose clothes" lifting one jadddi out. Cold sweat breaks out over Ram as he asks which cupboard is she looking into. She replies the same one he'd asked her to.Second cupboard & first drawer. Slowly he asks her if it was the left or the right one.She replies the one on the left side & the horrible realisation dawns on Ram that his new wife is checking out his jockeys. Ram is horrified & embarassed with shame & cuts the call abruptly. A relieved Priya gets off the phone & before the offending undy makes a smart remark shuts the drawer & cupboard firmly.

Ram all dazed reaches his associate who looks at him strangely.Ram is having a flashback of the of the recent discovery of his wife.He thinks how did Priya open just that drawer of all things. Then berates himself for not guiding her properly. He thinks he made a girl he hardly knew paw through his underclothes & is some more ashamed.The associate enquires if he fought with his wife to which Ram replies that his wife opened a wrong drawer. The associates interest is piqued & he enquires about its contents. He asks if his wife has discovered his old girlfriends love letters & kissy-missy stuff to which Ram says an emphatic no.The drawer had clothes in it. The man laughs & says what's the big deal if his wife had a peek at his clothes but Ram can't bring himself to say what kind of clothes. He shuts up the man asking him not to laugh.The man replies that the torture after marriage is so painful that one tends to keep laughing. Ram looks on horrified.

(A truly howlarious scene. Awesomely played by Ram-Saakshi. Not to be missed. If the CVs think that the side characters need to be shown frequently too else audiences will get bored then they think wrong.Just put the two of them up there & we can spend the next 30 mins watching them without missing a blink.)

Angry neighbours crash the merry party at the Sharma house complaining about the din. They have few harsh words for the new rich bahu.Sudhir begs them to leave which they do after some more barbs. Nutz is humoungously embaeassed in front of her snooty friends. They too leave the party midway one by one after annoyed good byes. Karthick & Nutz stare at each other with dagger looks.

Priya then looks in the other cupboard's drawer which holds the precious & elusive pen drive among other precious work related possessions of the tycoon Ram Kapoor. There is a fluoroscent pink highlighter & a silver ball point pen standing guard on either side of the prized pen drive.
Priya mentally kicks herself for not looking there the first time & then calls Ram back. Ram very reluctantly & emabarssedly attends her call & she informs him happily that she was successful in locating the lost item.Ram is happy & tells her that someone from the office will be by to pick it up.Priya says she 'll have it ready. Ram asks her if she now understands how he organises his office ka samaan to which Priya replies," Yeah! Sure!I now know where you keep your..." Blood drains from Ram's face as Priya stumbles for words. "I know where are the office realted things" finishes Priya lamely.She again apologises for rumaging in the wrong drawer saying she was confused in her sleepy state. Both say emabarrased good byes & take cares to each other & hang up. Both heave a sighs of relief that the worst is over with the slow male rendition of BALH in the background.Screen splits with both in frame standing forlornly.

Precap: Ram coolly asks Priya for her favourite colour. Priya asks why is he asking.Ram is pissed that Priya answers a question with a question of her own. He says his colleagues are buying handbags for their biwis & he too has to buy one for her.Priya asks him what suit is he wearing & its his turn to ask "Why?" Priya says now he is answering a question with a question. She says to buy a bag of the same colour. Priya is irritated that Ram first scolds & then buys gifts.

Lovely. Watch it. Totally paisa wasool. Though we could have done without Nutz, Sids & their stupid machinations.


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