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Bhagonwali - 17th February 2012 Final (Last) Written Update

This is a discussion on Bhagonwali - 17th February 2012 Final (Last) Written Update within the Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer forums, part of the Zee TV Archive category; Bhagonwali - 17th February 2012 Final (Last) Written Update So many emotions, not enough words...Bhagonwali has truly been an emotional ...

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Question Bhagonwali - 17th February 2012 Final (Last) Written Update

Bhagonwali - 17th February 2012 Final (Last) Written Update

So many emotions, not enough words...Bhagonwali has truly been an emotional ride. For the friends I've made and for the connections with the characters. Guddu and Runjhun started out as indifferent to each other then became enemies, they hurt each other, and loved each other as well. Both learned from each other and both grew as well, and so have we grown.

Thanks to all for the love, understanding and the companionship...

Guddu agrees to getting married to Runjhun via court marriage and Runjhun comes down all dressed up but is disappointed to see that no one else seems dressed up and the house doesn't look like it's a house of marriage.

Runjhun cries and says that she won't get married as they think she's mad and are only tricking her. She calls Guddu Shukla the biggest liar out of all of them and tells them all that if it was her marriage they would all be dressed up and there would be music and dancing.

Guddu agrees to give Runjhun the marriage she deserves and even though Amma is worried, Guddu reassures Amma that all will be well.

Runjhun sings as she is carried into the marriage procession with Guddu, riding like a shinking knight on a white horse. Everyone genuinely look on happily as Runjhun pulls everyone in.

Then the pheres begin and with each phera Runjhun begins to grow more uncomfortable, as the images in her head become clear, she loses consciousness as she sees Guddu putting vermillion on Neelu's forehead.

Guddu catches Runjhun before she can fall and Amma asks Kukkan to call the doctor.

The doctor performs a check up and tells them that Runjhun is well. Runjhun looks at Guddu and is hurt and confused. She asks him how he could betray her and marry Neelu. Guddu pulls Runjhun close, happy that Runjhun's memory is back. Runjhun is confused and asks him how he could have married Neelu. She tells him that she'd told Neelu that he would never betray her, and that she'd talked to him on the phone and told him. She then looks towards Amma and asks Amma why she didn't stop the marriage.

Guddu consoles Runjhun glad that she finally recognizes him and is back to being Runjhun. He tells her that he had no choice but to marry Neelu to save her. He realizes that Runjhun uncomfortableness for temples and all things related to prayer are because of her seeing Guddu and Neelu getting married. He tells her he didn't betray her.

Amma tells Runjhun what happened and how they found her and how she'd lost her memory and Lakhan had taken advantage of her. Runjhun listens and then asks Guddu where Neelu is. Guddu explains to Runjhun how Neelu died, and Runjhun is upset to hear that Neelu got shot.

Guddu asks Runjhun if she knows who shot her, and Runjhun explains how she'd almost reached the steps and what she'd seen and then she'd been shot. Guddu wonders who would have shot Runjhun when Kukkan pipes in and tells them it was Jabbo. Everyone is surprised and Kukkan tells Guddu that when he'd heard Runjhun had been shot he'd gone to jail to inquire from Pappu and tells him how he found out that Jabbo was the one.

Guddu is angry but Kukkan tells him that Jabbo is where he belongs in jail. Amma tells Guddu to forget all of that and tells him that she is happy that finally Guddu and Runjhun are together. They all say that the marriage was left incomplete and they should complete the rounds.

Runjhun is confused so Mahadevi brings her little Runjhun and explains to Runjhun how she'd been adamant to become a mother as well and had chosen Guddu to be the father. Runjhun blushes as everyone laughs.

Guddu and Runjhun get married completing the rounds and they all celebrate happily. Guddu pulls Runjhun aside and tells her to give him Jhunjhun and Ladoo together in one go... Runjhun blushes again as everyone tease and smile.

Guddu and Runjhun have finally been united for happily ever after...

Punar Vivaah begins on Monday, February 20th...
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