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Saas Bina Sasural - 6th September 2012 Written Update

This is a discussion on Saas Bina Sasural - 6th September 2012 Written Update within the Saas Bina Sasural forums, part of the Sony TV Archive category; Saas Bina Sasural - 6th September 2012 Written Update Saas Bina Sasural - 6th September Episode Written Update Video Update ...

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Information Saas Bina Sasural - 6th September 2012 Written Update

Saas Bina Sasural - 6th September 2012 Written Update
Saas Bina Sasural - 6th September Episode Written Update

Video Update here: Click Here to Watch Online Episode

Chaturvedi Hall

Smiley tells Chaturs that Tej actually went to look for Toasty and until he wouldn't find her, she promised not to tell anything to the family;that's why she hid the truth..She tells them that Tej will finally bring Toasty back home<3Chaturs smile and they are extremely happy to hear the great newsDadaji says that people say right; happiness comes from all sides once it comes back
..Pitaji says <<a big burden got off from our hearts>>..Everyone is very happySmiley asks how can they make Toasty's welcome very special?..Shobha says that once Toasty come, they will put Choti Toasty on her lapSmiley smilesNitika gets emotional..She says that she will fight a lot with Toasty, not even talk with her..To her great surprise, she sees ToastyChaturs turn to look at their one&only unique Toasty

Toasty enters Chaturvedi House;her own home sweet home *Shows a flashback when Toasty first entered the house as Tej's wife, Chaturvedi Nivaas Ki Bahu aur pyaare Devaron ki Bhabhi* Toasty is extremely happy to see her family again<3Tej is double excited to find his Toasty and to bring her home<3Chaturs are very happy to see their Toasty again in front of them<3Tej smiles at Toasty and makes sign at her to go and meet everybody *Haaiihis smile;sab se unique<3..so cute<3mere budhuraam<3*Toasty seems not to believe that she finally is in front of her sweet and loving familyChaturs comes near TeJya<3*crying..tears of joy* Toasty smiles and takes blessings from Dadaji..She then hugs her mother and her sister*Chaturs Happy Emotional BG music* Toasty takes blessings from pitaji, ved and pashuTej is extremely happy that his family is now complete together with his Toasty<3 She hugs her father.. caresses Pracheen's cheeks and hugs GyaanToasty smiles and hugs Smiley,Malti bhabhi and NitikaTej is very happy<3 as well as ChatursPitaji wipes off his tears..Shobha caresses Toasty and gives her blessings

Sudha,Nitika and Smiley brings Toasty to the sofa The others follow them..Sudha looks at Toasty lovinglyNitika tells toasty that she would have fight with her a lot but she is unwellToasty seems guily;she hides her tearsPashu asks toasty didn't she think what will happen to them without her?Toasty says sorry in a very low voiceShobha brings Choti Toasty to her Toasty Chachi and tells her not to ever leave her again..Toasty is very happy to take Choti Toasty in her arms and she plays with her<3Nitika asks Toasty didn't she want to meet her niece atleast once?Toasty looks at her sadlyVed tells Toasty that they missed her a lot and she can,t even think of their hige happiness when they saw her again<3Toasty looks at him sadlyLalit sadly tells Toasty <<thanks to Tej Prakash Chaturvedi who looked for you and brought you back;I had lost the hope to meet you again>>Toasty feels very sadPitaji tells her not to worry..they won't let anything happen to her;the best doctors will do her treatmentToasty feels so loved once again by her sweet familyGyaan hands to Tej his sherwaaniShobha says that they won't need the sherwaani as the wedding is canceledTej smiles at Smiley and both bend near Toasty and say <<Shaadi Toh Hogi>> Toasty looks at them and she is confusedTej gives Toasty his romantic smile<3

Smiley's Room

Smiley gives Toasty's wedding saree to Tej and says that it was Toasty's,it is and will always be hersTej thanks Smiley heartedlyand tells her that he could have never find his Toasty without her helpSmiley smiles and says that friends are always by each otherTej hugs SmileyHe smiles and tells Smiley that he thinks that she should give the wedding saree to Toasty herself;and Toasty also wants to meet herSmiley nods her head and goes to see ToastyTej smiles<3 *Haaii*

TeJya room

Smiley hands the wedding saree to Toasty..Toasty seems guily and asks sorry to Smiley as because of her, she got hurt a lotSmiley tells Toasty that she shouldn't ask sorry but actually, she should herself thanks Toasty; it's because of Toasty, she got to know what is called love;the right meaning of unconditional loveToasty smilesSmiley praises toasty for her great courage and there is not anyone who is as much brave as her..Toasty at her turn tells Smiley that no one has such a courage like her..Toasty sadly says that she sacrificed everything for her love but Smiley, she sacrificed her loveSmiley tells Toasty that Tej never belong to her; he is, was and will always be Toasty's <3..Toasty smilesSmiley assures Toasty that she will be fine and tells her not to worry about her illness..Toasty smiles..Smiley asks Toasty to refresh and later on she will dress her as Tej's brideToasty smiles happilySmiley leaves the room..Toasty looks at her beautiful wedding saree and remembers her special day with Tej<3; the day she married her TejShe smiles and is extremely happy to be with her Tej<3 *Shows flashbacks of TeJya wedding..exchange of garlands, tej ties mangalsutra and puts sindoor on his Toasty,saath pheres..*Toasty smiles

Chaturvedi Hall *Perfect Ending<3 TeJya Ki Shaadi*

Toasty, dressed as her Tej's beautiful bride comes to the mandapTej holds her handsTeJya take the gralands from each sides the priest recites the mantras and TeJya exchange their garlandsTej caresses Toasty and both are definitely extremely happy to be together againChaturs adorn them with flowersTej helps toasty to sit ..the priest continues reciting the mantras..Chaturs are very happy to see TeJya togetherSudha puts a red chunri on Toasty's headTej keeps looking at Toasty passionatelyThe priest recites "Ya Devi Sar Bhuteshu.." and then calls someone to tie Toasty's chunri with Tej'sEveryone wonders who will perform this rituel?Dadaji asks Smiley to tie the knot..Smiley ties Toasty's chunri with Tej's..TeJya are on cloud nine(Mujhe Haq Hain from Vivah as BG music)Tej puts the mangalsutra on Toasty<3 He winks at Toasty and smiles romantically*finally I've found you<3 Never leave me again<3*Tej then puts sindoor on his ToastyBoth smile beautifully at each other *Made for each other<3 Awww* Chaturs are very very happy for TeJya <3 The priest asks them to stand for saath pheres Tej helps toasty to stand They do the pheres beautifully *love in the air..TeJya Haii<3* Chaturs adorn TeJya with flowersTej has a unique smile on his face;showing his full happiness to be with his ToastySuddenly, Toasty feels dizzyShe holds TejChaturs get tensed..Tej asks Toasty if she was fine? He brings her close to his heart and takes his toasty in his arms ..Tej completes the pheres with his Toasty in his arms<3 Chaturs are very happy and adorn TeJya with flowersTeJya looks in each other's eyes and smiles

Family PhotoChaturvedis together with Sharmas and Nitika's parents
Newly Married TeJya in the center

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