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Yeh Ishq Haaye - 6th August 2011 Written Update

This is a discussion on Yeh Ishq Haaye - 6th August 2011 Written Update within the Yeh Ishq Haaye forums, part of the Star One Archive category; Yeh Ishq Haaye - 6th August 2011 Written Update The episode begins with the morning of Manjiris haldi.Manjiri looks lovingly ...

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Heart Yeh Ishq Haaye - 6th August 2011 Written Update

Yeh Ishq Haaye - 6th August 2011 Written Update

The episode begins with the morning of Manjiris haldi.Manjiri looks lovingly at her sisters and wonders how life changes so fast.She looks at the ganapati idol at her bedside and tells Him that she always wondered why he did certian things,and now she realizes he always had an agenda for her and prays for strenghth to deal with everything.Manjiris mother comes and wakes the sisters up for the mehendi clebration-they share an emotional moment.Lochan Ji and Chaturvedi as usual are arguing while Manjiri and Pooja get the haldi ceremony done.
Then they show Manjiri and Pooja getting ready for thier weddings.Chaturvdei gets emotional seeing them when Lochan Ji calls him outside urgently.Lochan Ji tells them that Sanjay has been missing since morning,Chutki hears this and goes and informs Manjiri of the same.Manjiri is shocked and recalls the previous memories of how Sanjay disguised as Ranbir had cheated her and wonders why is he doing such a thing again,Pooja and Anushka try to console her.
At the Mandap Poojas groom arrives and the ceremony starts,the pandit begins to ask for Sanjay.Lochani Ji and Chaturvedi are upset and lie that Sanjay had some work.Pooja is brought down and she is worried for Manjiri as people have started talking about her.Just then Sanjay enters the hall and Chutki informs Manjiri of it.Evryone begins to shot at Sanjay for vanishing at the time of the wedding.Manjiri runs down,but Sanjay gives small smile and steps back.Its AKSHAY!!!!!!!(finally...gosh he looks so freaking cute,im so happy to see him!).Manjiri as well as everyone is shocked.
Then Sanjay drags Manjiri down from the stairs(KKHH)style and makes her stand in front of Akshay.He tells her he always wanted to see love in her eyes,and when he finally saw it it was not for HIM but for AKSHAY.Manjiri is quiet while everyone else looks shocked.Sanjay tells her that what she and Akshay has is special and the "true love",her only true love was Akshay and how could she give up on it so easily.He tells her she never will get such a moment again,or she will make a grave mistake affecting all three of thier lifes(completely out of KKHH).He tells them how Anushka was the one who told him everything(flashback shown with Sanjay talking to Anushka and seeing the contents of the box)
Akshay however says he came to his friends wedding and only wants to see her happy and leaves.Sanjay also leaves leaving Manjiri alone at the mandap.Chaturvedi asks Manjiri to say something while she just stands quietly.He tells her that they never forced her into anything and only wanted to see her happy,he tells her to go and get the love of her life and hold his hand,no one will say anything to her.Pooja and Anushka tell Manjiri to go.Manjiri quitely walks ahead and looks behind everyone encourages her to run.
Then our PT.Usha starts running(with Tu Jaane Na Playing in the background),she remebers all the special moments she had with him.She finally catches hold of him .
She asks him how can he leave her and go.Akshay says he only wants to see her happy.Manjiri and Akshay start arguing(so cute)about how he could leave her when it was he who helped her through life,and they who made dreams together.,Akshay tells her smilingly that he loves her.Manjiri and Akshay hug and she asks him to say it again.Akshay teasingly asks to say what?Manjiri blushingly says I LOVE YOU,and Akshay says I LOVE YOU TOO.The episode ends with thier hug.
And They Lived Happily Ever After

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