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Ram Milaayi Jodi - 26th July 2011 Written Update

This is a discussion on Ram Milaayi Jodi - 26th July 2011 Written Update within the Ram Milaayi Jodi forums, part of the Zee TV Archive category; Ram Milaayi Jodi - 26th July 2011 Written Update Bedi household: Epi starts with hetal's phone ringing and she picks ...

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Question Ram Milaayi Jodi - 26th July 2011 Written Update

Ram Milaayi Jodi - 26th July 2011 Written Update

Bedi household:

Epi starts with hetal's phone ringing and she picks it up. Its amrit on the line and hetal is little surprised and upset. Karan asks whose phone it is, hetal answers it being jhayijis. All are upset. AMrit asks about sweety and her phone being off. Hetal then says that sweety is perfectly allright and she is resting in her room. Gurnaam gets up quickly and grabs the phone from hetal. He says that nothing is all right here and the happiness they been waiting for this many years, babaji has snatched from us. Amrit looks surprised and satnam and karan are just shocked to why he is telling all this to amrit. Gurnam then says that sweety's baby is no more. Amrit is shocked and is crying. Gurnam tells her how sweety fell off the stairs. Amrit is crying a lot, parmeet is also there. Amrit further asks about sweety and her in laws. Gurnam gives the call to parmeet quickly and vimmy tell him to be carefull. Parmeet tells her that his parents are little upset but it shud be fine as goldie is going to talk to them. He then says that amrit wants to talk to vimmy. Vimmy is scared and takes the phone. Vimmy says she couldn't take care of sweety properly and ask for forgiveness (very sad scence guys). Amrit says no its not like that vimmy, sweety is more of ur daughter than mine, you love her so much., whatever was in her luck has happened. Amrit asks about sweety, vimmy says she will take care of sweety and how amrit should come back soon. Hetal looks very sad as well. Amrit says there is no one at the house and until her borhter and bhabhi doesn't come from Chandigarh she cant cum back . Amrit is crying again and they hang up. Amrit is crying out loud a lot after that phone has hung up. Vimmy goes to give hetal her phone back and says that how easily you can lie and leaves. Hetal is left bewildered.
Next morning:
Sejal is praying in front of sreenathji with her eyes closed. Ambaji comes there and smiles. Ambaji asks if she has exam, sejal says no . Sejal says just like that. Ambaji asks again and sejal says that she was just praying that ambaji wont refuse her and ambaji asks for what. Sejal hesistantly says that her friend meena is throwing a party on her b-day and she wants to go. Ambaji says thats fine and she shud also take a present. Sejal says her party is in the evening and is at her house. Ambaji thinking a little says okie then fui and fua will go with her. Sejal is upset and ambaji leaves. Sejal says okie. Sejal then receives a call and she looks around and pick up. Its her friend and is asking if she is cuming for the party. Sejal hesistantly says yes but will it be late. Her friend says they are going to party all night but sejal says she cant stay that long. Her friend says she can stay as long as she wants. Her friend says no bhainji type clothes and dunt cancel at last moment. Sejal says it wont happen. They hang up. Sejal is left thinking.
Mona anu's room:
Mona comes in the room and anu says hes late. Mona says today she is late for the first time and hes complaining so much and what about him being late every night. Anu says becuz its wrk related and quickly leaves. Sejal comes in the room and says its gud that bhayia has left. Mona wonders why she said that. Sejal says because not everything could be talked about in front of bhayia. She tells mona about her friend's b-day party at her home and she wants to go for sure. She further says that her friends always taunt her saying she is so bhainji, who doesn't go anywhere and stuff. Sejal shows mona her dress, its quite small (strip shoulders navy blue net sort of dress). Mona is shocked to see it and asks her if she has asked ambaji. Sejal lies that she has, only that ambaji wants her to take fui, fua with her and what will they do there. Mona just laughs. Sejal says why is she laughing, mona says what can she help her in this. Sejal says that she has asked for the first time from her. Mona is just left thinking. Sejal is almost crying and is complaining why is she always restricted. Mona says she will do sumting. Mona then says are you sure you going to meenal's house (i thought it was meena, anyway) and how she must return by 10. Sejal agress. Mona then gets a call and she is shocked listening to it.
Next scene:
She comes running in sweety's room. Sweety is crying and staring at the baby cradle that hetal had gifted her. She says to mona that first hetal did badshagun bringing the cradle home, then she killed my baby now what else she wants to snatch. Mona cryingly says that she shouldn't say such things. Hetal is also there and is quite sad. Mona says her share of happiness she will get for sure and how sweety must not cry. Mona says sweety is only misunderstanding hetal, hetal looks up. Hetal is making faces. Kalavati says samjhdar ke liye ishara kafi hai but kise ko kya samjhaye. Hetal shuts her up and says she will throw the crib out.
Monalp scene:
Bejal is talking to baa and says that no one is there to understand hetal, neither in sasural or her mayika. Sejal stops mona and asks her if she has talked to ambaji. Mona says no and then tells her that she will talk to anu about it. Sejal says yeah good idea. Mona calls anu and tells him the situation. ANu says he wont agree. Sejal then grabs the phone and then tries to persuade him but then mona says she will take care of it.
Bedi hallway:
Kalvati is doing namak mirch to vimmy about hetal. Vimmy is mad and hetal is just passing by. Vimmy calls her and tells her stuff. Kalavati looks evil here. Hetal is just surprised and sad. Karan comes there and kalavati then leaves. Kalavati is listening to them from the behind. Hetal is crying and says why vimmy chichi is always taunting her. Karan says even if unintentionally she has hurt everyone a lot and how she must learn how to make everyone happy. If other people of house aren't happy, she will also not be happy. Hetal says does he also think, she did wrong with sweety. Karan says if he had even a little doubt, hetal wouldn't have been standing here. Hetal is surprised.
Gandhi household:
Ambaji bring tea for masterji. Mona stops her. All look at her. Mona says that if hetal wants to go alone in party, please let her. Ambaji says never. She thens says to sejal that i hv told you once that fui will go with you then whats the need to do sifarish thru mona. All upset. Baa comes and supports mona and says what is the need of bejal in the party. Even bejal supports. Bapuji is agreeing as well. Bapuji says my beti will never do nothing wrong. Ambaji is still refuring. Sejal gets mad and leaves. Mona says her friends will also be there. Just then anu calls and talks to ambaji. AMbaji is still refuring but he says that meenal lives closeby and says the place's name. Goldie is listening to it. Anu says that sejal has never refused anything to u so you must let her go. Goldie has a serious look on his face. Bejal again tries to persuade ambaji. Mona says sejal could have lied but she didn't so let her go. Baa and kalpesh supports sejal as well. finally BHARTI gives in.
Dont know who (a girl maybe from another serial is narrating that tmrw in ram milayi Jodi, a weird thing will happen and mona will get to see goldie's real face.

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I wonder if you know the title this serie
I have watch this in 2011 and its about a woman she doesn't believe her husband is died, and she has to Maried with husband brother. But her husband is still alive and sit in a wheelchair with a bandage on his heat but he he lost memory a female doctor saved him . Then there was a woman a fortune teller who tells the wife your husband is still alive .

And there is another serie 2011 about a girl with silly glasses she works for a entertainment company and, and a friend of her who is actor is accuse for rape but she finds evidence and clean his name. And het boss is in love with her but She is in love with anorher man,

Do you know The title of thrse series??

I thank you a lot!! I dont know where to post my questions Thats why i did it hete
NOw i go read your written updateThe ram mil jody
Greets kia

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