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Pyaar Ki Ye Ek Kahaani - 2nd June 2011 Written Update

This is a discussion on Pyaar Ki Ye Ek Kahaani - 2nd June 2011 Written Update within the Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani forums, part of the Star One category; Pyaar Ki Ye Ek Kahaani - 2nd June 2011 Written Update PIA CONFRONTS MISHA AND PANCHI. PIA DEFENDS ABHAY. She ...

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Heart Pyaar Ki Ye Ek Kahaani - 2nd June 2011 Written Update

Pyaar Ki Ye Ek Kahaani - 2nd June 2011 Written Update

She hears rustling and someone places their hand on her shoulder. And it's Panchi and Misha.
M: Are you crazy? How many times did I tell you the jungle is dangerous? Don't you understand me? Dude, what's wrong with you?
P: I had to find out something. I was searching for a person.
M: Why? You are standing in the middle of the jungle, and you ask me why. Pia, you tell me. Why do you want to search for a person who ruined you and does not deserve you? Why?
PA: Misha is right. What's wrong with you? Abhay ruined you. Trust us.
M: No, no, Panchi. Pia doesn't comprehend anything logical or normal. We seriously have to keep her binded. Abhay ruined Pia's life, but she still came in midnight in the jungle. If Abhay was concerned, why did you call here? Have all the caf's been closed down? Wasn't there any normal place to meet? Just think about it'why in this place? Unless he was trying to hide something.
P: Wait a minute, how did you know that he told me to come here?
M: I checked your computer.
P: What? How can you just barge in and steal my computer?
M: Thank God that, otherwise you would here the entire night.
P: This is my personal life. You don't have to intervene.
M: Would you just use you brains? Did you even check his friend's page? No hobbies, no pictures, no friends except you. He clearly made the page just to interact with you. And so foolishly, you came here.
P: Perhaps he knows that my sisters are so commanding so he called me here for privacy. If you told me everything about Abhay, don't you I would not have come here? Everywhere I go, whenever I take his name, people react as if it's a sin.
(okay, her words keep getting feistier and I am so not liking it. How can she defend someone she met through FB and talked so badly about her own sister)
M: We're trying to protect you. If you're having a problem with it, then too bad.
Panchi comes in between them.
PA: Enough, Misha. Pia, think about it. There isn't anyone here. Someone must've lied. We need to go home and calmly talk about it. And no one tell Mom or Dad anything. They're already stressed out. Fine?
M: Fine.
P: Fine.
The Dobrial's head back. The leaves rustle and the icy ground is shown.
Haseena rushes with her vampire speed to where Abhay is frozen. She touches the ground
H: It has been a year with you trapped. Two people have come to see you today. Pia and me. I have always doubted Pia's love but now I am convinced. She remembers nothing yet the essence of your love for her had brought her here. Is it possible that this love may free you from this spell? Chand says that the heart is the weakness of a human but not a vampires. Yet I have seen Pia's love has changed you. I will wait for you even if I must wait another six years.
(maybe she can help job Pia's memory. I really hope she does. Dammit, I just want Abhay!)
Haseena feels the presence of someone.
H: Someone is here.
She stands up and is looking around.
H: Why has he come?
She keeps looking around as she is leaving the place. A hand is shown, tapping on a nearby tree as if waiting. The hand is the same scarred hand.
Haseena has left the jungle and is now near her car where Chand is.
H: Chand.
H: Haseena, where were you?
H: I-
C: No. Listen. Abhay is gone. Why do you still come here?
H: Abhay isn't gone. He's just trapped!
C: He's frozen. Maithli's made him frozen and only she can bring him away from the spell.
H: No, no. One year has passed. I cannot accept that Abhay-I feel like he will come back- Abhay can return!
C: Haseena, there is no miracle worker. Abhay's gone.
H: No!
C: That's the truth. Come on, let's leave.
They are about to go when they feel someone's presence. They pay no heed and go.
Arnav and Madhu are there in the table. It's breakfast time.
M: Hot paratha. Come girls!
Panchi comes and sits.
A: My champion has arrived. She's going to eat 5 of them like that!
Misha gets an apple and leaves saying she isn't hungry. Pia comes there and she makes an excuse that it's too oily. (okay, I understand that from a model's perspective but from a daughter's perspective, Pia would never say this)
Misha is leaving and Pia scurries behind. Arnv says that at least Panchi will eat. Panchi also says she isn't hungry and leaves. Arnav sees MAdhu's dejected face and he assures her that he'll eat her food. They sit together.
Pia is calling after Misha.
P: Misha, listen.
M: I'm going to college alone. You don't need anyone, right? You can go anywhere?
P: Please don't act like that. I'm sorry, oaky? I shouldn't have gone there by myself. I was curious because he sent me a friend request. I thought I'd get the answers to my questions and get some peace on my mind. But I know I am wrong. I'm sorry.
Hey look at each other and Misha finally breaks.
M: It's alright, silly. But this is it. Stay away from him. He's bad. I mean after what he did to you, no one wants to be with him. He must be trying to clear his name with you. That isn't going to happen.
(Misha's genuinely concerned for her. I can see that but I wished she'd tell her the truth)

P: Okay, understood. Now, let's go to college.
M: I'll start the bike.
Misha leaves.
P: If Abhay was this bad, then who is in my dream? Whose eyes do I see? It can't be Abhay since I feel relieved and comforted when I see his eyes. Then, whose eyes are they?
They are walking by and someone is talking about signing up for something. Misha is shown throwing a ball at Kabir. He catches the ball.
M: Not bad.
K: You're talking to the champ, babe.
Kabir throws it at Pia and she catches it. Pia throws the ball and Jay catches it by surprise.
J: Take it easy!
P: Why? You're scared?
J: Yes. If your face is this scary, I can't do anything about it.
P: Really? You're standing here and talking. You're just scared, loser!
J: Bring it on.
Jay throws the ball at her and she catches it.
Coach: What's going on?
She throws it back at him. Jay catches it.
J: Listen.
P: Why? You're scared of a girl?
The coach comes over.
C: Stop it! What's going on? Hey, someone get a rope.
P: Sir, he doesn't know how to speak to girls.
J: Whose the girl? She's a cheater, a ***
C: Khurana, don't you dare finish your sentence. If you can't behave right with each other, you both can leave the team. Khurana, respect girls. Dobrial, stay in control. Or else, you'll both leave the teams.
J & P: Sorry!
C: Put your hands here. Come closer.
Jay and Pia are freaked out as to what's happening while the coach binds their hands together.
C: You will be stuck together until 6.
J: But I have class and I can't be with her!
Coach doesn't care and he tells everyone to clear out.
Pia is eating while Jay is slumped next to her. He lifts up his glass and drinks. And then he takes her sandwich while Pia's mouth is agape.
Pia is seen talking to Tracker and she is like gossiping big time. He is pissed and he climbs onto the space in between walls. Pia is angry because he pulls on her hand. And then, he sees his friend. He hugs him, making Pia almost fall. He does it twice. He bends down to the ground suddenly, so Pia is forced to too. She hurts herself. They sit on the bench while Pia applies balm to her hurt knee. They are in the locker and she goes and opens her locker. She puts on lip gloss, blush and is checking herself out (that was so annoying. She seems a lot like T). They go to his locker and it smells like crap. She can't stand the smell so she sprays cologne, his cologne in his locker on his clothe and then, he sarcastically opens his sweatshirt so she can spray him (sniff'sniff..i bet Abhay smelled nice). They are sitting down and everyone is passing by laughing at them.

A: Ruhi, why are you going so slow.
She is walking and he sees her scrapbook.He takes it from her.
A: You have a scrapbook. Ruhi, why don't you understand that the college students tease you because of this.
Ruhi snatches it out of his hand.
R: You've forgotten our anniversary.
Angad goes after her once she walks past him. He asks what she's talking about.
Ruhi says it is the anniversary of the sweater she gifted to him.
Angad talks something about being more mature and how Ruhi is immature. He points out how she wears heels when she can't even walk in them.
Ruhi shows off her dress that she got from Paris and she talks about Pia.
Well, the basic thing is, they are in a fight. Again. This time, because Angad thinks he is her fashion victim and Ruhi thinks he is fashion deprived.
Coach is there and unties them.
C: Have you finally learned your lesson?
He sees their angry, poker faces.
C: We'll do the exercise tomorrow and two to three days until you've finally learned.
P: No! Please listen. He's such a nice person. I just realized how mistaken I was. He's such a nice guy with so much team spirit.
J: I haven't met such a SWEET and SENSIBLE girl like her. She makes friends so easily and I could not be more wrong. I won't ever fight with her.
P: He took so much care of me.
Pia pushes him in a "friendly" way. Jay pushes her back.
J: You're so sweet.
C: You think I'll fall for that? I'll be watching you. Let's meet tomorrow in the same place.
He leaves and they are more pissed than ever.
P: Loser!
J: Bimbo!
They go in a huff.
Pia hears Ruhi crying and she sees her ripping papers. Pia asks her what's wrong and she tells her how Angad and she fought. That's why she ripped the papers. Pia promises that she will help out.
Panchi is talking to someone really flirtatiously and Pia comes in. She asks about who it is and Panchi hushes her. Pia starts pestering her saying who is she talking to. She hangs up. Pia gets pushed out until someone calls her again. Pia picks up the phone from her bed and sees it is someone named Nilima. She drops the phone saying how boring, it's not even guy and she even bought a lipstick for her boring sister. Panchi gets the lipstick and Pia goes from there. Once she's gone, Panchi says that she isn't stupid. She never saves a guy's number on their real name. Neel is Nilima. And she starts dialing his number, read to call him back. (oh my god, that's such an awesome trick)
PIA FINDS HALF OF HER PAST THROUGH A SCRAPBOOK (hopefully she finds the other half)
Pia sits in her room saying how funny Ruhi gets so upset so easily. Pia needs to help her fix her love life. She starts opening up the scrapbook she's going to fix from her, the one she teared. She sees her picture and calls herself old fashioned (and we, dear new Pia, call it beautiful and innocent). She sees Kabir's picture. And then she sees T's picture. Pia finds out her real name is Tanushree and she thinks how funny and interesting it is. Half way through gluing, she discovers and ripped, showing the eyes, a picture of Abhay. And she recognizes it and looks closer.
Okay this time. I am going to say, watch it. Why?
Because the Jay and Pia scenes are hysterically funny.

No, I am rooting for them. And no, it is nothing romantic.
It's just funny.

So watch it!


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