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Baat Hamari Pakki Hai - 9th December 2010 Written Update

This is a discussion on Baat Hamari Pakki Hai - 9th December 2010 Written Update within the Baat Hamari Pakki Hai forums, part of the Sony TV Archive category; Baat Hamari Pakki Hai - 9th December 2010 Written Update Sanchi is praying that Shravan gets a job. She lights ...

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Heart Baat Hamari Pakki Hai - 9th December 2010 Written Update

Baat Hamari Pakki Hai - 9th December 2010 Written Update

Sanchi is praying that Shravan gets a job. She lights a lamp but it gets extinguished due to wind. She feels shocked. Shravan tries for many vacancies (unshaven and in casuals). He gets rejected everywhere. Finally he checks a newspaper and reads about a vacancy for sales manager. Meanwhile, Sanchi keeps on trying to light the lamp but it keeps getting extinguished. Nidhi comes there.
Nidhi – Why are you here? Is it because of Papa’s conditions?
Sanchi – No, bhabhi. I only want Shravan ji to get a job. Then we will have won half of the battle because Papa wants Shravan ji to become responsible. If Shravan ji goes for job daily, then Papa will see the difference in Shravan ji. I know Papa also must be feeling sad about all this. If Shravan ji could get job in Papa’s office, then Papa could himself see how serious Shravan ji is this time.
Nidhi – You are absolutely correct. But do not take tension. Whatever you want will happen. That is why you are lighting the lamp?
Sanchi – It keeps getting extinguished.
Nidhi – Only lighting diyas is not enough. You also need to take care of them. Try again.
Sanchi lights the diya and protects it from being put off.
Nidhi is feeling giddiness.
Sanchi – Bhabhi
Nidhi – I am all right. Take care of diya. Shravan needs you more than I do.
Sanchi is thinking whether to go to Nidhi or take care of diya (stupidity, I am sure).

Sanchi – God, what test is this?

Finally she decides to go to Nidhi. (finally she did the right thing). Nidhi looks at the diya and is happy that it is still burning.
Nidhi – This means you will get some good news.
Sanchi – Who will give the good news first? You or Shravan ji?
Pratap comes to his office and sees somebody reading newspaper. It is Shravan. His face is covered with a newspaper. Pratap tries to see his face but Shravan keeps on hiding his face with the newspaper. Pratap snatches the paper and sees Shravan.
Pratap – Again, you came here like a shameless person?
Shravan – Interview
Pratap – Obviously, you came here to face the interview.
Shravan sees some other candidates (who are properly groomed).
Shravan – No, Papa. I came here to conduct the interview. I knew so many candidates would come. How many interviews can you conduct? I thought of coming here and helping you. Your AC has no cooling effect at all.
A peon comes and gives tea to Shravan. Pratap takes the tea back from Shravan.
Pratap – Rozy (receptionist), tell him to be in queue like other candidates. And give him visitor’s pass.
Saying this, Pratap goes inside. Rozy gives visitor pass to Shravan. Shravan asks about other candidates and Rozy says MBA gold medalist. Shravan goes to the candidate and offers him chewgum.
Candidate – No, thanks. After the interview.
Shravan – They are interviewing so that they can get young blood in the company. The candidates should be cool. It has been proved that eating chewgum sharpens mind, they work harder and obviously they will get job.
All the candidates eat chewgums. (It is hillareous but I wonder if somebody can really be fooled by the logic that Shravan gave.)

Shravan goes to Mr. Lahani’s cabin. Mr. Lakhani will be in the interview panel.
Shravan – Mr. Lakhani, I know I am the owner’s son. But that gives me even more responsibility because I must prove my worth.
Lakhani is very impressed. He keeps on referring to Shravan as ‘sir’. Shravan gives him his CV, which is of one page.
Shravan – This is my bio-data. Prepare a good test for me.
Lakhani – Sir, I am happy that I am conducting your interview. I will prepare now.
Shravan goes out of Lakhani’s cabin and calls up Nidhi.
Shravan – Got the job.
Nidhi signals Sanchi that Shravan got job.
Nidhi – Where did you get?
Shravan – I am waiting for the interview to be over.
Nidhi – Then how can you say that you got job?
Shravan – He is super-impressed with me and was giving me appointment letter but I told him to conduct the interview.
Sanchi coughs once. Shravan hears the sound and coughs twice. Nidhi understands that it is some code language and gives the phone to Sanchi. They make kissing sound on the mobile.

Lakhani comes to Shravan.
Lakhani – Sir, you are here? We were looking for you. Let us come for the interview.
Shravan goes to the interview room. Some other panelists are also there. A peon comes and asks if they want coffee.
Shravan – For me, cold coffee with ice cream. It is ok. No need of ice cream.
Lakhani – Why not? I will get ice cream for you.
Lakhani (to the peon) – Bring ice cream for sir.
Shravan – Is Pratap Jaiswal not coming for interview?
Lakhani – No. But if you want, I can call him.
Shravan – No, no. Let him work.
One interviewer – Sir, what is this degre? Hachellor of commerce?
Shravan – Typing mistake. H got written instead of B. The degree is not important. What is inside the degree is important. How a candidate looks is not important. What is inside him is important. Do you know why these typing mistakes happen? This is because mind runs faster than fingers.
Interviewer – You have written “I am very good at minding my own business.” What does it mean?
Shravan – Whose business is this?
Lakhani – Yours, sir.
Shravan – So I am very good at minding my own business.

Rozy sees the peon.
Rozy – I will type the appointment letter. Take that also.
Peon – He is owner’s son. So he wants cold coffee with ice cream. And all these candidates who are here since morning, they will not get anything here.
Rozy – What do we have to do? It is big people’s politics.
Peon – You are right. We just need to mind our business.
Pratap hears all this. The peon gives the coffee and ice cream to Shravan.
Interviewer – Sir, what can you say about design?
Shravan – First, we should understand that gold is costlier than silver and diamond is costlier than gold because diamond is shown in bollywood movies.
Interviewer – And what does that mean, sir?
Shravan – Simple. In our movies, what does villain say? Mona, where is my sona. In hollywood movies, he says “Mona, where is my diamond”.
Interviewer – Right sir. Sir, do you have any business plan to improve the office?
Shravan – Yes, Saturdays and Sundays full off. Open a 5-star canteen. AC is not good.
Lakhani – Sir, you got the job. I will give your appointment letter.

Pratap enters.
Pratap – Mr. Lakhani, interview is still not over. I have still not asked. Have your seat, Mr. Shravan Jaisaval. Mr. Shravan, some days back our company incurred a loss of 200 crores. Do you have any plan to cover up this loss?
Shravan – Yes, I was talking about this to them. Walls should be of brighter colour. Open a 5 star canteen. Have more girls in office so that the competitiveness increases.
Pratap – You did not say anything about marketing.
Shravan – We must tell the shop-keepers to keep shops open till late night. Young people reach home late. So they will do shopping late. If shops are closed, how will there be sell. If our goods do not get sold, then they will not be over. If they are not over, then why should be produce new stock of goods? You see it is a circle. World is round. If you do as I say, then we will cover even 400 crores loss.
Lakhani is looking worried.
Pratap – Do you know where we supply our products?
Shravan – Maul road, Joshi road, Sabji mandi. I mean there is one shop in sabji mandi too.
Pratap – Mr. Lakhani, if you think he can improve our business, then appoint him.
Lakhani – I am sorry.
Pratap – For what? Tell him.
Lakhani – Shravan ji, I am sorry. You do not deserve this job.
Shravan – You cannot take my right away from me.
Pratap – Now do not make any more joke of you and me.
Shravan – You do not recognize my talent, Mr. Pratap Jaiswal.

Pratap comes home and rings the bell. Dadi thinks it is Shravan.
Dadi – Open the door. My grandson has come with job.
They open the door and see it is Pratap.
Dadi – Oh, it is you. Shravan has got job.
Sanchi – Papa, did you see? Shravan ji went to find job first time and he got the job. I am so happy, Papa. He is becoming responsible. He called up Nidhi bhabhi and said that he got job.
Pratap – I wish it were true, beta. Beta, I am feeling so sad in saying that nothing like this has happened. Shravan has not changed at all. He has not even made a single step towards responsibility.

Precap – Shravan is hiding.
Nidhi – Shravan, Sanchi is asking why you lied.

I want to add something interesting here, which I remembered after seeing how the interviewers were treating God. I was once working in a company. The owner of the company was the chairman. He had two younger brothers. The middle broher was CEO and the youngest was a director. The director’s wife once came for interview. I had to conduct her interview. I knew who she was. Although, my designation was much below director’s, I rejected her because I did not find her good for the job for which she has applied. But later, she got the job though not for the position for which she had applied. Later she got job as trainee and I was given the job of training her.
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