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Sanjog Se Bani Sangini - 2nd June 2011 Last Written Update

This is a discussion on Sanjog Se Bani Sangini - 2nd June 2011 Last Written Update within the Sanjog Se Bani Sangini forums, part of the Zee TV Archive category; Sanjog Se Bani Sangini - 2nd June 2011 Last Written Update The episode starts with rudra untying the knot of ...

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Sanjog Se Bani Sangini - 2nd June 2011 Last Written Update

The episode starts with rudra untying the knot of his gathbandhan & going out of the mandap in search of his gauri which pihu silently watches like a statue.Pihu sits their & blames everybody that she told them not to force her do all this but they didn't listen & today she is left like this.Rajrani & ketki bhabhi comes their sits beside her and consoles her a bit.Rudra sees gauri & calls her name listening to which gauri atonce turns around & gets surprised to see rudra like that.Rudra goes near her & stands in front of her and starts staring her completely to which gauri also stares him & smiles all the way.Then both rudra & gauri stares each other smiling & remembers the scene when they both met before gauri was going to marry shankar in which gauri was wearing a yellow coloured suit with blue border& rudra was wearing a blue coloured shirt.Rudra after a while asks gauri in an emotional way that why she didn't tell him the truth and allowed him to marry pihu leaving her all alone.Rudra questions her that howcould she for his happiness even think of leaving him like this for pihu & how could she think of separating their first child from him like this.Rudra scolds her & tells her if she ever even tried to leave him then he would give hera slap & hugs hertightly to which gauri starts smiling.Rudra asks that he is scolding her & she is smiling to which gauri replies that she will not smile at all hearing which rudra hugs her again lovingly & takes her a alongwith him.RAga reaches their home seing them together everybody starts staring them.Rudra seing pihu staring him tells her that he once told gauri that love can happen second time also and according to him second love always makes love & relationship more stronger.Hearing this from rudra's mouth maasi tells him that he is telling this to pihu for whom he was always mad to which rudra immediately says that she knew very well that he was married to gauri then why she allowed all this to happen ?

Maasi replies that he married gauri when pihu left him to which pihu immediately stopped maasi from speaking anything else & to embarass her anymore in front of everybody.Pihu tells her maasi that she knows very well that because she is her maasi she always think of her happiness only but here she has done wrong.Pihu confesses in front of raga that gauri is rudra's true love & sangini.She further tells them that when she was getting rudra's love she never cared for that due to her ego when she got abhay's love she never cared for it & today that is the reason she is all alone even without her parents.She takes raga inside the house.She makes gauri stand near the mandap & tells them to take the garland.Gauri takes the garland & while putting it into the neck of rudra remembers their wedding scene.Rudra also puts the garland in gauri's neck & while putting it remembers their wedding scene.After putting the garland both rudra & gauri stares into each others eyes.

Background music of sangini plays and Rudra enters their decorated room carrying gauri all the way.He makes her sit on their bed & goes near her and rest u all can understand.Rudra brings tea & biscuits for gauri who is sitting on the bed taking full rest.She says thanks to rudra & makes him eat the biscuit first before taking it into her own mouth.Rudra also makes her eat the biscuit.Rajrani does the rasam of godbharai & gauri smiles all the way while pihu alongwith rajrani & ketki bhabi dance together.Rudra keeps all the toys one by one suddenly when gauri feels the pain seing which rudra runs towards her & gives her support to which gauri smiles & wipes his tears.Gauri delivers a sweet little baby boy seing which both raga starts smiling.Raga enters their house alongwith their baby boy & rajrani does the aarti.Raga alongwith their baby who is now one yearold & other family members inagurates their travel agency named rudra & gauri travel.Rudra while working in his office stares the pic of gauri & his baby and touches it lovingly.Rudra then give a separate room to ratnesh showing him the room seing which rat feels guilty & hugs rudra getting emotional.Raga celebrates the birthday of their one year old kid tow which raga shares few sweet funny words with each other to which everybody laughs.Suddenly pihu arrives their & gives the good news that gauri has again become pregnant hearing which rudra gets super duper excited & picks her up in his strong arms.Then raga just stares each other lovingly smiling all the way & the scene & show ends their itself on their ragalicious face.
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