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Geet - 7th September 2010 | Written Update

This is a discussion on Geet - 7th September 2010 | Written Update within the Geet Hui Sabse Parayi forums, part of the Star One category; Geet - 7th September 2010 | Written Update MK Put Ring As White Flag Geet talking to herself that Mk's ...

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Heart Geet - 7th September 2010 | Written Update

Geet - 7th September 2010 | Written Update

MK Put Ring As White Flag

Geet talking to herself that Mk's mood is like traffic light red or green. She bumps to saasha who taunts her clear the way geet M'am has come. Geet asks her not to call M'am ( oye bulaane de na. she does not know you are fake fiance) She questions saasha why you always talk bad about me. Saasha replies coz you take wrong ways to go close to MK ( no she runs from him he chases her) and this time you have crossed the limit ( chup oye cranky cat. Do not take your frustration out on her) Geet thinks till yesterday all were fine, asks baabaaji to do some thing ( yup Mk will put ring in your finger)

MSK looking at ring ( may be imagining how it would look in geet's finger), when geet blasts in the office and asks him tell what were you doing?? He says what?? She goes you know very well coz you do not do anything with out thinking ( haa but wants to listen from you, only thought of what did you do turning my face red. He says then do not think this much.( woooo why not she is 24/7 in u r thoughts now a days like gal's in the forum) do not stress your brain. Geet retorts you are joking, I do not like all this do you understand, she puts her hand on table next to ring MSK notices and thinks if she sees ring then??( pasand nahi toh why you agreed to be her fiance BOLO geet) Geet pokes MSK to focus on her talk. He puts his hand on ring and asks what is it. Geet says what has happened to you, I am your fake fake fake fiance, andddddd rock star aka daadi enters seeing her geet pulls MK's cheek and turns JHOOTIE in to CUTIE and tells him how cute are you. Daadi smiles.( great, soch rahi hoga kaash yeh taddy jaisa chubby hota) He tries to say geet in anger ( like saying no one ever dare to do that?? Ab tum mari) but she turns his face towards daadi. ( excellent chemistry) daadi blushes ( kya hua daadaji yaaad aagaye). MSK smiles says daadi, she embarrassingly says, seems I have stepped in wrong time, MK turns to geet to stare in anger. ( abe usne kya kiya, she did not call her) daadi says all she wants to tell that show up at correct time for dinner, do not ditch else I'll be sick in real.( chal dramabaaz daadi kahi ki) Mk says they will be there in time ( yup abhi toh jara main geet ki khabar loo)
Mk in anger turns to geet and asks CUTIE ----what did you call me?? Could not you find any other word ( do not you know only debina can call this geet replies I said whatever I could that time to hide the truth ( oyi thanks her for saving you) oops seems he read my comment. He says no one ever dare to call me cutie till date. ( haa but who sab geet nahi thee naa) geet says coz you were not engaged so far, he retorts but it's fake, she goes that is what I am trying to tell, then also you did that, he fills her in it's call KISS. ( mechanical) and kissing hand is not ajuba, she goes whatever it calls do not do it in public ( haila AKELE main chalega)

she corrects herself means do not do it ever again.( na geet do not say this, he will do it right now) if you do next time then you watch. He holds her finger again as adi walking in this time and says I'll do it, adi laughs. He stops him, adi goes he needs his finger ( adi do not get dostaana thots here), he goes I mean your signature but will come later. Only adi has brain. He leaves but close the door.

Geet again puts her hand near ring, MK worried, phone rings, he orders her she is her secretary too so pick up the call. Geet talks to herself he makes me secretary or fianc whenever he wishes, but Mk is focusing on NT, who is just walking in the office. MK asks geet to go to her cabin to attend the call, she resists but he asks her to listen to him and go. Geet-NT misses each other. (haa bhai else truth will open)

NT asks Mk what the reason is so he has called her in the office.( amm tu kahaa ki maharani hai?? then he is elder to you) MK angrily tells her not always reason is needed but guess you won't talk with out it. She replies I did nt get, he retorts you do understand all, so do not pretend.( PERFECT. Only MK can put you in line) He goes till today I was quiet for dev and daadi, now it's height, first you made dev your puppet, then tried to get hold on property and your third last mistake is interfering in my life. She tries to say, he cuts her saying I am not finished, what should I understand, for entering in my office to check my employee's file with out my permission???( NT was like ready to pee) He tells her clearly ask me what you want to know about geet , you get to know nothing by checking out files.( nahiiii MK it should be other way round what you know abt geet) He is furious and warns her to behave, he does not want her shadow of wrong intentions on his family and geet. He determinedly tells her if geet has one tear because of you then MSK will take revenge for every tear with interest ( BOY what a contrast dev and MK).Remember this is last warning. All Nt could think he will kill us when he would know what we did to geet.( of course. KOI SHAK) I SO LOVE this. NT ki bolti band. AWESOME. She leaves, MK picks up ring and says geet I can not see tears in your eyes ( awwwwwwwwww)

Geet walking in the corridor, when she over hears daadi asking MK what was geet's reaction, MK confused, daadi says she is talking about hidden ring in cake, do not say you did not see it ( usne ring dekhi hi kaha, jo reaction degi) did you put ring or not, he denies, obviously daadi questions why not??? Geet is at the door now. She goes do not you know it's our heirloom and we need to put it in eldest DIL. You accepted her wholeheartedly, but according to tradition you need to put the ring ( arrr ladki haa kare tab na, vaise she is choti, badi both bahu take the way you want) Mk thinks when she is fake fiance how can I put ring. Mk sees geet and expression changes, he is lost in her LO. Daadi demands the answer when he will put ring, he says nothing, she questions him if he is lying?? does he really like geet ?? MK is lost in geet's eyes, daadi shakes him answer me. She asks are you doing this drama for my health?? ( BINGO) MK you do really love her ?? MK does not utter a word, and geet runs away, he is back to his sense, runs behind her with out answering ( daadi aapki jhand ho gayi) daadi disappointed he left with out answering. ( arre daadi maa gayaa hai aadesh ka paalan karne)

Geet running, MK chasing her, calling her name, asking her to stop, she still running, ends up in glass decorated room, bumps to lamps it falls and breaks. ( BTW yeh geet itni raat ko haveli kyu aayi thee, abi toh daadi ne nahi bulaaya) She has to stop coz glass pieces around her ( wait ma'm help on way. Mk will come to rescue) Mk sees, stops thinks does not she tired of running.( nope carl luis ki bahan hai) MAneet face to each other, eye lock, he starts walking toward her, asking her how long you going to run and hide your face from me?? From whom are you running??? Me or yourself?? ( chal geet your turn bataa de dev ke bare main) She says nothing, about to step on glass pieces that has MK's image in it ( MUGLE AZAM type pyaar kiya to darna kya song vaala) he sees that, after short eye lock, he lifts her with their anthem MAHI.( yeh sahi hai ghar main uthaata rahta hai, office main chillata rahta hai)

He puts her on swing, eyelock still on, says in life we take few decision and few decision has taken by destiny. It's impossible to run away from destiny. Geet replies who knows what destiny has written in one's life . MK says destiny itself tells that. EYELOCK has not broken ( hmm this is record eyelock) He makes her stand, shows moon, says do you see it, no matter how much it tries it can not hide from dark, it has to rise in night, that is it's destiny. He turns to her and says perhaps that is what in your and mine destiny too, and put the ring in her finger, holds her hands, back to his job aka staring dreamily in her eyes with rock version of anthem MAHI
congratulations MANEET on your engagement

Precap: Dumbo geet Does Not Know Meaning of Engagement.

Geet questioning him why has he put ring in her finger ( GADHI GEET, matlab nahi jaanti kya??? Taaki you can be his wife and dev does not take you) Mk says no need to know reason for everything ( haa jab ladki gadhi toh bilkul nahi. Ulluchand geet what else you want to test?? Guy is in love with you) geet retorts no need to hide everything either ( phir tell him your past why you hiding, we are waiting) MK tells her softly after so much difficulty we have become friends, why are we fighting. ( hmmm MK is raising white flag) and put his hand on her ( geet kitni baar he has to confess)

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