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Geet - 13th September 2011 Written Update

This is a discussion on Geet - 13th September 2011 Written Update within the Geet Hui Sabse Parayi forums, part of the Star One category; Geet - 13th September 2011 Written Update Devini in Cafe, a guy proposes her girlfriend&she says yes. Nando goes gaga ...

Old 09-13-2011
Podcast Geet - 13th September 2011 Written Update

Geet - 13th September 2011 Written Update

Devini in Cafe, a guy proposes her girlfriend&she says yes. Nando goes gaga over it saying so sweet...Dev says its all filmy, nando argues films are mad eon people..Pyaar kiya toh darna kya..Dev realises she thinks I am a phatoo...He talks about proposing in front of everyone she says its fine you don't like it..Dev gets up and proposed she give sin happily with her battis daanth.. Hana dev main bhi tumse bahut pyaar karti hoon..they HUG..everyone claps

Nando is impressed but this all started she wants dev to marry her privately..Dev is shocked.. Nando challenges him, Dev still shocked and stammers over marriage saying it doesn't happen lyk this. Nando whines All boys are the same excuses are super-long..Dev denies its not right..Nando is admant. He says this is not right. Nando make shim say yes for marriage..they ahve decided to marry the same night.. *pulls hair out* Dev asks Nando hwo ar eyou going to do this without asking Beeji and Tej she replies I am not doing anything wrong I am doing this with my wish.. Dev tells her to get ready while he amkes the arrangement. Nando throws one more challenge she wants to get amrried b4 12 O' clock (Cinderlla ban na hai kya)

Maaneet cum back, she thanks him he tells her how many tyms are you gonna say thanks. Geet starts praising Sallu's Muskals&glasses&walking style..She talks about how he might have visited gym so many times..Maan smiles and says you are praising the hero non-stop wat abt the story music everyone else was there too. Geet continues she will watch it second time for the story etc. Maan intervenes saying fine you watch it second time I got work to do. Geet is happy she says she will bring coffee for him..they leave..

Nando is thinkiing wat to wear she is CON-phused she starts sorting her clothes,Jugnu Maame thinks she is going to run away with her boyfriend. Nando looks at the watch its 9 pm 3 hours to 12 am she has to go out hiding from everyone else. Jugnu realises somthing is fishy she is going to run away drinking coffee. the Khaandana IZZAT in his hands(wat khaandaan izzat luk at Nando)

Dev is talking to Pandit and he gives him the time too. Geet overhears she is shocked. Dev tells Panditji don't ring the bell he will bring him to the terrace. He calls Adi for hawan samagri (is he a grocery store) Adi is shell shocked. Dev calms adi down warns him not to ring da bell jsut cum to the terrace. Geet is confused listening to everything. Dev asks the waiter wat wat shuld be there in a marriage.. Geet butss in and continues mangalsutra and sindoor...Geet asks Dev who are you marrying when who is the girl, Dev says Nandini Get is shocked she is gonna faint in shock Dev holds her...

Dev explains to Geet tht Nando challenged him. Geet tries to tell him not to do that Devini are FOOLS..Dev stops her and says she asked him to do sumthing and he wants to do it. Geet wants to tell Maan abt it Dev stops her saying just keep Maan away from it because he won't agree to this kind of marriage. Then nandini will misunderstand him etc etc...Geet is in a dilemma she cannot hide anything from maan she decides to go tell him...

Geet strolling in her room, servant cums and gives her a saree. Maan cums in she drops the saree they luk at each other he asks for coffee.She apologises that she forgot. She picks teh saree starst sorting it out while thinking how is she gonna tell maan abt devini crap..

Precap: Maaneet are in a room. Maan is hodling one side of pallu and geet is holding the other they are cuming closer to each other *PAAS AAO* *PAAS AAO


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