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Burn it up with Menezes pilates

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Pill Burn it up with Menezes pilates

Burn it up with Menezes pilates

No whirring treadmills, no eardrum-blasting soundtracks, and no pesky gym rats yelling into their mobile phones. Pin-drop silence greeted us as we stepped into the newly-opened CORE. This personalised fitness studio is the brainchild of sports scientist, and nutritionist-cum-tennis player Krushmi Chheda, who has been a personal trainer to many athletes, she has worked with international physiotherapist, Heath Matthews. Relieved that we were in credible hands, we began an hour-long session, which was divided into a nutrition consultation and a 45-minute workout.

Krushmi Chheda helps us with a quick warm-up using the foam roller at CORE. Pics/Sameer Markande

Care for consult?
We began with a sit-down session in Chheda’s roomy cabin where she asked us about our lifestyle, stress levels, dietary and sleeping habits. She then measured our weight and attached electrodes connected to the compact BodyStat analyser on our hands and legs to assess our body composition (as instructed, we had gone on an empty stomach).

Illustrated with pie charts, stats and figures, the assessment measured our body fat, body lean weight, water levels as well as dry lean weight. A simpler version of the assessment along with a diet plan tailor-made to suit our needs was sent to us via email the very next day. The assessment accuracy impressed us and we were delighted by a variety of options recommended in our diet chart.

Performing the stretches for Menezes method of pilates on the reformer

Reform ready
Changing into our gym gear, we stepped into the vibrant and spacious workout space that comprised kettle bells, resistance bands, weights and a couple of rods. An intimidating apparatus featuring a single-bed frame with a sliding carriage, adjustable springs, straps and pulleys was the focus. We were told that it is called the reformer, used to practise different forms of pilates for those who don’t wish to go the medicine ball-and-mat way. Post an enjoyable warm-up using a foam roller, we propped ourselves on the reformer.

Do it like the Menezes
One of the pilates forms that Chheda specialises in is the Menezes Method, created by Allan Menezes of Australia to help him rehabilitate from an injury. The method focuses on deep breathing practices along with slow movements and stretching exercises on the reformer.

Krushmi Chheda shows us how to do suspension training with TRX straps

After a demo by Chheda, we lay on the carriage as she adjusted the springs to low resistance and patiently guided us step-by-step as we strapped ourselves and began the stretches. While we focussed on our breathing and pushed ourselves back and forth on the carriage, we could feel our core muscles contract and relax. We tried a few coordination exercises too, using pulleys with our hands to aid the movement. Fun, comfortable and less exhaustive than a regular gym routine, we made friends with the reformer quickly. We liked that the reformer is safe for kids to try as well; however, this should be done only under Chheda’s supervision.

Apart from pilates, we even dangled ourselves from a rod hung on the ceiling, passed on basketballs of different weights and tried exercises with the resistance bands. What’s more, all the exercises were done barefoot and we didn’t feel a tad bit conscious, since this is a personalised space, with Chheda only focussing on one client at a time. After a quick cool-down session, we made an exit, quite happy from the core.

At: A 403, Sangam Building, corner of SV Road and Sai Baba Lane, Santacruz (W).
Call: 26143991
Cost: Rs 1,500 per session (16 sessions make a package)
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