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Pratigya - 20th September 2010 | Written Update

This is a discussion on Pratigya - 20th September 2010 | Written Update within the Pratigya forums, part of the Star Plus Archive category; Pratigya - 20th September 2010 | Written Update Starts with ...............Komaliya (in tikkhi mirchi avatar) threatening 'scared doll' Kesar - ...

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Question Pratigya - 20th September 2010 | Written Update

Pratigya - 20th September 2010 | Written Update

Starts with ...............Komaliya (in tikkhi mirchi avatar) threatening 'scared doll' Kesar - "do not fly too high on Pratigya's wings!" (now don't ask 'whr Pratigya got the wings?' ) Komal tries to take Kesar to the police station to take the case back but Pratigya stops her, then her lecture starts - "if we will not stop Shakti now then he may commit some bigger crime one day! (sure sure, please beat Amma to death next time! ) And abt amma - she was thr when Shakti was beating Kesar, infact Kesar is the eye-witness (and victim also! )! Btw, I don't understand how a woman will support any such act!" Komal asks 'lecture girl' to stay away from this issue and her family! Pratigya says - this family is even mine, but that doesn't mean that I will support their each n every action! Truth is more important! (ohh yeah - Sacch ki jang! ....... ladoo main dabaang! ) Komal taunts - why don't you better open a shop for selling truth, as I don't have time for all this matter as I am not a saint aka sadhoo-mahatama!!! (abe tu ladki hai, banna chahe to bhi sadhoo nahin ban paayegi! )

Komal tries to take Kesar but Pratigya firmly stops her saying - I wanna talk to Kesar didi and you can't stop me! (varna jo 'ye dhai kilo ka haanth' padega to beta Komal tu duniya se uth jaiyoo! ) Komal leaves saying she is waiting for Kesar outside! Pratigya asks Kesar not to do wht Komal is commanding! Kesar says - "I know its wrong, but wht I am doing presently is also wrong! After all he is my husband, how can I break my wife dharma by sending him to jail! And now even he has sudhrofy!" (duh! - display of dumb, dumber and duffer! - the Ds! ) Pratigya is amazed on Kesar's innocent! She tells her that "Shakti is faking, its all drama n once he get out of the jail, it will all be over n things will get back to the way they were! You are forgetting that your baby died!" (One question - had the baby been born n then killed by Shakti, then would Kesar have forgiven him? Wht abt SS? Why do they treat the baby in the womb as some object, non-living thing!!! ) Pratigya reminds Kesar of wht all Shakti did! Pratigya tells Kesar that you are not alone in this fight, I am with you!

Komal enters and interrupts their talk and take Kesar with her! Komal meets Krish in the hall and asks him to come with her to get Amma n Shakti out of the jail! This way he can prove that he is not that useless as a son! Krish is confused, he looks at Pratigya! Komal says - "still confused whom to choose? At least today fulfill your duty towards your parent!" Krish agrees and they go! Pratigya follows them with tears in her eyes! Ghanti granny is also sad! Pratigya comes to her asking - "Dadi, have I done anything wrong? Will I think bad for my own family?" And she breaks down crying! (well actually I saw a single tear from her eye! Lagta hai glycerin ki bottle khatam ho gayi! Haila Naina! )

Arushi is at her computer classes and Majnu ki dum no.2 aka Aman tapkofy thr! They smile at each other n Aman says - "I was passing by, n saw you, so thought of dropping you home!" Arushi asks - "Is this matter of coincidence or its on purpose?" Aman flirts - "even if its on purpose, then also its good! Hope even you can get such habbits!" (She is supposed to be padhi likkhi! Hence she can't flirt like you Manju no. 2! ) Then he opens his car door for Arushi n she says - "you don't need to do all this as we are no longer strangers!" Both get in the car n Aman plays his 'Coffee Date' record again! He supposedly knows a good coffee shop nearby! Arushi modestly rejects the offer saying that she has to go home on time! (Achchi bacchi! Maine bola tha na - 'padhi likkhi!' ) Aman says - he will drop her to her home on time n she agrees for Coffee Date!

In the jail, the lawyer gives the bail papers for Amma and Shakti to the inspector! Komal comes thr and says - its not needed now and SS, Amma and Shakti stare at the KKK trio - Komal, Kesar n Krish! Kesar tells the inspector that her bhabhi Kesar wanna take back the complaint! The inspector seems to be strict and he asks Kesar - "why she wanna take back the case?" Komal lies - "actually Kesar fell from the stairs and was in great pain! She was not in her senses! My other bhabhi grabbed the oppurtunity to punish my family n filed the complaint!" Krish looks with anger at Komal n she looks back! SS then starts - he blabbers something that its all family matter, and see now even my daughter is so bold and she knows how to protect her family! (that leave only Krish as ulti useless in SS' sight! Still he loves baba the most! )

Inspector asks Kesar her name n husband's name! Kesar says - "My name is Kesar, and husband's name - "how can I take my husband's name?" ( this was ulti comedy! I mean Kesar's way of saying that was damn funny! ) Komal answers and says - its Shakti Singh! Inspector clarifies - "so you complained abt your husband that he beat you so much that your baby died in the womb! Please tell me the truth! Are you under pressure to change your statement?" Inspector asks her to tell the truth n Kesar repeats the lie Komal told! Shakti breathes a sigh of relief! Inspector asks - "then why did you complained againt your family? Kesar is speechless n looking silly! SS interrupts and says - "its all the plan of my second bahu! She is educated n hence she likes to play all this conspiracy! She is quite selfish, but then wht can we do, she is a kid!" Krish wants to defend Pratigya, but SS stops him thr! Inspector asks Kesar to sign on the paper saying she is taking back the complaint! Bfr Kesar can stamp her fingerprint as symbol of signature, she gets the flashback of everything, all encouragement she got from Pratigya and all threats she got from SS and Komal!


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