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Bhagya Vidhata - 29th April 2010 | Written Update

This is a discussion on Bhagya Vidhata - 29th April 2010 | Written Update within the Bhagya Vidhata forums, part of the Colors TV Archive category; Bhagya Vidhata - 29th April 2010 - Written Update vinay comes to Akilesh's room and says that he wants to ...

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Question Bhagya Vidhata - 29th April 2010 | Written Update

Bhagya Vidhata - 29th April 2010 - Written Update

vinay comes to Akilesh's room and says that he wants to work with him..Akilesh is happy and tells him he was going to ask Vinay about it...PPW wanjts the credit for recommending vinay for work

Vinay asks 'kaise?' (not sure what he meant, Akilesh has the same confusion), asks him 'kya matlab kaise, kaam pe lag jao' and PPW agrees.

Vinay then asks, 'kabse' and bhaiya says in 15 mins

Vinay is all excited and gets back to his room and tells Bindiyaa happily that her idea worked bhaiya has agreed for him to join work and goes to get ready. Bindiya prays to Mata Rani to bless Vinay always.

Puja room scene:
Vinay is ready for work (looks cute in the blue shirt)..and Dadi is doing aarti and VinDiya eyelock (kisi ki nazar na lag jaye in jodi ko...they are so happy and in love)

Dadi applys tilak (lagta hai kaam pe nahin, kisi jung pe ja raha hai) She blesses him (in her infinite wisdom), 'khoob dil laga ke kaam karo or khoob tharaki bhi karo'. Then Vinay takes blessings from Bua and his Dad (who is again gives a confused look and blesses him)...

Vinay then takes blessings from Akilesh who also has some words of wisdom, 'Party katham aur kaam shuru'. LOL

Then he takes the blessings of PPW (vinay's 1000 watt smile disappears when he goes near PPW)...she gives him a shagun and also says once he starts earning that he should by her a big gold haar...

They are leaving, then Bindiyaa brings a huge hot pack full of food..Akhilesh asking PPW if she ever bothered to send food for him and says that at least there is one advantage of Vinay working with him, he can get home food everyday...

Vinay finally leaves for work with bhaiya, hot pack in hand Dancing

(Break: flute guy is back and is playing flute in the mandir and its dark and Bindiyaa is shocked)


Akhilesh gives a file to Vinay and says to complete the tender work today. Vinay goes to his desk and starts looking at the file, and Akhil meanwhile tells his aide, to take care of Vinay if he has any difficulties in work (Phele kaam karne dijiye, phir hi dikath ayega na LOL )

Vinay flips through the file, suddenly looks up again with that 1000 watt smile and dimples flashing (if you are thinking he figured out the Tender work, no, he pulls out his cell phone and calls Bindiya....Puthar..dadi ki advice suna nahin kya...Angry.)

At Home, Bindiya is sitting in the living room cutting vegetables with PPW in the nearby sofa...Phone rings, and PPW looks at it and chooses not to attend, so Bindiyaa picks it up....

Vinay gives the status update that he has arrived at work and bhaiya has already given him work..he says, he will complete the work quickly and meet her in the evening...

Now Bindiya tells what is in all our minds too LOL...Stop talking on the phone and focus on the work...and don't make any mistakes trying to finish the work quickly..He agrees and tells he will meet her in the evening...PPW is fuming in the background. (Bindiyaa looks very happy and smiling and pretty Clap)

Dadi walks over and asks what Bindiya is doing and she says that she is cooking vinay's fav dishes as he has gone to work for the first day..Dadi says that he likes kheer and asks her to make that as well...

PPW is not at all happy with all this and decides to play spoil things as usual, goes over to the phone and dials Vinay's number. Vinay thinks its Bindiya and says 'haan Bindiyaa' and then PPW says its her and asks if everything is going alright...he says yes...she asks him to wait in the line and goes away...Ouch

Break...Showing flute scene again and Bindiyaa terrified

At Work:
Akhilesh asks his aide to check on Vinay's progress....PPW calls akhilesh and asks if he had given any work to Vinay or no..she says he is on the phone with Bindiyaa ever since he went to office (grrrrrr..AngryAngryAngry)..
Akhilesh steps out and sees vinay on his cell....his aide tells him, vinay said it will take some time for him to complete the work...he asks aide to go and complete the work.Ouch

Akhilesh then tells PPW that he needs to be out of town that night and will return in the morning and he has to meet someone for work purposes.

PPW says to him to send Lallaji, saying he will not become responsible unless he is given work and will waste his time being on the phone....

She then cuts the phone and gives her mean look to Bindiyaa...Ouch

Next scene shows Vinay in a hotel room or something...he is on phone with Bindiya...bindiya in their bedroom, lying in the bed talking to him...

Vinay tells her that bhaiya has asked him to go out for an important work...She tells him that its ok and she is happy that bhaiya has given him such responsible task and asks him not to worry...he then asks if she needs anything from here (cute Embarrassed) and Bindiya replies, no, and just asks him to come back after completing his work.

Then BG music plays and both are smiling and they continue to talk in the phone....(Vinay must have a great cellphone plan..LOLLOL.)

At late in the night, Bindiyaa is sleeping and she wakes up hearing the flute guy plaing the 'na koi umang hai tune'...she goes out of the room and goes to the mandir and sees the guy in dark playing the flute...they foucs on her face for a long time and she is terrified.....they guy slowly walks out of the door and finally she screams 'Bhaiya'
The guy stops once he hears Bindiyaa's scream...


shows akhilesh chasing the guy....thank god atleast we are saved from 'Binidya the phsyco' track LOL
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