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Uttaran - 8th October 2012 Written Update

This is a discussion on Uttaran - 8th October 2012 Written Update within the Uttaran forums, part of the Colors TV Archive category; Uttaran - 8th October 2012 Written Update Scene 1: Location:Thakur haveli A nervous mukta shows the newspaper to jogi and ...

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Question Uttaran - 8th October 2012 Written Update

Uttaran - 8th October 2012 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location:Thakur haveli
A nervous mukta shows the newspaper to jogi and asks him what would she do now.He asks her how and who did this to her.She replies that she had gone to veer to tell him about icha being his teacher ji and gunwanti ji had threatened of something like this that she would do to her.Jogi gives him confidence that she would have him and hr whole family by her side when she faces them in court and also tells her to wait for the right time for doing icha a favour.She is also given the courage by jogi that she would say the truth an not letthem manipulate her by their lies and get the guilty punished.

Scene 2:
Location:In the mandir
Vishnu conducting lord shiva’s arti while meethi looks on.

Scene 3:
Location:Thakur haveli
Jogi’s family watching the promotional video of prichay on tv and discussing kunal and siddhi’s love life.

Scene 4:
Location:Thakur haveli
Mukta is roaming in the compound thinking about what jogi had told hr when she finds tej circling around the haveli continuously looking at her.She goes inside at a fast pace when she meets jogi who asks her why is she pacing up.She tells him that there’s somebody followng her and circling the house.hE runs to see but noone is ther.He comes back to ask if she knew the person.She replies that she didnt.

Scene 5:
Location:Thakur haveli
Nani talking to divya about tej singh bundela.She is surprised hearing the name from her and asks her why did she remember him all of a sudden.She makes up an excuse about something in her memory but actually she’s thinking what does this tej want from mukta. She ask for dry fruits from divya who asks her what is she making that she needs them She says that she’s making laddoos for mukta on her bday and that like every year she would be the first person to wish her with sweets.She gives them to nani and comments that she thought nani had forgotten this time.Nani retorts back saying that she hasnt,in fact mukta has forgotten her nani.But she is sure that with tomorrow she would soon forget everything about icha and come along again with nani.Divya smiles on.

Scene 6:
Location:In the mandir
Vishnu notices that evn after everybody is gone meethi has stayed back in the temple.he comments on the temple being a serene place that everybody finds peace and calm in.He apologizes for his rude behaviour towards her and gives her the phone back.She takes it from him as if in a trance.

Scene 7:
Location:Thakur haveli and the mandir
Meethi remembers vishnu doing the arti and gets a call from him trying to put her at peace with his spriritual thoughts.he says that even if they cant find god anywhere,they should search for him in their parents as they are the only people who stick by you,through grief and happiness.She says that he’s lucky if he’s got such parents for she has parents that never did anything for her and therefore do not compare to god in her eyes.And cancels the phone changing the topic.

Scene 8:
Location:Thakur haveli
Jogi finds somebody wandering in his car around his house and remembers mukta telling him about it.He goes on to find who is it?He finds tej stepping out of the car but doesnt know him.He asks the pupose of roaming aroung his house.Tej replies saying that he was tring to gather enough courage to be able to talk to him regarding something.When he ask what is it,tej rplies by saying that he is asking for mukta’s hand in mrriage.Jogi threatens not to joke around with him.Tej loses his temper and is about to fire from his pistol when he controls himself and tells jogi that he has fallen for mukta and that ukta and jogi are lucky that they are getting a groom,so well to do,with such big car,suited and who has come humbly to ask for mukta’s hand.The screen freezes on jogi’s surprised and angry face.

Precap: Tej tells jogi that is the son of Late baldev singh bundela and the younger brother of ummed singh bundela and therefore half heir to the immense bundel property.
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Old 10-09-2012

this tej singh is hillarious...

his imaginations about mukta r anyway very funny n the funny way he dresses is too much again !!

i wish chanda comes to know of tej trying to do all this.... she will eat him alive

n this meethi is such a crackpot....
she went all ga ga ga over aman..........n now this vishnu...

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