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Uttaran - 27th September 2012 Written Update

This is a discussion on Uttaran - 27th September 2012 Written Update within the Uttaran forums, part of the Colors TV Archive category; Uttaran - 27th September 2012 Written Update Episode starts with Tej imagining the song "Dream Girl" with Mukta hugging him ...

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Bell Uttaran - 27th September 2012 Written Update

Uttaran - 27th September 2012 Written Update

Episode starts with Tej imagining the song "Dream Girl" with Mukta hugging him lol.
Just when he's about to touch her, he puts his hands on the umbrella instead and sees Mukta staring at him from far away.
He goes to her and asks if she wants any help? It's raining hard. Mukta says, no thanks. He says, you're alone, it's night-time and it's raining so hard... take my umbrella... his umbrella flies away.
He says, you looked at me with anger and my umbrella flew away... can I drop you home? I've got a car.
Mukta says, I told you I don't need your help.
Tej offers his phone to her to call home...
The rain stops... and the driver comes back with the mechanic.
Driver asks Mukta if there's a problem. Tej scolds the driver that you left the girl alone like this... you're the problem.
Mukta also gets upset at him and says why did you have to lock the car? The driver says sorry and unlocks it. Mukta sits inside. Tej tries to ask her name, but she doesn't reply.

Vishnu tells Meethi, do you know trying to punish yourself you're hurting not just you but your family... she says what do you care about me and my family? I don't have any family. I'm an orphan.
Vishnu says, to not have your parents in real-life, not to have a family... how sad it is, you won't understand. You're lucky to have a home, a family and people who love you so much.

Icha opens to the door to a really wet Mukta... she asks how did that happen? Mukta says, my taxi broke down and there was no mechanic nearby. She sneezes really hard. Icha says, see? You caught a cold... go change your clothes and I will dry your hair.
Icha dries her hair with a towel and Uttaran background music playing. Damini looks at them.
Icha puts oil in Mukta's hair.

Mukta says, do you know... whenever I got awards since childhood, I missed my mom... and I hoped and wished I could have brought those awards and shown my mom so she could hug me.
Icha remembers Tapasya winning the beauty contest.
Mukta says I got a shawl as a present (I think for winning the contest). Mukta says, it's for you... Icha says, no it's yours... you keep it.
Mukta says, I got this for looking hot in an Indian traditional dress... now what would I do with this? You keep it.
Mukta puts the shawl around Icha and says you look really pretty.
Damini thinks, I wish the same love and friendship can start between Meethi and Icha.

Icha says, Thank You to Mukku and hugs her.
Icha shows the trophy and shawl to Damini and says Mukku got this shawl too and she gave it to her mother...
Icha says, you stay here I will go get some hot milk for you. Icha leaves.
Mukta tells Damini, Icha Maa is so simple, she gets so happy in such small things.
Damini says, Mukta, life gives you happiness in small things only... but my daughter...
What didn't she have in life? She had a life, a family, kids, husband... Damini starts crying.
Mukta says can I ask you something??

I saw Icha Maa with her husband in the temple... then Veer ji met her in the police station (remembering Veer calling her Teacherji)... but why do I feel they don't know each other? Why doesn't he take her home?
Damini says, years ago, Veer lost his memory in a tragic incident... today he knows Icha but as "Teacherji".
Veer is a very good human being, Mukta...
Memories may have been lost, but he still has just one name in his heart - "Icha".
The day his memory returns, or he finds out that Teacherji is Icha, he will take my daughter home with him... for sure!
Mukta cries and says how much love do they have between them. Damini wipes Mukta's tears when Meethi enters and feels jealous.
Damini asks Mukta not to cry as we have to become Icha's strength. Damini hugs Mukta and Meethi gets angry.

She walks up to them and says Anni... Both Damini/Mukta smile.
Damini says, you have come back?
Meethi says, maybe you've forgotten you've got one more grand-daughter. Damini says, what are you saying?
Meethi says, do you remember Anni? When I used to get a little bit late in coming home, you sent Bhayya to look for me... and you stood on the door for hours to wait for your dear granddaughter... but now it feels like it doesn't matter to anyone whether I exist or not. You were the only one who loved me, looked after me...
Damini says, Meethi everything is the same... but you have alienated yourself from everyone.
Meethi says, no Anni - you have changed. You too have changed.
Meethi cries and goes away saying my Anni has changed.
Damini can't stop her.
Mukta is crying listening to all this.

Mukta in her room with a pen and paper. She looks at the idol of Radha-Krishna and thinks both of them look happy together. But separately they look so sad.
She remembers Gunwanti's yelling words that she won't give Icha's rights back to her... and then Damini's words that once Veer regains his memory he will get Icha back.
Mukta calls Yuvi's house from her mobile and Amla picks up.
Mukta says, can I talk to Veer Singh Bundela? Amla says, no you can't talk to him... we're not interested in any life insurance policy etc.
Mukta says, I'm not from any insurance agency or credit card company.
Amla gets sheepish and says sorry. She says please don't tell anyone I talked to you like that. I'm Mrs. Bundela - Veer ji's wife. Veer ji has gone to meet some foreigners from America.
Mukta asks for his office phone number/address.
Amla gives her the phone number and address. Mukta writes it down.
Gunwanti comes and sees Amla talking on the phone. Mukta says Thank You Mrs. Bundela and ends the call.
Gunwanti asks who was asking for Veer's address?
Amla says, she was a nice girl... she wasn't an insurance agent or credit card person.
Gunwanti gets upset and says how many times do I tell you not to give our phone number to anyone.
Amla gets upset and says you said that for those marketing people... I was about to ask her who she is when she cut the phone.
She walks away saying everyone keeps harassing me all the time.
Gunwanti says, what should I do with this Amla? Who would have been on the phone?

Mukta reads her letter. Veer Uncle, now the time has come for you to find out the truth about your wife.

Episode ends.

Precap: Damini asks how come Icha made the breakfast so quickly. Vishnu is there and Icha introduces him to the family saying he's the same guy who saved Meethi's life.
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