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Uttaran - 27th August 2012 Written Update

This is a discussion on Uttaran - 27th August 2012 Written Update within the Uttaran forums, part of the Colors TV Archive category; Uttaran - 27th August 2012 Written Update Uttaran 27th August Episode Written Update Video Update here: Click Here to Watch ...

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Star Uttaran - 27th August 2012 Written Update

Uttaran - 27th August 2012 Written Update
Uttaran 27th August Episode Written Update

Video Update here: Click Here to Watch Online Episode

Episode starts with Meethi's accident with Rathore's car. Rathore comes out of the car and is shocked to see her.

He remembers meeting Icha in an accident too.

He says, she looks exactly like Icha ji, is she her daughter?

He puts her in his car.

Mukta changing SIM in her mobile. Nani comes and says stop playing this mobile game... go down and tell Jogi about the makkhi's whereabouts.

Mukta doesn't pay attention to her and keeps changing the SIM.

Nani says, you've gone crazy have you? The police came to the house too... if they find something, we will both have handcuffs on our hands. Mukta still doesn't listen.

Nani says, Mukku, if you don't go and say it, I will go down and tell myself that you know where Meethi is?

Mukta says, don't take any tension - no one will find out.

Nani says, what has happened to you beta?

For the first time today, you're not understanding what I'm trying to say.

Mukta says, Nani you're the one who doesn't understand what I'm trying to do.

The last arrow has left for its mark... just wait a little while - then the last step will be taken.

Jogi/Divya, Damini/Kanha worried... they get a call from the police. Jogi asks if they found Meethi? Police says, no we haven't found her.

Jogi gets angry at them... this is the second time you lost her after getting information about her. Police says we're trying our best, the moment I find out about her, I will let you know.

Rathore takes Meethi to the hospital and yells for the doctor. Nurses bring a stretcher. A lady doctor asks what happened and Rathore says I don't know, she just fainted in front of my car...

Doctor examines and says she needs to be taken to the ICU. Rathore asks what's wrong? Doctor says her pulse is weak, we have to put her on a ventilator.

Rathore asks the doctor to not let anything happen to Meethi.

Doctor tells Rathore to do the paperwork while she looks after Meethi (she stops him at the ICU door).

Another nurse asks him to fill up some forms etc. She asks if you're her relative and Rathore says yes. She's like a daughter to me.

Nani comes down and sees Damini consoling Icha that they will find out about Meethi. She shouldn't worry.

Nani thinks, it looks like it would be better now if that makkhi dies! I will get off the hook only then... baqi to raam hi raakhey!

Kanha picks up the phone when it rings, Rathore says, are you in Icha ji's house? Kanha says yes.

Rathore says, I'm calling from the city hospital, please come here quickly, her daughter is admitted here.

Kanha says City Hospital? And everyone gets alerted.

Kanha asks who are you, and Rathore ends the call.

Jogi asks who it was... Kanha says we found Meethi.

Kanha says, she's in the hospital, someone called from the hospital.

Everyone leaves.

Nani says, now that makkhi will tell them everything, Mukta and I are gone now!! Nani goes to Mukta.

Mukta says, what? They found Meethi? Nani says yes.

Mukta says, I was so close to my destination... and now my defeat?? I won't tolerate it! Nani says, I told you before... but you didn't listen to me. They've all gone to the hospital, if she tells them everything, then both of us will be in trouble.

Mukta says, not both of us Nani - ONLY YOU! Nani is shocked!!

Mukta says, you're the one who instigated Meethi for suicide... you're the one who opened all her life's secrets in front of her and forced her to end her life... Nani remembers all the instigating words she said to Meethi.

Nani says, YOU are the one who's saying that?? YOU??

I can't believe my ears! What I just heard from you!

You're blaming everything on me??

Mukta says, it's not a blame-game... you should take responsibility for what you've done. Mukta leaves... and Nani's shocked.

She says, my son betrayed me first... and now Mukku too?

Jogi and family reach the hospital and ask about Meethi. Nurse asks them to go to ICU. They reach there and are stopped by a male nurse. He says, you can't go inside without the doctor's permission.

Icha says, she's my daughter - she needs me... please understand. Everyone stops Icha.

Jogi asks Damini/Divya to look after Icha and Jogi asks the nurse who brought Meethi to the hospital? The nurse points at Rathore and Jogi is shocked to see him.

Jogi takes his name and everyone turns around to look at Rathore.

Jogi has some flashbacks... Icha also remembers her last phone call when Rathore was leaving town.

Jogi goes to Rathore. Rathore touches his feet and Divya's.

They ask if he brought Meethi here? Rathore says yes.

Divya asks where were you for so many years?

Rathore says, we should think about the girl now... I don't know what happened to her... she just fainted in front of my car...

Icha comes and thanks him and says you saved her life today.

Rathore says you don't need to say thanks... many years ago, when my son needed help, you were the one who came to help him in the entire world.

He remembers asking Icha to feed Yuvi when he wasn't taking a feed for two days.

Rathore says, your daughter needed help today... maybe that's why I came back after so many years!

Icha says, where did you find her?

Rathore says, she came in front of my car... she just fainted on the road. What a coincidence that I met you too on a road like that.

She looked just like you, so I recognized her.

Icha says, Meethi is very angry with me, and cries... Jogi asks her to calm down.

Rathore loves the name "Meethi". Rathore says, your older daughter's name was also very sweet... Mukta right? I used to call her "pari". She used to love coming in my arms...

Everyone gets shocked!

Rathore remembers his time playing with Mukku as a baby.

He says, she must have grown up now... Where is she?

Everyone is quiet... camera shows everyone's faces.

Jogi thinks, how do I tell him everything? That too, here in the hospital?

Icha stammers: actually Mr. Rathore... actually...

She can't tell him anything.

Camera freezes on Icha's face.

Episode ends.


Tej is offering alcohol to Yuvi and Daddaji's looking. Yuvi says no I don't want it... Tej says he's sick (pointing at Daddaji), he won't say anything. God has put a lock on his mouth. Tej forces the bottle to Yuvi's mouth, Yuvi still refuses. Veer comes and throws the bottle away and slaps Yuvi (even though he's trying to say I wasn't going to drink it!)
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Old 08-28-2012

Thanks for the Written Update
Old 08-28-2012

hello !!
in case anyone has an idea...to whats mukta's intention,....i mean she wants meethi to have a nervous breakdown / or she wants to kill her is it??? whats her goal ???? am slightly confused...

someone.............pls throw some light on this !

n yes.......... yesterday nani getting a taste of her own doing - SUPERB!

my mom...commented.........
ye mukta to apni maa tapasya se bhi 2 kadam aage hai .... LOL

Rathore - will come to know that mukta is his own daughter tomorrow hopefully !

veer should hv slapped Tej singh too ....
yuvi too needs solid slapping !! ..just one slap is not enough

27th, august, update, uttaran, written

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