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Uttaran - 21st September 2012 Written Update

This is a discussion on Uttaran - 21st September 2012 Written Update within the Uttaran forums, part of the Colors TV Archive category; Uttaran - 21st September 2012 Written Update Uttaran 21st September Episode Written Update Video Update here: Click Here to Watch ...

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Exclamation Uttaran - 21st September 2012 Written Update

Uttaran - 21st September 2012 Written Update
Uttaran 21st September Episode Written Update
Video Update here: Click Here to Watch Online Episode

Episode starts with a policeman giving some files to Jogi saying these are the papers for your case. Inspector sahab asked you to read them. Jogi says okay and the policeman leaves.
Damini asks why he was here? Jogi says Yuvraj has been bailed out… so constable gave me the papers for the case. The trial would start soon.
Damini asks why are you looking so worried?
Jogi says, because once the court case starts…
Divya interrupts and says, I was thinking we should close the case here… you know, in these cases, they ask such questions from the victim… Mukta will have to go through that again… Divya says, and Icha will also go through torture…
Damini says, don’t worry about Icha… while punishing, she won’t think if he’s her son or not?
Kanha also says the same thing… that Mayya would take the side of the truth no matter what.
Jogi says, I know… but I’m thinking, whether we should make Icha go through that pain and suffering or not?
Icha comes and says, Papa I would have more pain if you forget the injustice dealt to Mukta just so I don’t have to go through the pain of witnessing against my son. It is against the values you taught me.
(Mukta is listening to all this from upstairs).
Jogi comes and says, I know and I trust you completely that you will get justice for Mukta… but what about you?? Won’t you be sad for Yuvi?
She says, I’m his mother, I will go through pain… but Mukta is also my daughter and I will definitely get justice for her… I won’t hesitate because I am your daughter…
Jogi says, this step of yours brings Yuvi on the correct path… that is my blessing. I wish, Gunwanti ji could see and understand all this. Yuvi would have gotten a mother, and a mother’s love.
Because of her you have lost all your rights… but who will make her understand all this?
Mukta thinks, now I’m getting it! Looks like God showed me this path… give me strength, God that my steps don’t hesitate and I can atone for all my mistakes.

Surbhi in her room when Kanha comes in all worried and sad. She asks what happened? He says, one thing keeps bothering me all the time… whatever happened in Mayya’s life, it’s because of me… if I hadn’t come in Mayya’s life, she wouldn’t have had to save me.. and Yuvraj wouldn’t have hated her so much.
Surbhi says, don’t think like that. You even sold your house for Mayya. Kanha says, no Surbhi… what I did is nothing compared to Mayya’s unhappiness. I wish I could make Meethi understand… at least do that for my Mayya..

Mukta walking down the path… I’m responsible for Meethi’s hatred, I’m also the reason for Yuvraj hating his mother. Taking Icha Maa’s kids away from her, I had some part in that… what I did was wrong.. and now to correct those mistakes is my responsibility.

Gunwanti in Bundela house thinking whatever happened, happened for the best. Yuvi had to come face-to-face with Icha one time or the other… and now Yuvi only has hatred for her in his heart.
There’s a knock on the door… she asks Kasha to open the door but no one comes so she goes and opens the door herself. Mukta is standing there. Gunwanti is shocked to see her. Asks her what do you want now?
Mukta says, what I want from you – you won’t give it that easily, that I know!
Gunwanti says, you got my grandson in your ‘net’, how dare you come here? First time when I saw you, I thought you were a good girl, that’s why I gave you ‘shagun’ with my own hands… but putting the blame on my grandson you have proved what type of a girl you are… go away from here.
Gunwanti turns and starts leaving… Mukta says STOP.
Gunwanti stops and turns.
Mukta says, if you want in return of that ‘shagun’ that I stay quiet, bear your grandson’s misbehaviour, he tries to rape me and I should say your grandma gave me a ‘shagun’, so you can do whatever you want… then you think wrong. She brings the gold coin out of her bag (that Gunwanti gave her). Picks up Gunwanti’s hands and puts it back and says I’m giving your shagun back to you so you are under no misunderstanding!
Gunwanti says, you’re misbehaving with me in my own house?
Mukta asks her to keep the voice down or it won’t take me one minute to send your grandson back to jail!
You came to my house that day… insulted Icha Maa whatever you want?? You didn’t think even once that she’s away from your family because of you?? Away from her husband and son just so they can stay happy?? Gunwanti is quiet.
Mukta says, what? You thought I didn’t know anything? I know everything… she’s your son’s wife… the bahu of this house, Yuvraj’s mother… but this truth was coloured so badly by you, that when presented to Yuvraj and he started hating his mother…
And when I found out this truth, I started respecting Icha maa more!
You’re a mother, a woman… you can’t see her pain and suffering?
You kept your son away from his wife, doesn’t that hurt you?
You took away her rights as a wife, a mother, a daughter-in-law…
Gunwanti says enough… you’ve said enough.. stay in your limit… I don’t feel it necessary to give you any clarifications.
What do you know? I didn’t send Icha out of this house… she went herself. Go away from here.
Mukta says, I didn’t come here to listen to your words and go away so easily… Gunwanti says then why did you come here?
Mukta says, to get Icha Maa’s rights back… her rights as a mother, a bahu and a wife.
Gunwanti laughs like a loon and says an ant has come to lawyer up for a sparrow (or that’s what it sounded like to me).
Then she sobers up and says, I won’t give her any rights back… she starts yellling, I won’t give her the rights back… tell me, what would you do?
Mukta says ‘shhh…’ you’re laughing right?
She takes out a file from her bag and says this is your grandson’s file… in this, he has attempted to rape me and for this crime he can go behind bars for at least 7 years. Now you decide, either you save your grandson, and give Icha Maa her rights back… otherwise let him rot in a jail!
Gunwanti gets worried.
If you bring Icha Maa back, in return I will take back all the charges against Yuvraj.
Do you agree to these terms?
Gunwanti remembers Yuvi behind bars…
Mukta says what are you thinking? Your son gets back his wife, you don’t want that?? She’s away from this house for so many years.
Gunwanti again asks her to stay quiet… says what do you know about Icha? I didn’t send her out of this house… it was her own will.
When she killed and left the house, she didn’t think of her husband, son and family at that time?
Mukta says, it’s a lie… you know how much Icha Maa loves “Veer ji” (lol)… but you never see her goodness… she meets her husband even now, but doesn’t tell him her real identity.
You’re the one who can fix everything… your son will get his wife, Yuvraj will get a mother and his life will be better.
Otherwise you know what will happen… once I stand in court, no one can save your grandson.
Gunwanti says, you’re threatening me in my own house? Who dares put a Bundela heir behind bars… do you think I will sit idle and not do anything?
But Mukta, you have to think about something… if the lawyer asks about your character what will you do?
I will say in my statement that you used to come to our house to meet Yuvi, you called him to the hotel… what will you say when the lawyer will ask you what were you doing alone in that hotel late at night? Think about yourself and your family’s respect… do you want that to happen. Mukta has tears in her eyes and says… you’re saying this being a woman? You don’t have any value of a woman’s honour in your heart?
Now I’m getting it! How could Yuvi even think about touching me, I am understanding it now. Now your real face is in front of me.
It’s my fault that I expected you to bring Icha Maa back in this house.
Gunwanti says, enough of your lectures… go away from here otherwise I will tell the police that you came to make a deal on this case with me.
Mukta says, I made a huge mistake coming here. But remember, one day from this very door, in this very house, Icha Maa will come back – that too with full honour and respect… this is Mukta Rathore’s promise to you. She picks up the case file and leaves.
Gunwanti thinks of Mukta’s promise.

Jogi says to Divya, the thing you were afraid of… didn’t happen. Mukta is respecting Icha more… and she understands Tapasya better too… Divya is happy and says, at least she won’t listen to Mausiji now.
Mukta comes to them. Jogi asks her why are you looking so upset?
Mukta says, I couldn’t do anything for Icha Maa… nothing.
Divya asks what do you want to do for him?
Mukta says, I want to get all her rights back to her, but I couldn’t do anything barey papa… nothing.
Jogi says where did you go?
Mukta says, I went to Icha Maa’s in-laws, to talk to Gunwanti ji.
Jogi says, her grandson tried to molest you… and you went to their house? Divya says, you got saved the other day, but they’re not the kind of people you would go to.
Mukta asks them not to be upset with her.
Barey papa, I understood that day that Icha Maa went through a lot of hardships… some mistakes are mine in that… I want to correct those mistakes…
Divya asks what she wants to do? You’re very young… we’re very happy that you thought of Icha as your mother… but don’t do anything without telling us.
Mukta says, if a mother can find for a daughter’s life…
Jogi asks what would you like to do to get those rights back?
Mukta says, I went to Yuvi’s dadi and put a proposal to her.
Jogi says proposal?

Gunwanti is telling Yuvi that she gave me a proposal… she said she will take back all the charges against you… but in return, I have to bring Icha back in this house. Yuvi gets angry and says, what?
Then he stops and thinks and says, why didn’t you say yes Dadi?
Gunwanti gives a confused look and he says you didn’t get it?
**this part got a bit cut in the video I was watching so I’m not sure what he said but it sounded like**
he said, the charges will be gone… that’s good… and as far as that woman is concerned, if we kick her out of the house after the charges are dropped, what can anyone do about it?
Gunwanti says, it’s not as easy as you think, Yuvi.
Once Icha comes back to this house, your father and your grandpa won’t let her go out of this house that easily.
Yuvi says, it means all ways of my release are closed!
Gunwanti says, as long as I am alive you don’t have to worry about that.
Today she came to make a deal with me, tomorrow she will beg in front of me… I will do something that will make her take the case back herself. Yuvi’s happy.

Jogi is shocked that she offered to take the case back to Gunwanti.
Jogi says when Icha is ready to witness against her own son, you’re talking about stepping back? Divya also says, how can you do such a thing? You will step back from the case?
Jogi says, I can understand your feelings… but if you put your self-respect on the line, Icha won’t be happy. Don’t forget, there’s nothing more important than self-respect to Icha.
The fight for Icha’s rights cannot be fought like that… these problems cannot be solved by you alone.
Mukta thinks, I know it’s not easy… I thought it was, but it wasn’t easy.. but I want to bring back happiness in her life now… and only want to see happiness in her life from now on.

Yuvraj outside his house throwing darts at a target and thinking of Gunwanti’s poisoning words about Icha in the jail, then telling about Mukta’s ‘deal’ for taking the case back. He throws the dart and Tej catches it… he says, you missed the target earlier, now what’s the point of practicing?
He comes close to Yuvraj and says are you angry at the girl? Should I get her picked up?? Yuvraj gives a dirty look and he says sorry!
Are you scared of going to jail?? I’m your grand-uncle… how can I let you go to jail?
It’s my marriage now… there should be someone from Bundela family in my marriage to dance, drink…
I will have a ‘bulchur party’ lol
Yuvraj says bachelor’s party! You will marry in this age?
Tej says, a woman doesn’t see the ‘age’, she sees the passion… sees the boiling blood in the veins… in my veins, there’s Bundela’s family blood.
He says just let me find a young girl and I will bring the band-baja.
Yuvi says, why are you ruining your life by marrying? Your life is going great alone! Tej says, you don’t know?? That Dadda is waiting in heaven to give me his blessings. He’s about to tell Yuvi about Daddaji’s condition but then changes his mind.
He says, just show me once the girl who’s giving you these electric shocks and I want to see how she is? Yuvi says, I don’t want to talk about her… he gets upset and leaves.
Tej says, she must be a firecracker! That’s why his blood is boiling!
I want to see just once how she looks like…

Mukta in her room thinking she got unsuccessful this time… but so what? I started the crack in Meethi’s heart for her mother… I will do everything in my power to get her daughter’s love in Icha Maa’s life…
Meethi out on the road crying.
Icha also crying in her room. They show all three of them crying separately with a song in the background.

Episode ends.

There was no precap!
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Old 09-22-2012

oh god...i am getting a bad feeling about TEJ & Mukta....

lets hope mukta doesnt go to this extend that she strikes a deal with Tej n marries himm.... ufff...
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Old 09-22-2012

Originally Posted by himuku View Post
oh god...i am getting a bad feeling about TEJ & Mukta....

lets hope mukta doesnt go to this extend that she strikes a deal with Tej n marries himm.... ufff...

21st, september, update, uttaran, written

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