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Uttaran - 16th June 2012 Written Update

This is a discussion on Uttaran - 16th June 2012 Written Update within the Uttaran forums, part of the Colors TV Archive category; Uttaran - 16th June 2012 Written Update *Recap of old scenes* Nadi Jothish: A guy brings a wooden slate matching ...

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Bell Uttaran - 16th June 2012 Written Update

Uttaran - 16th June 2012 Written Update

*Recap of old scenes*
Nadi Jothish:

A guy brings a wooden slate matching her thumb impression which contains her information. The priest opens them and reads.

Priest: You have a very sweet name.
Meethi (confused) : My name is Meethi.
Priest: You must've been raised like a princess.

Scene cuts to Jogi and Kanha:

Jogi: Damini must've raised her with so much luxury. Did sorrow have to come like this?

Nadi Jothish:

Priest: You have only one brother. You are not aware of his past. I can sense distance between you two.

Scene cuts to Jogi and Kanha:

Jogi: I'm sure Meethi is searching for her past. Before she can even see a glimpse of it, we need to save her.

Picnic / Park:

Aman answers the call and Kanha asks if Meethi with him and says he's been trying to call her for so long. Aman asks if everything is okay but the signal isn't clear and the line gets cut.

Aman: We need to go find Meethi.
Mukta: Why are you worried? And why is her brother calling you?
Aman: Worried? I dont know all that but we need to find her right now because Kanha wants her to get home ASAP.

Mukta remembers Aman calling Meethi and then Nani's words saying how Meethi's mother took everything away from her mom.

Nadi Jothish:

Priest: Sacrifice has been a your mother's mantra. You might also have to sacrifice in your life. Seems like you just made a friend and things turned sour. Something similar must've happened with your mom.

Meethi remembers Nani's words about Tapasya wanting a friend.
Mukta and Aman also come somwhere there. Mukta asks him to stop worrying as she must be with her friends. Aman insists they find her because Kanha was so worried and there's something definitely wrong.

Priest: Is there any other questions you want to ask?
Meethi: I want to know more about my mother. Someone told me that she's alive. Is she alive?
Priest: Yes. Your mother is alive. Her journey of life is not done yet. This is what you came to find right?
Meethi: Can't be.. She died in my childhood..
Priest: This shastra does not lie. She is alive. Someone's blood spilt in her hands.

Mukta and Aman are walking into the Nadi place. Mukta tells Aman that she must not be here, let's go. Aman's phone rings and Kanha asks him about Meethi. Aman tells him that he's trying to find her and because the college students are on their own, she must be somewhere with friends. Kanha asks him to hurry and to call him as soon as he hears any news of her.

Jogi (to Kanha): I've never been so scared in my life. It feels like Mausi's fire has surrounded her and she is stuck fighting with her past.

Aman and Mukta come to where Meethi is. Mukta finds Meethi but instead of telling Aman, she tells him that she's scared and wants to leave. Aman tries to talk but she insists.

Scene cuts to Jogi and Kanha:

Jogi: Meethi's confidence in Damini... and you will go if she finds out her mom is alive.

Nadi Jothish:

Meethi: So my mom killed someone?
Priest: All I can say is your mother has finished suffering for her Karma.
Meethi: But my grandmother said that my mom..
Priest: I know you were unaware of this secret. God wanted you to know it.
Meethi: You just said Ichcha..
Priest: I know its you're mother's name.

Meethi remembers Nani saying Ichcha is a servant. And asks the priest to tell her where her mother is right now.
Priest: She is nearby. This is not the time for you to know where she is. The road ahead is your solo journey. The conch asked you to come here and this bus horn now is a sign to leave. And one more thing, remember that mother is a form of God.

Thakur House:

Nani is tearing a picture of Tapasya and Ichcha into half and says to a photo of Tappu that the sound of thunder is a warning that your enemy is entering your life again and that she will not let that Chuhiya and her daughter to live peacefully.

Divya comes there. Says: Mausi ji, what do you want? Do you not remember what Thakur said? Please dont spill venom into kid's life. I beg you too.
Nani: This is your daughter. Look closely, the pain the suffering, all because of that chuhiya.
Divya: I remember every moment of my daughter's life. And I definitely don't need pictures to remind me. I did lose my daughter... but not because of Ichcha. It was because of you. Only because of you. Because of your upbringing and my weakness. Sometimes I think, I wish Tapasya had only her father's shadow on her. I wish I never gave her to you.
Nani: Why are you suddenly regretting it now? Did you not know I loved Tapasya and Mukta more than you or Pushkar.
Divya: Do you know what love is? Your love was like a cyclone in which I lost my daughter.

In the bus:

Aman is worried about Meethi. Mukta tells him that she must've gone home. Someone finds Meethi. Aman runs to see her. Asks her where she was and why she wasn't answering her phone. Meethi asks to leave and goes to the bus. Mukta asks Aman to get back to the bus.

*BG Music: Sun le dua from We Are Family playing* Meethi thinks about Damini saying Ichcha is alive by mistake and Nani accusing Damini of lying. Jogi is sitting worried at the Thakur House and Kanha is pacing around in his garden.

Thakur House:

Divya sits next to Jogi and asks if everything is okay. Jogi says: You are a mother and you know that a mother will give her life for her daughter's happiness.How far can she go to give a better life to her daughter? Ichcha did the same. To give her daughter a better life, she has sacrificed. Did you know that Meethi thinks her mom is dead?

Divya is shocked. Jogi continues: Yeah, but Mausi ji has ruined that sacrifice. This life has given us so much, but today I'm very broken.

Damini's House:
Kanha talking on the phone to Surbhi. Tells her that Aman sent an sms that Meethi is on her way home and asked her to tell Damini that Meethi is fine. Meethi comes and Kanha runs to her.
Kanha: What were you doing for so long without answering your phone? Aman searched so much for you. Answer me now.
Meethi: Have you answered my question? All this while I asked you one question and you never answered me. Where is my mother? Nobody wants to answer my questions right? Fine, I will find my mother and I swear I will.

Meethi leaves. Kanha is worried and sad and says how can I tell you that you'll only be hurt by your search.

Meethi (in her room) calls Aman and asks where should one go to find birth certificates. Aman says Municipality Office. But before he can talk more, Meethi cuts the call. Mukta is with him and sulking. Mukta is bursting mad and wants to go home. Aman tries to calm her down.

A car goes by and spills muddy water on them. Mukta yells at them and the car reverses. It was Yuvi. He apologizes and asks them to come with him. Mukta asks to be dropped first and he agrees.

Thakur House:

Nani comes to Jogi and Divya and gives them water than Jogi spills in anger. He asks Divya to tell Nani that from today she must not touch anything of Jogi's and that everything she touches is poison. Nani is worried.

Yuvraj's car:

Yuvi staring at Mukta from the mirror. And slowly Mukta feels the seats and see the luxuries of the car. She likes it.

Thakur House:

Divya asks Jogi to calm down. She tells him that she's explained to Mausi. Jogi tells her to not let Mukta feel hatred for anyone. Divya says that Mukta is intelligent and she will understand.

Municipality Office:

The registrar says that 18 year old files are very rare, and hopes that rats havent eaten them. He asks for the name. Meethi says: Meethi Bharti.. but surname doesnt have to be Bharti. He praises her unique name.

Meethi tries searching for the name but the registrar doesn't let her search. A Pune comes there and shows a bunch of birth certificates under April 1994. Meethi finds hers but only half the page is there. The pune says that he sent the same folder to another room where someone had asked for a birth certificate and he must've done it although he did seem like a nice guy. Meethi asks who he was and he says that the guy was tall, fair and seemed from a nice family.

Thakur House:

Nani is sitting and muttering: I am trying to trick Mukta? Me? I was just showing that Makhi a mirror. A small ripple in her life and Jogi is all tensed. Doesn't care about her own granddaughter, thinks all the time about Chuhiya's daughter now.

Car stops. Mukta gets down and Nani is watching her talk to someone. Mukta says thanks to Yuvi and smiles and says yes when Aman asks if she wants to have roadside coffee at night. Nani thinks its Meethi and curses her to leave Mukta alone. Mukta comes into her home.

Nani: Who dropped you? Is it that Makhi?
Mukta: No. This was just someone that studies with me.
Nani: He seems rich. Which khaandaan is he from?
Nani sees the watch and smiles.. Says: What an expensive gift? Its nice. You should wear expensive things. Not other people's uttaran.

Outside Municipality Office:

Kanha is burning the other half of the birth certificate. Meethi sees him doing it and is shocked. Kanha seems determined. Meethi thinks: What all are you going to destroy? And how much are you going stop me? I will stop only after I find my mother. Epi ends.

No Precap.

GOOD LORD! Its the same story now. Mukta likes luxury, Nani will tempt her into marrying Yuvraj. She'll give up Aman for it. And Yukta will make life miserable for Ameeth.
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