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Uttaran - 11th September 2012 Written Update

This is a discussion on Uttaran - 11th September 2012 Written Update within the Uttaran forums, part of the Colors TV Archive category; Uttaran - 11th September 2012 Written Update Video Update here: Click Here to Watch Online Episode Episode starts with Veer ...

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Information Uttaran - 11th September 2012 Written Update

Uttaran - 11th September 2012 Written Update

Video Update here: Click Here to Watch Online Episode

Episode starts with Veer talking to Jogi. He says, it’s my fault that I couldn’t bring him up properly. If Yuvraj’s mother was here, what would she have felt? Jogi puts an arm around Icha.
Veer says, if Yuvraj’s mother was here, she would have been just like you (looking at Icha)… We wouldn’t have had to see this day.
Jogi says, what would have happened or wouldn’t have happened… no one has the answer this question.
Fate/destiny doesn’t listen to anyone…
What shouldn’t have happened, has happened… but what should happen, destiny doesn’t let it happen (LOL – too confusing!)
Veer says, Thakur sahab, being Yuvraj’s father, I promise you that whatever punishment you want to give Yuvraj, I will accept that and won’t come and help him. Never!
Veer starts leaving, stops and puts a hand on Mukta’s head and then leaves. Icha cries and hugs Jogi.
Icha/Jogi/Mukta also leave the police station.

Divya is worried how Mukta would recuperate from this big tragedy. Rohini tells her, don’t worry, we’re all with Mukta in this…
Divya says, I don’t know whose bad ‘nazar’ is on this house… Nani says, who else? (Looking at Damini). Since that chuhiya has come to this house, all this is happening… today, I don’t know what has happened because of her.
Jogi/Icha/Mukta come inside together.
Everyone looks at Mukta and is shocked.
Mukta runs and hugs Divya. She cries… and Divya consoles her. Divya tells here we’re all here, nothing would happen to you.
Nani also tells Mukta not to worry… everything will be alright. Tell us who was it who did all this? All of us will make sure he gets punished severely… tell us who it was?
Jogi tells Nani, whatever questions Mukta had to answer, she did… (Mukta closes her eyes and cries). Don’t increase the burden on her heart with more questions. Jogi asks Mukta to go to her room and rest. Divya takes Mukta to her room and Mukta turns back to look at Icha. Damini looks at Icha and so does Nani.
Jogi sees Nani’s hateful looks towards Icha too.

Yuvi sitting in jail thinking of Icha stabbing him with the knife.
He touches the bandaged wound on his arm (gets angry).
Veer comes to see him. Veer claps outside the jail. Then asks Yuvi, what happened?? Why are you averting your eyes now? Do you have any shame left in you? Or are you thinking your father has come to bail you out today?
Yuvraj Singh Bundela, your grandfather’s ashes have not yet been put to rest, and WOW what fame you have brought to the family.
I am ashamed to call you my son… since Daddaji’s death, there was a strange type of quiet in the house, and that quiet will increase more when I will have to go back home and tell your old dada/dadi about your deeds!
Yuvi sighs but doesn’t say anything.
Veer says, Yuvi I know you’re not even a little ashamed of this hideous act of yours… that’s why, me… your father, promise you today… whatever punishment you will get, I won’t come to save you. Veer starts leaving… Yuvi says, I don’t even expect anything from you. Veer stops and turns.
Yuvi says, you know why? Because I know very well, how much you love me… ZERO.
You know what? I will come out of here anyway… because there are other people in the house who still love me.
Veer yells, don’t be under any misunderstanding Yuvi!! I told you, I promise you that this time no one will come to bail you out… even if someone wants to come, they won’t be able to come. I promise you that. Veer leaves and Yuvi gets tense.

Damini comes to Icha and asks what happened? Icha says my son Yuvi did all this. Damini says, Yuvraj?? Our Yuvraj?? NO!!!
Icha repeats that my son Yuvraj did all this.
Being a mother, what did I give my kids Ammo?
My daughter hates me, and my son tries to molest a girl?
A father’s eyes were down with shame and a mother is witnessing against her own son… my son is on his way to destruction and I can’t do anything.
Damini tells her not to say such things. Maybe God wants to bring both your kids back into your life, that’s why he’s making you go through this test… every mother’s children are her life and world to her.
Icha says, and that mother had to attack her own son. These are the same hands that looked after the baby and these hands had to attack him today.
She tries to hurt her hands and Damini stops her. Icha cries uncontrollably. Damini hugs her.

Mukta in her room looking at a shawl-like thing (I think it’s Icha’s). She remembers Icha rescuing her from Yuvi. Yuvi pushing Icha down and Icha attacking Yuvi. Then giving her the shawl to cover.
Nani comes with some juice and says you didn’t eat anything, at least drink some juice. Mukta says I don’t feel like it.
Nani says, don’t worry, I’m with you… tell me what happened? Who was the boy?? What was that chuhiya doing there? What did she do to you? Don’t be afraid, tell me.
Mukta says, she protected me. She came as a mother and protected me.
Nani says, now she’s your protector? I know her very well… don’t worry, tell me what did she do… I understand everything.
Mukta says, Nani, now I have started to understand things better.
Nani says what are you saying? I don’t understand.
Mukta says, you don’t need to understand!
Nani puts the juice down and asks her to drink it and Mukta says I told you I don’t want anything. Nani leaves.
Mukta goes out of her room and remembers misbehaving with Icha when she came to Tapasya’s room. She cries holding Icha’s shawl. She sees Icha sitting on her window in her room from upstairs.
Damini is giving some milk to Icha when Mukta comes to the room.
Icha stands up and asks her if she needs something? Come inside, why are you standing there?
She sees the shawl and says you could have given this shawl to me tomorrow, what was the hurry.
Mukta calls her “Maan” and Damini/Icha shocked. (They show Tapasya’s photo in the background).
Mukta folds her hands in front of Icha and says please forgive me “maan”. Icha cries and hugs her.

Episode ends.

Precap: Veer tells the family that he tried to rape a girl. Everyone’s shocked. Veer says, that poor girl… her name is Mukta. She’s from a good family. I met her and her family. If Teacherji wasn’t there to save her, don’t know what would have happened? Gunwanti gets surprised and says “Teacherji”? Veer says, yes, Teacherji is the only eye-witness to this tragedy.
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Old 09-12-2012

Waiting for the update!!
Old 09-12-2012

Old 09-12-2012

why do i have this feeling that gunwanti will make ichcha feel guilty over testifying against yuvi....

she always is blind when it comes to covering up yuvi's mistakes...

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