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Uttaran - 10th August 2012 Written Update

This is a discussion on Uttaran - 10th August 2012 Written Update within the Uttaran forums, part of the Colors TV Archive category; Uttaran - 10th August 2012 Written Update Scene 1: Location:Thakur’s haveli The episode starts with meethi slowly walking down the ...

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Light Bulb Uttaran - 10th August 2012 Written Update

Uttaran - 10th August 2012 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location:Thakur’s haveli
The episode starts with meethi slowly walking down the stairs thinking about the idea of the identity of her father and his name that mukta implanted in her mind in the last episode.On the other hand damini is asking iccha to stop worrying about meethi and take her medicines assuring her that everything will be allright. There will come a day when meethi would accept iccha and love her and say….she’s about to finish her sentence when meethi finishes it by asking about her father’s name and identity. everybody is stunned.She addresses iccha as her so called mom,and demands to know the truth about her father, even after being stopped by damini,,she doesn’t listen to anyone.she’s keeps demanding her father’s name and on not getting an answer she says i am treated with the same silence and speechlessness that i face everytime a pose a question about my past. Why is it that no one tells her the truth.Mukta hears the conversation midway and smirks at her victory.meanwhile,on being asked about veer, iccha has flashbacks of veer with amla,and thinks that she cannot risk telling meethi the identity of her father as it would not only spoil veer’s relation with amla, but also now that he is married to someone else she has no right to get back in his life.So she stays silent.This further aggravates meethi and demands to know if she’s even a legimitate child or not, to which Iccha slaps her.everybody is stunned.Meethi says i knew this would happen and from now on i break all my ties with everyone of you and i am dead fr you now.Mukta wickedly smiling seeing all of this.Iccha gets heartbroken hearing this and cries saying that she doesnt wish to live any longer and that she should die.Damini tries to comfort her and tells her not to behave like that. Kanha goes to explain things to meethi.

Scene 2:
Location:Thakur’s haveli
Kanha trying to explain the fact to meethi that if damini and iccha are hiding something from her then there has to be a reason behind it and she should stop worrying about such petty things and concentrate on her studies and her college,making new friends and socialising.Meethi says that this is not a petty matter to her and asks as to how can she socialize when she doesn’t even know who she is, is she evn legitimate or not.she reprimands kanha saying that she knows who has sent her and that no one is her own in this family now and she cant trust anyone. Kanha walks out of the room.

Scene 3:
Location:Thakur’s haveli
Jogi enquires damini as to why they have not told neethi anything about her father and that meethi is right in behaving the way she is behaving.In fact its a surprise that she hasnt questiones you regarding her father for so long.Damini replies that telling her about veer is not the right thing to do , neither for iccha nor for veer.On being asked why, damini goes on to recount what she overheard when she went to meethi to Veer’s mother,gunwanti ji, as to how she was poisoning yuvraj’s mind about her own mother,referring to iccha as a criminal.Damini said that she had made up her mind then, that gunwanti has already succeeded in poisoning yuvi’s mind but she would not allow that to happen to meethi, and would not make iccha lose both her kids.Jogi enquires does veer know about this. damini says no and walks out.Jogi wonders as to what an unfortunate condition he’s placed in, to sympathize with his daughter,iccha or his granddaughter meethi.

Scene 4:
Location:Chanda is shown dressed as a bride.and she is dreaming of the day when she would become gunwantiji’s sister in law and daddaji’s daughter in law,ruling the bundela mansion as a queen and would bid farewell to her colourless and clothes forever.
however her daydreaming is stopped by amla knocking on the door.Chanda is scared that amla could see her dressed as a married woman.Amla on the other side of the door wonders as to why is chanda taking so long to open the door.She urges chanda to open the door fast as she has something important to say.Finally chanda opens the door,dressed in plain white clothes and stares at amla. Amla reprimands her saying that she has to cook food for everybody in the house and that chanda has to assist her today, as she also has a splitting headache.She also blabbers about the nuances of being a married woman and doing chores all through the day. In response when she only sees chanda staring at her,she wonders if chanda is drunk.To which chanda replies that relations and time change very fast and warns amla to be watching out for herself.Seeing such a strange behaviour,amla thinks chanda is definitely drunk.

Scene 5:
Location: Police station.
Chanda enters the police station demanding to see visitor no 212. On signing the register,she is allowed to do so by a hawaldar.She is shown approaching towards the lockup.On the other hand, there are a few glimpses of the man in the lockup,but his face is never revealed.As chanda reaches the cell,he recognizes her,andd referring to her as thakurayin,says a little bird told him about his arrival.Chanda refers to him as thakur, to which he replies,that he is no thakur,he is just dadaaji’s illegitimate child.The screen freezes on his partially hidden face.

Precap: Nani is shown fake consoling meethi about being an illegitimate child,and says that she understands what meethi is going through.And that if she were in meethi’s place she would be thinking about ending her life and not living any minute longer now. Meethi begins to listen very seriously.
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