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Bidaai - 7th June 2010 | Written Update

This is a discussion on Bidaai - 7th June 2010 | Written Update within the Bidaai forums, part of the Star Plus Archive category; Bidaai - 7th June 2010 | Written Update Indrejit: i don't know how to tell Vasu all this. Vasu came ...

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Star Bidaai - 7th June 2010 | Written Update

Bidaai - 7th June 2010 | Written Update

Indrejit: i don't know how to tell Vasu all this.
Vasu came and says: I know u wanna give me a surprise. She says she did shopping for everyone and she said that she couldn't go to Masoori to meet Gunni Pratham and says the children wanted to come home but she refused saying what will tell them about Avni and Naveen. Now I'm going upstairs to see what surprise u have for me and she went in her room.

Ragi suggests to Indrejit to tell Vasu everything before someone else tells her. Vasu came in her room and saw the photo of Kusum. Indrejit came and Vasu asks what's all this and from who are those clotches.
Indrejit: I just wanted to tell u that and just then Karan came and says those r mine. How was ur trip Mrs. Rajvansh.
Vasu: how dare u to come in this house?
Karan: why is everyone asking me the same question?
Vasu: Indrejit what is all this happening?
Karan: if I will be here, things will get worser, this is ur personal problem and he went. Vasu asks again what's happening to Indrejit and what is Karan doing home.

Ragi calls Ranvir and informs him that Vasu is home and there are some problems home. Sadi: don't worry, papaji will take care of everything.
Karan came and says: u don't trust ur father-in-law. I don't think he will able to tell his wife the truth. Ragi and Sadi worried.

Karan: ya, I just met them in their room, and seeing those faces. My heart feels very good.
Sadi: Karan, i know ur hurt, but this is not a way. U can't be happy when u give someone sorrow.
Karan: I'm very happy in whatever I'm doing.
Ragi: there's no need to talk to him, he won't understand.

Malti was with munna and a salesman came, malti says she doesn't want to buy anything and she closes the door, again he knocks the door and again malti says she doesn't want to buy anything and closes the door and went to Munna. Just then again someone knocks and this time it was Vinu, she thought it's the salesman and she threw water at him.
Malti: are how come ur already home?
Vinu: u asked me to come home early remember?
Malti thinks about what naniji told her about when a husband is having an affair then he always listens to his wife. Vinu says he will do munna malish and asks Mlati to bring tea for him. Malti thinks: ooo god, now he even helps me with all this and then Vinu gave her a present.

Vasu and Indrejit were having an argument about Karan staying there.
Indrejit told Vasu that Karan proved Alekh mad before the staff and I gave him the share to solve problems.
Vasu: u didn't solved them, u increase it only. We don't even know who he is, from where he came. He surely can't be from a good family. What will Ranveer and Alekh think. But u don't worry I'll just get him out of this house.
Vasu gives instructions to throw Karan's things outside the house. Ranveer and Alekh came and Vasu: good, u both came see what…. Ranveer hugs her and says he knows. Vasu shocked. Vasu: u know, why did u let him do all this? What happened to u both? Alekh wanted to explain her but she wasn't ready to hear anything. Vasu was going to call the commission but Karan came and says not to make that mistake, u will regret. What will u tell the police? U know that ur husband gave me a share in his property.
Vasu: ur just a criminal and u blackmailed us.
Karan: u just called me a criminal, so u can also think what a criminal can do. She was just going to call the police and Gunni and Pratham came.
Everyone wonders how they came. It was Karan who brought them.

The kids meet everyone, Karan: u met everyone but where are ur parents. The kids ask about them and Vasu: they are out of time. But don't worry they will be back soon and Ramdin kaka brought them in their room.

Vasu: how dare u?
Karan: I don't have time to listen to ur lectures. What do they say: live and let live so let it be our deal. Otherwise u know what I can do. Ramdin, bring back all this things back in the room.

Precap: Vasu (with tears) had a photo of Indrejit and Kusum.
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