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Bidaai - 6th October 2010 | Written Update

This is a discussion on Bidaai - 6th October 2010 | Written Update within the Bidaai forums, part of the Star Plus Archive category; Bidaai - 6th October 2010 | Written Update It begins with Ragini entering with TaShi. Mama ji sees Ragini in ...

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Heart Bidaai - 6th October 2010 | Written Update

Bidaai - 6th October 2010 | Written Update

It begins with Ragini entering with TaShi. Mama ji sees Ragini in thoughts and he asks her that why is she so tensed? Ragini excuses her self and goes tot he kitchen. Mama ji asks TaShi about their results. Tammy says that she came first and khushi got 75%. Nani asks khushi about her new mom..tammy was about to tell nani the truth, when khushi stops her and lies about how nice her new mom is. Mama ji senses something wrong, but doesn't say anything.

Malti calls kaushi and asks ehr to bring snacks, she sees sakshi's missed calls. Just when she was about to call sakshi, ragini walks in and asks her if there is something she's hiding. Malti says "no." Ragini says "a thing that only sakshi knows.." malti tries to avoid her questions. Ragini says "so sakshi is right?" malti assumes that ragini knows about the accident and malti says 'no one was at fault." Ragini says "why couldn't you tell me?" malti says "I wanted to handle this on my own...I only got to know about this at the hospital..sakshi had already known about it but yet she remained quiet." Ragini says "there's no need to think about this. We are with you. Come with me now and tell everyone everything." Malti says she won't go, ragini forces her to come with her and she assures her that everything will be fine. Malti is worried about vinu ji. Ragini and malti come out and ragini announces that malti has something to say. Malti is hesitant to say anything. Ragini says "if you aren't going to say anything then i'm going to." Mama ji says "what's the problem? It's all family here, you can say anything without any hesitance." Ragini says "bauji the thing is that, there is going to be a new member in this family. Kavya will soon have a brother or a sister." Malti is all quiet and wonders what sakshi is up to. Ragini gives her the report. The whole family is happy. Malti makes an excuse of keeping this news as a surprise. Ragini senses something wrong.

Sakshi is walking back and fro in tension wondering what malti must've said, if she revealed the truth or not, etc. Sakshi thinks of leaving the house before ragini, (haha bag toh ek minute mein nikaal leti hai jab koi gadbad hoti hai...ROFL) malti calls sakshi and says "you told everyone that i am pregnant." Sakshi says 'did you accept this or not?" malti says "yes i have, but what you are doing is wrong." Sakshi changes her tone. "Enough bhabi, no need to raise your voice, I too can do that. Just do as I say. You remain quiet, and so will I." Sakshi lies that she has made a CD aswell of it. Malti is crying, ragini comes there and senses something wrong. Ragini asks her what is it that tenses her so much. Malti just hugs her and thinks "I wish i could tell you, but i can't." Ragini asks her once again. Malti says "yes i was crying, because you are so nice. You care for me and the family, yet i i lied to you and all. This is what that upsets me." Ragini says "this is the only thing right? Then there is nothing wrong. Bhaiya is coming back tonight, so you must be waiting for him right?" Malti says 'i am so lucky to have a sister in law like you."

Ragini is back home, khushi calls out to aalekh. Vasu says that he's gone to the manidr. Ragini says "khushi go and watch some movie." Sakshi says "but only for a while, i'm making dinner for you guys." Ragini asks sakshi why isn't she resting, vasu says "I told her the same, but she isn't willing to listen." Vasu compliments Sakshi AGAIN! (bas sakshi hi hai na sab ke liye...no one else!) ragini says "there is something in sakshi that bhabi only told her." Sakshi is standing there looking proud.

Khushi is looking for the film, tammy asks her to find it. Khushi remembers that some of her things were in sakshi's room. Khushi is searching through sakshi's room for the CD, she is about to play the CD that has vinu's accident recorded in it. Sakshi scolds khushi and slaps her. (awwwwww my poor khushi...gosh does sakshi always have to use the mean way to sort things out? I mean she could've talked it out..but now..she had to slap the poor kid.) tammy sees sakshi being slapped. Sakshi is hitting khushi with the ruler. Khushi is begging her not to hit her, sakshi continues her scolding. Tammy is seeing all this and feels bad for khushi. Tammy tells Ragini about khushi and how badly sakshi behaves with her. Ragini thinks that she can't be quiet no more and has to stop this. Tammy says "I can't see khushi sad, i want to help you. What can i do to help?' Ragini says "we have to do it together and help khushi out.' Tammy says "so we are partners?" ragini says 'I have an idea."

Aalekh and khushi have a cute moment...aalekh brought ice cream for khushi and says "i won't give it to you until you smile." Aalekh feeds her. Ragini is watching this and is happy, she leaves after a while. Khushi thanks aalekh for the ice cream and requests him to bring butterscotch ice cream next time. Sakshi is thinking of how to separate the two. Aalekh asks sakshi about her health. Sakshi says "I have come to give you a good news, khushi has gotten great marks.' Aalekh is happy. Sakshi asks khushi to leave and do her homework. Khushi leaves, sakshi praises khushi and says "you look tired to me, i'll do one thing i'll get you some milk." (she is such a despo...lol she is badly in a need to spend the night with aalekh ROFL)

Khushi is studying in her room, sakshi comes there and mixes sleeping pills in aalekh's glass, and thinks "i only need aalekh to drink this milk and then everything will be fine."

Precap :Tashi are getting ready for school & Tammy asks Sakshi to make her hair Pleets but sakshi says she has short hairs but Tammy insists & sakshi is pulling her hair Roughly & Tammy complaints & sakshi loses her cool & shouts @ Tammy & tammy says are you shouting at me & sakshi is trying to control herself

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