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Pavitra Rishta - 22nd November 2012 Written Update

This is a discussion on Pavitra Rishta - 22nd November 2012 Written Update within the Pavitra Rishta forums, part of the Zee TV Archive category; Pavitra Rishta - 22nd November 2012 Written Update Pavitra Rishta - 22nd November 2012 Episode Written Update Video Update here: ...

Old 11-22-2012
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Heart Pavitra Rishta - 22nd November 2012 Written Update

Pavitra Rishta - 22nd November 2012 Written Update
Pavitra Rishta - 22nd November 2012 Episode Written Update
Video Update here: Click Here to Watch Online Episode

Manav tells Archana that the bomb squad people told him that the bomb was set to blow up at 2.00 in the night .He says that Purvi , like God , saved this family when she saw the red light . He says that his family means everything to him and he will save this family from Balan and Soham .Archana is worried about Soham because he is surrounded by such dangerous people . Sachin also says to Archana that he will make sure that the family is safe .The security police also tells Manav to take it easy as they are taking care of his home now .

Sameer goes to see Balan in jail and questions him about the Bomb .Balan acts as if he is concerned about Manav's family but Sameer knows him better and tells him that his plan has failed .Sameer tells Balan that Manav's family will identify the mechanic and that will put him in trouble now .Balan tells Sameer to stop threatening him and only come to him if he has solid proof against him ..

A chawl lady is taunting savita that the Deshmukh family is pitting everyone in trouble and because of their family feuds , the chawl was in danger with a bomb exploding there .Savita fights back saying that Manav and sachu risked their own lives but got everyone out of the Chawl ..This lady also taunts Archana that her son is out of her control and is a Gunda who did this ...Archana says that if she is so sure that Soham did this then she should go and complain in the police but stop accusing Soham without a proof .Manav and Purvi are watching all this tamasha .

Sameer calls Savita to the police station so that she can describe the appearance of the Tv mechanic .Manav and Archana also come with her .Savita gives a very good description and the artist is able to make a pretty good sketch of that person's face . Sameer assures Manav that this man will be caught soon .Manav feels very sure that this guy is working for Balan . Manav says that he is going to keep his family away from Balan and keep them safe.

At home , Savita is telling Purvi how she helped the artist to make a perfect sketch of the mechanic . Archana feels sure that Soham was not involved in this .Purvi also thinks that the Chawl people are wrongly accusing Soham and he is innocent in this particular case and would not hurt so many people like this . She wants to get to the truth behind this whole situation .She tells Archana to take it easy and says that she is going out to mandir ...

Balan has a visitor , one of the guy who works for him .The Police is also standing there watching them . Balan gives this man a letter to take to his village .The police man reads the letter first .It is for Tiwari Ji ( the politician who made Soham bahubali ) . In this letter Balan is thanking him for giving his family the oppurtunity by giving them such an important post .

Through his informers ,Sameer finds out where this mechanic lives and is waiting outside his home .Sameer gives his men strict instructions to arrest this man and if he tries to run then only shoot him on his leg . Sameer goes i nthe house but this man is not there .Sameer is very disappointed that the only way to get to Balan was to arrest this guy .

Soham is in jail cell .A police man comes and tells him that he has a visitor .Soham looks fed up that like every day , again Archana has come and he does not wish to see her .The police man tells him that the girl is Purvi . Soham tells Purvi that she should go and tell her mother to stop coming to the jail everyday because he is now fed up with her and no way he is going back to the Dehmukh family home .Purvi tells him that she has come to see him for something else .
Purvi tells Soham about the bomb tha twas placed in her home . Soham is shocked to hear this and wonders who could have done this .Purvi is very happy and thanks him for not breaking her trust .She tells him that she always knew that he is a good person and could never do something like this and now she is sure that he did not do this .She leaves leaving Soham confused as to why Purvi said such nice things to him ...

Precap : Manav is angry and telling Sameer that he was given the assurance that this man will be caught .Sameer says that a man called Krishna came to see Balan ...
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pls update fast...

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