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Seven habits of sincere people

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Seven habits of sincere people

When you are starting a business, a network, or even a friendship you always look for people who are sincere. Obviously, no one wants to hit it off with a fraud. Here are a few habits that can tell that the person is sincere,

Theyíre not concerned with being liked.

The need to be liked is born of insecurity and narcissism. It creates a need to manipulate your own and otherís emotions. Confident and authentic people are simply themselves.

They can tell when others are full of it.

Perhaps naÔve folks can be easily fooled, but genuine people are not naÔve. Theyíre grounded in reality and that gives them a baseline from which they can tell when things donít add up.

They do what they say and say what they mean.

They donít tend to overreach or exaggerate. They meet their commitments. And they donít parse their words or sugarcoat the truth. If you need to hear it, theyíll tell you Ö even if itís tough for them to say and for you to hear.

They donít need a lot of stuff.

When youíre comfortable with whom you are, you donít need a lot of external stuff to be happy. You know where to find happiness Ė inside yourself, your loved ones, and your work. You find happiness in the simple things.

Theyíre not thin-skinned.

They donít take themselves too seriously so they donít take offense when none is intended.

Theyíre not overly modest or boastful.

Since theyíre confident of their strengths, they donít need to brag about them. Likewise, they donít exhibit false modesty. Humility is a positive trait but itís even better to just be straightforward.

Theyíre consistent.

You might describe genuine people as being weighty, solid, or substantial. Since they know themselves well and are in touch with their genuine emotions, theyíre more or less predictable … in a good way.

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