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Ikyaavan - 7th December 2017 Written Update

This is a discussion on Ikyaavan - 7th December 2017 Written Update within the Ikyaavan forums, part of the Star Plus category; Ikyaavan 7th December 2017 Written Update, Ikyaavan 7th December 2017 Written Episode, Ikyaavan 7th December 2017 Written Update Sushil says ...

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Ruby Ikyaavan - 7th December 2017 Written Update

Ikyaavan 7th December 2017 Written Update, Ikyaavan 7th December 2017 Written Episode, Ikyaavan 7th December 2017 Written Update
Sushil says mapa last paratha,I’m already late for college,Mehul gets a call and he wishes congratulations and says oh baby is premature and looks at sushil,Baake takes a sit on dinning,Mehul informs about Visheshs wife rakhi having a baby girl,and he shall visit them,Baake says okay I shall call vendor and then give him money,sushil says Dadaji we have asked them for extension so how about if I go and give them money,Dadaji says okaysushil collects the money and says mapa I shall take a leave and leaves. Baake says Vishes has happiness born in his house ,even we were gonna have one as the 51 st baby in the family but,Mehul says soon my daughter will make us proud.

Sejal on call with sushil says Leela is a don and I had to sleep with that Hidimba,Sushil asks and Vishu bhai where was he and

didn’t you do those filmy romantic things for your first night Sejal says stop making fun you will understand my pain when you will have to face my situation and sleep with your mother in law and tell me what would you do,Sushil says I shall play basketball,gulabo calls Sejal and Sejal says bye. College announces that 2014 senior batch is undefeated and today there will be a match between them and current batch,sushil says to her friends let’s opt for this,I can use my height,a guy says we need a girl but.
Sushil says I’m here,he says we need girl and leaves,sushil thinks I shall divert with game,and says let me see who these seniors are,Satya makes a entry,sushil says tattoo boy,what is he doing here,and thins let me say thank you for cheque,Satya walks to sushil and asks did you like my surprise,I’m a passout if this college and no one has ever bet me,and all take advices from me for friendship love, and sushil let me offer you something,and puts his hand forward and thinks shake hand I will let you win,and says my friendship,sushil thinks I always think of something good but this boy and his stupid things,Satya says so friends,and how about a healthy competition with healthy friendship,sushil takes the ball and says let’s keep competition as it is and you guys are champions so let’s focus of fest and not friendship and I will break your this record too and the trophy won’t be stolen and makes a successful basket.

Jiggi asks how will you win competition Satya.

Sushil reaches the shop and sees a boy struggling to take of his kite down. Sushil helps him,and asks now tell me where is Magan band shop,he says no. Satya at Magans shop,and says you did very good acting now bye,Magan says but Parekh uncle is very nice so why this,Satya says I did to create an impression and about the last night act swallow it up,Satya see sin his glasses sushil standing behind.

Sushil walks to Satya and asks what are you doing here,Satya says why didn’t you hear,sushil says no I didn’t but I know you here to organise for band to celebrate your win tomorrow but I promise this won’t happen,and Magan uncle your payment and I’m sorry for all the inconvenience And says uncle I’m hungry can I have this,Satya says let’s have so that tomorrow you won’t say you lots because you didn’t have anything,

Sushil says I shall leave,Satya says cmon have it Magan uncle is paying,both start enjoying snacks,Satya puts on Song and sushil says oh no phui ba I have to go home bye,if I am late phui will scold mapa that will upset him,he upset then even I will be upset then how will I focus on match.

Satya says calm down you were hungry right,have food,I will drop you home,and holds her hand,Sushil says no thank you there are autos and I have money to pay them too and stop holding my hand,see you in college tomorrow. Sushil finds a dog in way and gets scared,he starts barking at sushil ,sushil tries to escape but dog follows her,sushil tries to get auto but none stops,Satya stops in between her and dog and says see I told you,you won’t get any auto,sushil says I shall go,and sees dog and sits on bike and says drop me to auto stand,Satya starts laughing,sushil says stop it,yes I’m scared of dogs and please wear helmet,drive safe and drop me to auto stand.

Satya says why are you so rude,I talk good but you always rude,sushil says I wa smuts telling the right thing,Satya wear a helmet and says let’s buy you one too,sushil wears helmet and they leave,Satya drives in speed,sushil thinks he thinks I will be scared of speed,Satya thinks teaches me lessons if there wasn’t any challenge,I wouldn’t even bother for you and will drive in a way that you will hold me.

Satya tries hard but she doesn’t hold him,Satya stops bike and thinks every time she shows attitude it remind me of my insult.satya drops her home,sushil says thank you,Satya says this doesn’t mean I shall let you win,sushil says oh I’m scared,and leaves,Satya says god this challenge is tougher then Mount Everest.

Precap : Satya says jiggi I won’t let sushil win. Sushil says to Shivam has anyone,ever defeated me in basket ball and throws ball which hits phui and she gets angry.
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thank u so much

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