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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai - 7th December 2017 Written Update

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Bell Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai - 7th December 2017 Written Update

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 7th December 2017 Written Update, Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 7th December 2017 Written Episode, Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 7th December 2017 Written Update
The Episode starts with Shanti teacher standing with Naina while she tells that she wants big teddy bear. Shanti teacher asks him to burst 5 balloons to get it. Naina says aloud that she wants that big teddy bear. Shanti teacher teases her. Naina tries to win the teddy bear and tells aloud that nobody cares for her. Pandit says she is leaving. Sameer picks the gun and aims at balloons. He wins the big teddy bear. Naina gets happy. Swati gets happy for her. Sameer smiles. Naina’s voiceover tells that Sameer has won her heart with his gesture. She signs him about their meeting. Sameer comes to the edge of the cliff and waits for Naina. Naina comes there running there. Tere mere beech me…He clicks her pics.

Naina comes to him. Sameer gives her teddy bear and says it is

for you. Naina thanks him. Munna and Pandit looks at them. Also the seniors who bet with Sameer are waiting anxiously. Sameer says I…Naina says I…Sameer gets upset thinking about the past happenings.
Munna, Sameer and pandit come back. Munna says they were made fools. Pandit asks why didn’t you say I love you. Munna asks him to tell what is the matter. Sameer says I thought to end that matter in one go, but when I peep in her eyes then I thought she couldn’t say as something is stopping her. Munna asks did you love her. Sameer says no and tells that she is not his type, she is a good girl and have saved Nana ji, says he don’t want to hurt her and what if she gets serious for him. Munna says you are changed Sameer.

Swati asks Naina if she is upset that Sameer called her and had not confessed her love. Naina says she enjoys slow love confession and tells Swati that they shall enjoy the trip even in night. Swati asks what we can do. Naina plays with her. Later in the night, when Kamya is sleeping, Naina and Swati tease Kamya and pulls her blanket. She plays ghost song and wears blanket and acts as ghost outside the window. She then shakes up anklet. Swati asks Naina to stop it and says Kamya is much scared. Kamya wakes up Hema and they both get scared.

Munna tells Sameer and Pandit that they shall not drink in this age. Sameer says he is right and asks him not to meet Swati. They laugh. Munna says no. They are about to drink wine, when Kamya runs out of room and shouts ghost.

Principal talks to his wife and asks how is she? And says one soul is roaming here in your memory. Sameer sees Naina smiling and then she suddenly shouts ghost and runs outside with Swati.

Tai ji calls Bela and asks till when she will get ready. Bela says just 2 mins. Tai ji says if you takes so much time then what you will do in Pooja’s wedding. Pralay comes and tells that the bride ran away.

All students run out of the lodge. Shanti teacher asks what happened? Naina asks if someone saw ghost. Kamya says yes, ghost. Everyone is shocked. Shanti asks her to tell what happened? Kamya tells her that she saw blanket lifting in air and then dropping down, sees ghost outside the window and also anklet sound. Pandit says she must be chudail. Just then watchman comes and tells that there is no ghost or witch here. Shanti teacher asks everyone to go back to their rooms. Naina says even she heard the anklet sound and says witch can go to her room again.

Shanti teacher asks Kamya and Hema to sleep in her room. Swati says witch can go to any room. Naina says we can have campfire. Principal agrees and asks boys to get wood and asks girls to come. Naina and Sameer looks at each other. Sameer understands that it was Naina’s mischief. Naina collides with Kamya and the chain falls down. Sameer looks at the chain.

Sameer and Naina come to the mountain side. Sameer tells her that the night was good and he felt food about this place. He says he never felt this and says I love this place and I love…looks at her. Naina says I love….song plays mitwa.
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thank u so much

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