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Mahakali - 2nd December 2017 Written Update

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video Mahakali - 2nd December 2017 Written Update

Mahakali 2nd December 2017 Written Update, Mahakali 2nd December 2017 Written Episode, Mahakali 2nd December Written Update
Scene 1
Devs and Guru’s men both start pulling the cliff. A dark smog comes their way. Andhak says this is all cheating from Vishnu. Once we win I will punish him. Shiv says see Parvati i told you. A horse appears on the cliff. Andhak says we should have it because first power was given to Devs. Because mahaddev is dev as well. Vishnu says okay take it. Another power appears. Its an elephant. Vishnu says this will go to Devs. Andhak says thats cheating. Gurudev says no we decided they will be divided equally. Next power goes to Asurs. Another cow appears. Vishnu says the one who is doing good deeds will be give this to.
Parvati says what is happening. Shiv says what do you think? Parvati says I don’t know. Lakshmi appears on the cliff. Indra says devi Lakshmi iss back. Asur says

she will be ours. Parvati says she doesn’t belong to either of you. Women and men can things together. They are each others powers. She is back but she will actually come to life when she meets Vishnu. Parvati says Lakshmmi open your eyes. Vishnu is in front of you.
Lakshmi comes to Vishnu. Vishnu says you are back. Parvati says Asurs and Dev have their powers. Lakshmi is back as well. We should stop it.
Vishnu says we are all away from curse of Rishi durwaasa. We should stop it. Andhak says no this is cheating. We won’t go until we have all the powers we needed. Guru says we have been cheated. We didn’t come to bring Lakshmi back. Indra says without Lakshmi we all couldn’t get our powers either. Andhak saays we didn’t come here for this. He says Indra you won’t even have powers that were to be given to you.
Indra says okay we will continue it as well. Vishnu says okay go ahead. Mahadev was right. Parvati saays I protect Mahadev from what harms comes out of this.
A diamond appears in the cliff. It comes to Vishnu. Asurs and Devs get more powers. Parvati closes her eyes and sees Shiv dead. She says it can happen anytime. I have to go forward. Shiv says no this is my job. Parvati says we both help each other no? I started all this, so I will end all this as well. Shiv says no I have to face it. You are my protector.

The cliff blasts and falls down. Asurs say amrit is here. Guru dev says no run from here. The asurs run from there. Devs start falling into the water. They run from there as well.
Parvati says I have to face this. Parvati says I have to go now. Shiv says if you want to protect me you have to stand behind me. The one who supports stands behind. Parvati says promise me you will be safe? He says the one who is of Mahakali’s what can harm him. You can do anything.

Asurs and Devs come out of water. Shiv goes towards the waters. He goes towards the cliff. Shiv starts drowning in the waters. He picks water in his palms and drinks it. Parvati turns into Mahakali.
Shiv falls into the waters. Parvati says Mahadev. Vishnu saays for Parvati mahadev is everything. she will do anything to protect him.

Parvati goes towards the water. Vishnu says no you have to protect him. You have to calm down. You don’t have end today. You have to start. You have to protect mahadev. Parvati says I will solve this problem. Parvati feels Shiv’s pain. She becomes another Devi. Vishnu says Mahakali’s this face will be called Maa Tara.
Parvati runs towards Shiv. He falls and Parvati holds him. Parvati saays open your eyes Mahadev.
Lakshmi says how will she save him? Vishnu says devi tara has the answers. Parvati gives Shiv power. Shiv doesn’t open his eyes. Parvati does some mantra. shiv opens his eyes and smiles. Everyone praises Ma Tara. Shiv says you brought me back. Parvati says I did what I had to. You showed your are Dev of Devs. World will know you as Neel Kand. This night will be known as Shivratri.

Precap-Asurs take face of a woman Mohini. They fight Devs.
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Old 12-02-2017

thank u so much

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