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Mahakali - 10th September 2017 Written Update

This is a discussion on Mahakali - 10th September 2017 Written Update within the Mahakali forums, part of the Colors category; Mahakali - 10th September 2017 Written Update Scene 1 Parvati says if you think we sent you but you donít ...

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Pill Mahakali - 10th September 2017 Written Update

Mahakali - 10th September 2017 Written Update

Scene 1
Parvati says if you think we sent you but you donít know the reason behind it. Parents do take strong decisions for their better. Did you ask what we went through? I wonít beg you to stay. Mahdev is my husband I wont tolerate his insult. You canít blame him for anything. We donít want your favor. If you think we are forcing you stay here you can go. If you donít wanna complete your mission then donít. Nandi send him back there. He wants to stay protected there so be it. She leaves.

Mahadev comes to Parvati. He says I know you are hurt. We canít always force people. She says you are right. If we donít accept our responsibilities we lose everything. I love you more than anyone. He says you are more than anyone to me as well. You are
my wife. Your eyes are home to me. She says a mother teaches the child the first lesson. She knows how to bring him back on right track when he is lost.
Indra says to Vishnu kalkasur is coming here. Vishnu says we can stop him. Be prepared for the fight. He says who will face him when Kartika isnít here. Parvati says we are all here. We will face him.

Kartikaís ma says you shouldnít have come here. He says I dont wanna go there. I wanna live there. I wanna be with you. Indra comes and says you have to come with us. Kalkasur is coming there. He says I dontí wanna come. Indra says you canít say no to my order. He says you cant order me. He says the answer to this no can be dangerous. If you donít wanna follow the mission of your life then I can kill you as Devraj. Parvati as allowed me for that. Indra attacks Kartika. He saves himself. Indra says okkay then I should attack your moms who are forcing you to stay here. Kartika saves them. He says you canít harm my parents in front of mee. I will punish you here. He fights with nandi. He is about to stab him. Parvati comes and says enough. He says you canít save him. Parvati says but you didnít want to fight. He says but he tried attacking my mothers. Parvati says because he attacked your mothers your people right? Kalkasur is also hurting your people. Why donít you save them then? His mom says Parvati is right. You have to save those peopel from Kalkasur. That will be justice to our up bringing. Kartika agrees. He touches Parvatiís feet He says I am sorry ma. Pardon me. He hugs him. She says for parents, it is very easy to forgive their kids. You understood and thats what matters. SHe hugs him. Kartikaa says I will fight him ma. All his mothers hug him. He goes with parvati.

Scene 2
Mahabali is attacking many people and detaining them. He takes Nandi too. Parvati says you need to be trained first Kartika. Shiv comes there. Kartika bow down and says I am sorry. Shiv says you didnít make a mistake. Paravati forgave you how can I not? A father only follows his wife. He hugs Kartika. Shiv says get ready to understand the power within you. He trains Kartika.
He practices with Kali too.

Mahabali says who should be sacrificed first? Nandi? Lets go Nandi. Nandi says jay Mahadev. They take him towards fire. someone comes and breaks all the ropes. Its Indra with Kartika. He says first face me before my parents. Mahabali says finally the kid is here.

Parvati says to Shiv you look worried? You didnít give him blessings? Shiv says blessings canít work always? She says wonít he win? Shiv says he might not win. SHe says please tell me truth. Has he made any mistake? He says yes Kartika has made a mistake and someone else too.

Kartika fights Mahabaliís men. Kartika is injured. Mahabali badly hits him. He says see everyone. What have we done. Kartika stands up. Maahabali says I will kill him. He is about to behead Kartika. Kali comes there.

Precap-Mahakali kill mahabali. She goes after shumbh nishumbh.
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