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Chandrakanta - 15th July 2017 Written Update

This is a discussion on Chandrakanta - 15th July 2017 Written Update within the Chandrakanta forums, part of the Colors category; Chandrakanta 15th July 2017 Written Update, Chandrakanta 15th July 2017 Written Episode, Chandrakanta 15th July Written Update Episode start with ...

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User Chandrakanta - 15th July 2017 Written Update

Chandrakanta 15th July 2017 Written Update, Chandrakanta 15th July 2017 Written Episode, Chandrakanta 15th July Written Update
Episode start with virendra saying I shall always stay with chandrakanta. He uses magic and break jail door and run away with killing guards.

On other side chandrakanta is marrying and someone is doing their magical wedding.

Virendra friend kill soliders and he run away. Chandrakanta gathband is done and bride-groom are asked to take rounds but is stopped by virendra, with background music and he takes entry. He pushes groom and ask bride to marry.

Chandrakanta says that you are fruad. But virendra say that i am in love and i obeyed you, otherwise I would have run away. Chandrakanta says you are enemy. He hold her hand and take round with her and pushes
soliders and groom. Panditji recites mantra And their marriage happens. Umang claps and everyone says you both are married. Chandrakanta denies and goes from mandap.
Soliders attack virendra but he goes using magic. Irravati ask her soilders to attack suryagarh.

Chandrakanta think about past happenings and savings done by virendra. (Iss show ko dekh kr lgta hai sab ke sab ayyiyar hai insan nhi).
Dolphin arrives and chandrakanta shares her pain.

Village people ask chandrakanta parents to do vidai of her and she is now our enemy. Viru arrives and how can you do this. And i shall not force her, if she do not believe in marriage and I shall go to.

Irravati attacks suryagarh and chandrakanta sees them and hides herself and thinks to inform everyone. And run away. Irravati ask soliders to attack fishers first.

Maharaj scolds every people of his court. Chandrakanta arrives and informs that some one is going to attack us. And court people fake their plan and goes.

Irravati with her soliders attack villagers and all court people hide behind each other. Irravati and maharaj attack each other. With full on comedy secenes.

Irravati attack chandrakanta parents and vir uses their powers and save them. Irravati ask vir to come to my side. Vir denies and say I am that side where my love is. Irravati says you are denying your god, vir says that today my god is wrong. Irravati tries to kill chandrakanta but vir protects her. Chandrakanta remembers flashbacks. Vir says I am doing for love, as all happiness is for her and all sadness is for mine. Irravati says it is not good for raja and vir says i shall do everything for love.

Irravati declares to suryagarh that i shall spare you all but kill this girl and vir ask them to run. Vir ask them to go home baba and maa. He goes.

Maharaj’s court people brainwashes maharaj and ask him to kill chandra. Baba ask to take clothes and run away. Chandra denies. umang comes and ask them not to go and vir is chandra husband. Umang says that he is good but chandra donot agree. Soliders come and say that maharaj send us to save you all. Soliders say that when they sleep capture chandra and give to irravati.

Maharaj concern his court and everyone say give chandra to irravati. Vir arrives and say i am here to save you all. Maharaj says that do one thing take chandra with you as your wife and protect her.

Soliders talk to kidnap chandra but her parnets are not sleeping. Vir goes to chandra and wake her up and inform all things happened in court. He ask her to come with me. She denies as you are lier and will be lier its hard to believe. Parents listen everything and says that we should run. Baba says that vir if you had walked on truth path, all this wouldn’t happened. They run.
Irrawati’s aina give her herbs kind think to drink. Baaz arrives and irrawati ask to go suryagarh and eat people. Everyone run and solider enters. Vir offers hand to chandra run her own. Vir does magic and make solider fight.

Villagers run and krur singh hold ladies and do flirt with them. Chandra and her family reach shore and she get in confusion what to do? Vir says I believe in god and my love. Chandra think of every verdict of irravati and denies to go. Her parents tries to take her along but she denies. And ask them to go to tej singh.

Vir stop irravati soliders and chandra reaches and irravati sees them together. Vir protects chandra. Vir ask soliders to go and huv chandra and take sowrd and kill them. They both have eyelock and vir says its elan-e- jung. I always do what I want to do and always ask you do so but today you decide. Chandra says I shall fight with you and join hand with him with their romantic song teri deewangi.

Chandra house get burns and vir ask her stop others from burning. Suryagarh and vijyagarh fights. Umang cries and says everyone is dying. Vir says lets go and save suryagarh. Chandra says due to you we are facing all this. Infect its all my fault to believe a stranger.

Chandra says that it was me who asked maharaj to teach sword, but we are in trouble. Chandra shouts stop everyone. Now I chandrakanta declares that I shall summit myself to Irrawati. Vir says no. She says though I deny this marriage but it happened now take your bride to your house. He says not like this, but fill his hairline with blood and say I shall win your heart with love.

Precap (for next week)-
1. Chandra reach there and is welcomed by vir.
2. Vir say to irrawati that she is that girl, see my love brought her here, you can kill her
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Thanks for the update

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