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Savitri Devi - 17th July 2017 Written Update

This is a discussion on Savitri Devi - 17th July 2017 Written Update within the Savitri Devi College & Hospital forums, part of the Colors category; Savitri Devi 17th July 2017 Written Update, Savitri Devi 17th July 2017 Written Episode, Savitri Devi 17th July 2017 Written ...

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Heart Savitri Devi - 17th July 2017 Written Update

Savitri Devi 17th July 2017 Written Update, Savitri Devi 17th July 2017 Written Episode, Savitri Devi 17th July 2017 Written Update
The Episode starts with Dr. Kabir scolding Sanchi for her carelessness and says now patient will be punished for her mistake. They have to operate him again. Sanchi is upset. She checks both xrays and sees keys position different. She shows both xrays to Kabir and says keys position is different. Dr. Kabir thinks how this can happen. Veer hears them and runs to patient to take keys back. He says he will check him. Before he could take the keys, Dr. Kabir comes there and asks patient to relax and take keys from his pocket. He scolds Sanchi for keeping keys in Patient’s pocket and says this patient would have been operated again. Sanchi gets teary eyes. Veer gets happy. Other interns also gets happy. Veer tells them that he won the money this time. Sanchi comes there.

Sanchi says I never thought
that you will stoop so low, I thought your pranks are childish, but you …yourself is childish. She asks other interns if these pranks will make their career. She asks him to go ahead and top in the exam, which he can’t do as it needs hardwork. Veer asks how do you know and asks if she is God. Sanchi tells him that everyone don’t come here to waste their rich father’s money and asks them to let them study. Vaidehi meets a goon and gives him money for failing Neeta’s car brakes. She thinks Neeta should be on bed for 15-20 days and holds her responsible for the humiliation. Goon thinks to do something big.

Vikrant brings coffee and asks Priya to drink. Priya thinks there is something wrong with him, as he snatches coffee from my hand on first day of fast. Isha tells Sanchi that they shall leave as their shift is over. Sanchi says staff is less today and she is doing extra shift.. Isha says she is going to have her beauty sleep. She comes out and the board is about to fall on her. Veer comes and saves her. They fall down. They get up. Veer says I didn’t know that you like me. Isha says I think you are cute, but Sanchi is best for you. Sanchi comes out and asks Veer to do extra shift. She tells Isha that she has to wish Sunny on his birthday.

At Jaya’s house, Sanchi wishes Sunny happy birthday and promise to take him to have icecream. She asks him to go and open the door. Sunny opens the door. He finds his friends bringing cake for him and wishing him birthday. Jaya lights the candle. Suman also comes there. Jaya, dadi and Suman sing happy birthday Sunny. Khushboo comes and asks if they don’t have manners, why they can’t let her sleep. Dadi scolds Khushboo and asks her to wish Sunny. Khushboo wishes him happy birthday and makes him have cake.

Sanchi and Veer are treating the patients. Sanchi and Veer get code black. They run and see many patient brought to the hospital. Nurse informs them that the bridge is broken and the accident happen. Sanchi asks Veer to send code black to all interns. Veer sends code black, but everyone think that it is a prank. Sanchi is attending the patient. Veer comes to Sanchi and tells that no intern is coming. Sanchi says they might have thought that it is a prank, and tells that many interns are against her because of him. She says as they don’t have time to call the interns, they have to handle all patients together. She asks Veer to relax and treat patient.

Devanshi comes there in a bad state and is about to faint. She comes to the disaster ward and recalls taking lift from someone. A fb is shown, A man informs her that someone buried her in the temple, but they have saved her. Driver tells the man that the car is stopped. They both get down from the car. Devanshi sees driver hitting man on his head with rod and tries to run out of car. Driver brings her somewhere and asks his goons to kill her by evening. Devanshi hears him and thinks to escape. Driver and the goon come there and plan to kill and bury her inside. They open the rope. Devanshi runs fooling them. Goon sees her, but a car comes infront and Devanshi manages to hide. Goons see her behind the tree and try to catch her, but she manages to escape and come to Savitri Devi Hospital. Fb ends. She faints. Sanchi holds her and calls her Devanshi. She calls Nurse. She thinks how did Devanshi come here in this state.

Pawan tells everyone that the bomb will explode in 15 mins and everyone is automatic. He says if anyone of you act smart then I will kill everyone. Vardaan asks what does he wants. Pawan says I am getting bored and asks them to tell joke one by one. She says if I like the joke, then I will spare that person and the one who tells bad joke, will be buried in the same place as Kalki. Vardaan tells Pawan that he guarantees that nobody from his family can do such a thing. Kusum sundari tells joke and laughs. Others also laugh forcibly. Pawan asks shall I laugh. He asks her to tell joke. Vardaan says I will not leave you. Pawan says handle yourself. They tell the jokes. Vardaan says let us go, as we have to check if Kalki is fine. They have an argument.

Devanshi wakes up in the hospital. She pretends to be asleep seeing Sanchi coming. Sanchi checks her report, pulse etc and asks her to get up. She says last time also I couldn’t ask you. Pawan tells that kusum sundari’s joke was really bad and asks her to get ready and go to pit. Kusum says no. He asks Vardaan to tell joke. Pawan says I don’t think he will agree. Vardaan asks him to stop. He recalls telling joke to Devanshi. A fb is shown, Devanshi asking him not to crack joke with anyone. Fb ends. Vardaan thinks he will tell bad joke. He tells the joke. Kusum thinks this joke is bad than mine. Pawan laughs and says I haven’t heard such bad jokes in my life. He aims gun at Kusum. Vardaan asks him to kill kalki and takes blame on himself. He then snatches gun from his. Pawan shows the bomb timer. Everyone is scared. Pawan laughs and tells that all of them are fool. He says why I will kill myself along with you. Man saving Kalki comes to Pawan and tells that driver betrayed them. Pawan is shocked.

Devanshi sees a woman crying for her baby. Nurse asks Devanshi about her name. Devanshi says she is kalki shah. Sanchi asks her why did she lie? Devanshi says she is kalki. Pawan scolds Vardaan and says I will stand like a wall. He says he will catch the culprit who tried to kill Kalki. Vardaan is about to go. Menka 3stops him and asks why he is so concerned for her. She gets a call and comes to know that Devanshi fled. Mohan says he will offer Prasad to God if Kalki is found. Kusum tells Mohan that in one day, Pawan came and you have changed your color. He asks if she has done this. Kusum says she wants Vardaan and Kalki to marry and says why I am telling you, as you have no value for my dreams. She says I have brought the land and you have snatched the gold. They blame each other. Nutan tells Gopi that she don’t care if Kalki dies. Gopi says she has done so many favors and tells that once she is back, I will return her keys. Nutan thinks she won’t let Gopi complain to Kalki about her.

Menka tells goons that she is coming. Kusum thinks you might be behind the kidnapping and blames her. Menka refuses. Kusum says whoever tried to failed her plan will not be spared. She asks her to come with her and help her search Devanshi. Dr. Kabir comes to Veer and Sanchi and asks about all interns. Veer says they didn’t come. Sanchi says we have handled all patients and their reports are here. Dr. Kabir checks their reports. Devanshi sees the woman calling her son. Sanchi comes to Devanshi. Devanshi says I am kalki. Sanchi thinks don’t know why she is lying and tells that she came to check her. Devanshi thinks she can’t let her truth come out until she succeeds. She tells the woman that she will find her son.

Neeta sits in her car and asks driver to take her. Dr. Kabir scolds all interns for ignoring code black and asks if they will become Doctor like this. Dr. Kabir appreciates Sanchi, and before he could take Veer’s name, Sanchi takes all the credit. Veer gets upset and angry with her. Neeta asks the driver where he is taking her. She sees his face and calls him Bhola asking him to free her. She runs out of car. He makes her smell chloroform. Vaidehi awaits for the news of Neeta’s accident to come. Bhola calls her and tells her that he has kidnapped Neeta and demands 2 crores Rs. Vaidehi is shocked. Sanchi asks Nurse about Devanshi. Nurse says don’t know where she left.

Menka and her goons are shocked to see Isha. Later Sanchi is treating devanshi.
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