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Love Ka Hai Intezaar - 19th June 2017 Written Update

This is a discussion on Love Ka Hai Intezaar - 19th June 2017 Written Update within the Love Ka Hai Intezaar forums, part of the Star Plus category; Love Ka Hai Intezaar 19th June 2017 Written Update, Love Ka Hai Intezaar 19th June 2017 Written Episode, Love Ka ...

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Love Ka Hai Intezaar 19th June 2017 Written Update, Love Ka Hai Intezaar 19th June 2017 Written Episode, Love Ka Hai Intezaar 19th June 2017 Written Update
The Episode starts with IT officials breaking the walls and furniture during the raid. Kamini does not see Madhav and calls him. She fails to connect. Ragini cries. Officers don’t get anything. Arun says I told you, you won’t get anything illegal here, you got a tip and came here to investigate, look at our house, you took few hours to ruin this house, but we took many years to make this house, these broken things are our family respect and ancestors’ love and blessings, you have ruined our self esteem and respect too. Officer says we have sympathy for you. Arun says please, its not tv time to show fake sympathy, you may leave if your duty got over.

IT officers leave. Arun and Ragini cry. Vijaylaxmi sees the news and smiles. She thinks Kamini will be hurt seeing her ruined house.
She asks maid to throw her worn out saree. She asks maid to keep sandals carefully. She says everyone will be thinking I have started packing the bags. She asks nanny for Madhavi. Nanny says she is playing with Rajmata, I heard you are going out of Rajgarh, it will be tough to work for you, you have to find new nanny for Madhavi. Vijaylaxmi agrees. She asks her not to go till new nanny comes.

Karanveer comes to meet Kamini’s parents. Arun sees the house model broken and recalls childhood moment of Kamini. Karanveer sees the house and asks was this a raid or someone got their anger out, they have damaged the house. Arun says they don’t care for emotions. Karanveer says they can’t break your courage. He asks Ragini to leave all this, he will make it fine. Arun says Kamini is calling, I can’t lie to her now.

Karanveer answers the call. He asks are you surprised. She asks how did you come there. He says media was troubling Arun, so I came to answer them. She says I want to talk to Arun. He says relax, media makes news breaking, there is nothing to worry. Amma is making tea for me, I m switching off their phones for some time, I will talk later. He ends call. She says there is something, why are they not telling me, where is Madhav, his phone is not connecting. Arun thanks Karanveer.

Karanveer says Kamini told me you guys are leaving for marriage, where is she. Arun says she is in Delhi, she had to leave early, we had to leave today and go ahead together, IT sealed our accounts and took cash, I was thinking to request them to open our accounts, they did not get anything in raids. Karanveer says yes, but it will take a week time, you keep my credit card. Arun says no need. Karanveer says you called me son, keep it. Mili says I will book your tickets. Karanveer says don’t worry about the house, when you come back, you will get everything like before, this is my promise. Anu and Mili go to help them in packing. Arun says we don’t need to worry for Kamini after we die, her friends are so good.

Madhav comes. Kamini cries and hugs him. He asks why are you crying, if I give me such prize to come to room, I will always do this. She asks why is his phone off. He says sorry, battery got over, what happened. He sees the raid news. She says that’s why I was calling you, I was feeling alone. Shekhar says I know Kamini, she can’t do thiss. Karanveer takes Arun and Ragini. Madhav says Karanveer is an actor right. Kamini says yes, he is my good friend. Madhav asks where are they going with him. Karanveer asks them not to trouble them now, go and ask IT department, what did they get after breaking the house. He answers the media well. He asks reporters do they have any proof against Kamini, does respect not matter to them, lie is bought easily here, I will just ask the people to stand with Kamini, why was her house ruined, why was her parents troubled, support her in electronic and social media, I m standing with her, I hope you are standing with me, raise your voice, thanks. He leaves.

Madhav says I have become his fan, we will watch his picture. She says I m very worried, where is Karanveer taking them and why, its better we go Mumbai. Madhav says I will call Arun. Madhav calls Arun.

Arun says we are reaching Delhi by flight. Madhav says fine, I will send my driver. Madhav tells Kamini that Arun and Ragini are coming Delhi. She says it means Karanveer was taking them to airport he managed media well, thanks Karanveer for this favor. IT officer says we did not get anything even after second raid. Rana calls officer and asks what am I hearing this, Kamini’s parents left for Delhi, you have sealed his accounts. The officer says they are free to go anywhere, nothing was found against them, Karanveer is bearing their expenses. Rana says go and arrest them, that’s an order, they should not reach Delhi.

Madhav says we will meet in marriage now. Arun gets a threatening message. Kamini is with her parents. Someone follows them.
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