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Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai - 21st May 2011 Written Update

This is a discussion on Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai - 21st May 2011 Written Update within the Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai forums, part of the Star Plus category; Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai - 21st May 2011 Written Update Part1 Bindya asks bhabhima what happened you look worried ...

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Transmit Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai - 21st May 2011 Written Update

Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai - 21st May 2011 Written Update


Bindya asks bhabhima what happened you look worried gyatri says nothing like that bindya says you were talking about akshara, gyatri says no, bhabhima says we were talking about last gangur, bindya says your making preps for vrat i will help you gyatri says no you rest she says masi i have rested enough, where is akshara bhabhi, gyatri says the preps are done only the patatoes need peeling maharji will see, bindya says shes thirsty and came to drink water they give her some she leaves @mshwari's rajshri is worried if akshara is going to fast dadi says if se wants to keep it let her se will be like she was before with everyone and they are all there too look after her, @singhaniya akshara is in the kitchen making breakfast gyatri and bhabhima walk in they tell her your awake since morning and you shoudnt fast this yr aklshara says but ma bindya and her mum walk in bindya says what shall i make her mum was about to say my bindya when bhabhima interupts and says everything is done bindya says to akshara you must know the importance of this fast i kept it last yr for his long life i want to keep it this yr but he keeps on saying no her mum says his life is in my bindya her phone rings its rituraj she goes to answer

Part 2

akshara says plz let me keep the fast gyati says no she says i will see to the pooja preps and laves natik says ma let her keep the fast akshara in her room on the phone she says it should reach on time @shava room varsha shows shaurya the pyal she bought for ananya she says she will get her dressed after giving her a bath @naksh room akshara is sad natik say hear me he says what is the importance of this fast she says you wont understand he says whats the use of long life she says what are you saying he says i want this long life with you i decided to keep a fast for you and you for me she says i wont be able to this yr he says ma gav permission akshara gets happy and says you asked her she hugs him downstairs everyone is ready bindya sas to rashmi your looking nice rashmi says bhabhi your looking good tooher mum says this lengha wasmade expecially nandani also arrives bindya says whereis akshara bhabhi gyatri says she will be coming her and bhabhima go aside to see the pooja preps and they say the did the right decision by letting her keep a fast gyatri says if the kids are happy thats all we want bindya comes and says where is akshara bhabhi gyatri says she must be coming

Part 3

Natik comes bindya says where is akshara he says she is coming akshara comes she is looking like an angle bindya and her mum have jeleous faces on the kursa comes and gives akshara the package she cant wait for anaya to arrive she takes ananya varsha shows the clothes she made to everyone and says she will fill the milk up bindya goes with her varsha says its a different feeling becoming a mum you will relize once you become one they go out varsha sees ananya dressed in aksharas clothes she feels sad but stays quite(felt sorry for her for a minOuch) akshara says how are the clothes varsha says there pretty she islooking like a angle she is very lucky to recieve everyones love on her first gungur bindya says when will you put the dress you made on her its so cute akshara says you made something varsha says i will put it on a another occasion she is looking good on this rajshri says to gyatri my daughter in law has a big heart se made clothes for ananya but kept quite for aksharas hapiness gyatri says she is very understanding natik comes and says whenare we going they say once the pooja is done

Part 4

akshara shows natik isnt ananya looking pretty he says yes she says take my picture with her he says ok they are taking pictures akshara makes ananya stand next to her when varsha comes and says dont make her stand like this she is small and her feet are fragile akhsara says sorry i didnt knw natik says be a bit more carefull varsha says its alright plus ananya is looking so pretty i want to take a photo with her gyatri says we all will take one with het they do the pooja and go to the temple gyatri tells akshara not to hold her statue as its heavy and she is ill she tells daniya to carry it akshara goes to varsha and says i will carry ananya varsha says i am fine rajshri says you cant manage on your own let akshara help they are walking up when they meet rama andthey greet each other carry on walking akshara puts her dupatta on ananya as its hot varhsa says dont put it all on her she will have breathing problem bindya says to akshara how will you know this your not ma varsha says i didnt know before its ma and dadi who taught me bindya says masi ji loves kid and she has an only son you should plan for kids it will be good all three of us raising our kids together or r u one of those girls who dont want kids akshara says no she spots natik rashmi says what happned she says i feel like natik was here nandani says you are missing him so much natik phones varsha says i will take ananya you talk akshara says where r u i think i seen you he said i am at home getting bored thought of talking to you must be having fun over there akshara says everyone is here and ananya but if you were here it would been more fun

Part 5

they all do the pooja, rashmi spots nikhil gyatri says what are you doing do the pooja properly, her and rama also spot him and smile akshara finsihes herpooja she goes to varsha and says give me ananya you do the pooja varsha says its ok akshara says no varhsa says look after her i will come akshara takes ananya to the bangle stores she sees some bangles and choose for ananya she says show me those and puts her hand out natik comes and puts the bangle on her she says you I knew you would come he says i didnt come to meet you but ananya's bua they laugh she says i knew you were here and you told me you were bored at home, he says how coudnt i come you kept a vrat for me she says you also kept one for me ananya starts crying akshara says what happened to her natik says give her to varsha bhabhi she says thats what we have to do lets go, akshara says its so crowded how will we reach varsha the milk is kept in the car i will give it her natik says i will bring it akshara says its too hot here we will give it her there aksara gives ananya to natik to hold he says she is really getting upset, she brings the milk but its spoilt due to heat akshara says what shall we do natik says call bhabhi here he is consoling ananaya (munna will be an awsome dad in the future Embarrassed)
akshara rings varsha she has forgotton her phone bindya and her mum come they says what happened akshara says shes hungry the milk in the bottle is spoilt they say take her home an feed her akshara says i havnt told varsha binndya says i will tell her, they leave, all the ladys wonder where akshara is they split up to find her rajshri and varsha go to the car rajshri says ring her up she rings akshara who tell her ananya was crying i was going to feed her but he milk split i bought her home you come quickly rajshri says what happened varsha says ananya is at home crying i will go to see her all the ladys are revealed she is found they ask for bindya who comes and says what happened bhabhima says we couldnt find akshara but found her later on

Part 6

bindya says i forget to tell you bhabhi toldme before going gyatri says you should told she goes sorry her mum goes its not her fault she nearly fainted i gave her somthing cold to drink on top the sun gyatri says lets go home varsha is in the car she phones akshara if ananya is ok akshara says she is still crying come fast varsha says give her water i will be there naksh are trying to quiten ananya down varsha comes inside she takes ananya of akshara and looks furious she says ananya dont cry ma is here she gives her milk but she isnt drinking akshara says why isnt she drinking varsha says she was crying loadz thats why, varsha says why did you bring her here akshara says she was crying varsha says i was there to make her quite after the pooja was done i would taken her akshara says varsha there was a lot of crowd varsha says you should atleast told me and come akshara says we phoned you but you left your phone in the car varsha says you should told someone else natik says bhabhi we told bindya bhabhi and akshara says she was crying loadz we bought her home and thought she would drink milk and quiten down varsha says you thought you didnt know she was crying for milk or sleep i know cause i am her mum she expresses on the word rajshri and kaki are standing behind

Precap: varsha says you didnt think once hearing her cry what my state would be rajshri says she only bought her home she wouldnt want her bad

I liked the epi it was good bindya and her mum are annoying naksh scene was awsome Day Dreaming good to see akshara happy after ages, how much i love akshara i did feel sorry for varsha she did make the clothes for her daughters first festivle for akshi's hapiness she kept quite in the last scene varsha's reaction was a bit too much akshara didnt do anything wrong by bringing ananya home, natik is there to support akshara i hope no mu come between varsha and akshara i love there friendship, i dont understand when varsha when to see a movie didnt she feel bad seeing her daughter cry then Confused

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