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Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai - 1st April 2011 Written Update

This is a discussion on Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai - 1st April 2011 Written Update within the Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai forums, part of the Star Plus category; Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai - 1st April 2011 Written Update Hope we hav a great final between India and ...

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Heart Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai - 1st April 2011 Written Update

Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai - 1st April 2011 Written Update

Hope we hav a great final between India and Sri lankaTongue...All the best to both the teams.Star
Here's today's update. Well im updating after a long time, also i dont know whats happening in YRKKH, so if there's any mistakes, Im sorryTongue

The episode starts with DJ, Bhabhima,gayatri, rajbana in the hall.DJ wonders how this golmaal happpened in presence of mehen ji, Rajbana says he'll ask gupta ji to look into the matter. Gayatri leaves to the market with rashmi and nandini..While going thy stop, and see naitik-akshara coming into the house.Rashmi goes and speaks to akshara, akshara greets everyone.Nobody responds. Gayatri asks rashmi to come as it will get late.Bhabhima too leaves.

In maheshwari house, the baby is crying.Varsha tries to console it, shaurya comes and takes the baby in his arms,Varsha is worried that the baby is crying since it got injected.Just then rajshri comes, she takes the baby along with her and asks varsha to rest.

In singhania house kitchen, akshara wonders what to prepare for naitik, just then she gets a call and its payal. She asks akshara wht she is doin? Akshara says she just returned from her mother's place , payal says then you must have enjoyed a lot, akshara smiles and says yes as it was her bhatiji's naming ceremony.Payal asks akshara if she's feeling bad as she had to leave all the fun going in her house and come back here, akshara says yes and says there's no one at home too.Payal asks her to make something special for naitik.Payal gives her some recipe.

In naksh room, naitik is working , he receives a call , and asks that person to book ticket for delhi.Akshara hears it and asks him whos going to delhi? Naitik says he's going for a day.Akshara asks him to leave his work and come for dinner.Naitik refuses saying he has lot of important work to do, and says earlier DJ and rajbana were their to guide him, but now he's alone and so has added responsinlities.He asks Akshara to watch TV for some time. Akshara sadly leaves and goes to unpack her suitcase, she finds a photoframe of hers and naitik holding the baby, she smiles and keeps it on the shelf.Akshara goes to Naitik and asks him to come for dinner as she has made something special, naitik says he has lot of work.Akshara gets disappointed.naitik asks her to get dinner in the room itself.Akshara gets it.Naitik doesn even look at it, he asks her to put it in a plate and give.Akshara does so, she tells she's prepared something different for him.Naitik haves it, akshara asks him how it is, naitik just says yes.Akshara is sad.Naitik asks akshara to go to sleep as he has a lot of work.

Next day morning,Akshara in the hall.Payal comes and givs her pasta to taste, akshara praises it and urges to learn different dishes.Payal asks her to join cooking clases.Gayatri comes, payal greets her and gives her pasta to taste,akshara says she made it yesterday for naitik, gayatri stares at her.Gayatri leaves without tasting.payal asks akshara if gayatri is angry, akshara denies it.Payal tells akshara that her MIL doesnt like her, ans so she thy live separately.Payal asks akshara to come with her to register for cooking classes, akshara says she'll ask naitik.Gayatri overhears all the convo.

Gayatri comes to Bhabhima's room, she tells bhabhima about akshara joining cooking classes and her being friends with Payal.gayatri tells bhabhima that payal was constantly complaining about her inlaws, and akshara being with payal will be influencial.Gayatri says naitik will get angry if he finds akshara not at home.
Naitik and mohit come, mohit greets bhabhima and gayatri.Naitik asks mohit to come to his room.Mohit and naitik paly video game.Bhabhima sees this and sulks.She tells this to gayatri, she says naitik is playing games with mohit, while he shud be talking to mohit about nandini.Gayatri says wht can naitik do when nandini herself doesnt want to go back.Bhabhima is shocked.

Akshara gets back and sees naitik's car standing outside, she rushes inside.In naksh room, akshara asks naitik if someone had come? Naitik says mohit.Akshara asks naitik to rest and says she got admission in cooking classes.She tels naitik that she'll do his packing.Naitik tells her there's a surprise and shows her the ticket and says she too is coming up for delhi.Akshara says she wont be able to come as classess have started .

Precap ::: Dj not feeling well, says he has cough and chest pain. All worried.Naitik calling akshara, while akshara is shown doing video calling with payal , using the laptop.
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