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Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai - 16th December 2010 Written Update

This is a discussion on Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai - 16th December 2010 Written Update within the Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai forums, part of the Star Plus category; Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai - 16th December 2010 Written Update A very good episode after a looong time guys. ...

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Heart Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai - 16th December 2010 Written Update

Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai - 16th December 2010 Written Update

A very good episode after a looong time guys. RB gave permission to Akshara to join a driving class. We got to see Naksh cute scenes after so many days..!!

Part 1
Episode starts with Nani,Dadi and Rajshri in the living room.Nani tells Rajshri that she is very lucky as Akshara's in-laws are so kind and nice people, they came upto her and apologized.Sunaina brings some laddoos for them.Nani praises them and says, Rajshri has made delicious laddoos.Dadi tells her,Sunaina has made them,not Rajshri.Nani reluctantly smiles at Sunaina.
DJ is searching for a file in his room.BM joins him.But they dont find the file.DJ says he will go and search in RB's room.

In RB's room... RB asks Naitik what was the need for him to teach Akshara driving during midnight.He scolds him for the missing no. plate.Naitik says, he doesnt know abt the no. plate he just thought there will be no vehicles in the night and it would be the better time to teach Akshara. RB asks him why did he agree to give him so much of amount just for a small dent.Naitik says he was threatning, so to hide the matter from everyone at house, he agreed to pay.RB tells, he has sorted out the matter, he got the person's car fixed.RB says he is not avoiding Akshara in learning driving, but there are certain rules to be followed while practicing such things.RB asks Naitik to enroll Akshara's name in a driving school if she wants to learn.Both Naitik and Akshara gets happy with this.Akshara later worriedly says what will everybody else in the house think abt this decision.RB tells her not to worry, he will talk to DJ when time permits. By that time DJ enters asking what he wants to talk.RB says he wanted to talk abt the new visiting cards.DJ says he is not able find a file, so he came to search for it. RB and Naitik search for the file.DJ asks Akshara to search in the living room.

Part 2
Mohit is searching for his phone in the room.He asks Nandini whether she has seen it anywhere.He opens the cupboard and starts searching, finds the jewellery box there.He gets upset with Nandini..asks why dint she return it yet.Nandini tells him to understand her.He says she has made him small by taking the jewellery from her mother.He leaves angrily.

Akshara is searching for the file in the living room.BM comes and asks dint she get the file yet.Akshara finds a phone behind a pillow. She checks the no.s and finds out its Mohit's phone.BM asks her to call and inform immediately.Akshara calls Nandini from Mohits phone.She tells that Mohit had forgot his phone and she just found it near the sofa.Nandini says she will inform Mohit and he will come and get it.Akshara notices Nandini's sad voice.Akshara says BM had started preparing for the lunch from previous day itself and took care of everything.Nandini starts crying.Akshara asks why is she crying.Nandini says she had an argument with Mohit.Akshara says it happens with me and Naitik too, and later everything will become normal.Akshara asks Nandini to share anything whenever she feels to.Akshara says she will ask Naitik to return Mohit's phone.They hang up.

At night,Akshara comes room.Naitik is sitting near the window with his laptop.Akshara closes the door , comes and sits beside him.Naitik says he is searching for a driving school for her, from now on he wont be able to go on a drive with her in the late night.Akshara says Mohit had forgot his phone before leaving.Naitik says he will return it to him in the morning before going to the office.Akshara says she will come along with him to Mohit's house.Naitik agrees and ask why is she so serious.Akshara tells him abt her phone convo. with Nandini. Naitik says however they are meeting Nandini in the morning, they will talk to her.Akshara gets up to sleep.Naitik pulls her down,says he isnt feeling sleepy..Piya baawri plays in the background..

Part 3
Next morning Shaurya and Varsha gets ready for Varsha's college.Rajshri asks, Varsha is supposed to go to college only once in a week, but why is she going today.Shaurya says in the beginning she has to go daily as she has to fill the admission forms and get the library card.Nani raises her voice..! Dadi asks Rajshri to allow Varsha to go.Rajshri asks Varsha to take care of herself.Kaki comes in and ask Varsha did she see Anshu's books anywhere.Varsha says she dint see them.Rajshri tells loudly that they might be somewhere in the room. Kaki and Rajshri stare each other. Dadi ask Varsha to leave for college and Rajshri to help Sunaina find Anshu's books.
Naitik is yawning, while putting his shirt on.Akshara asks why is he going office on a sunday.Naitik says the client is coming, so he has to go. Akshara notices an open button and puts it.Naitik opens it again and calls her to put it again.He pulls her towards him.Akshara reminds him that they have to go to Nandini didi's house.Naitik says he will take her to driving school too.He feels bad for him not being able to teach her driving.Akshara's phone rings.Its Varsha.She tells Akshara abt her college.Akshara too tells Varsha abt her learning driving.They both feel lucky to have supporting in-laws. Naitik pretends to be angry at Akshara for praising her in-laws and not him.He took all the risk to teach her and she dint praise him at all.Akshara says no one will praise their husbands coz they will get nazar.They both hug..!

Naitik tells Akshara that his friend Anuj is going to come home with his two children.

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