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Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai - 12th May 2011 Written Update

This is a discussion on Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai - 12th May 2011 Written Update within the Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai forums, part of the Star Plus category; Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai - 12th May 2011 Written Update the epi starts with akshara telling naitik to eat ...

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Transmit Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai - 12th May 2011 Written Update

Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai - 12th May 2011 Written Update

the epi starts with akshara telling naitik to eat naitik says he ll feed her she asks him also to ve food he say he ll ve later & feeds her akshara notices naitik is depressed she asks him y r everyone silent @ home ma is also quiet & he is also quiet from tat time so she is getting tensed he says tere is nothing like tat she tels wen she went down to get water she saw al were worried ten she consoles herself saying may be they r worried bcoz of her health after getting the reports she asked wat had happened to her but doc didnt tel her anything just changed her medicines she sees naitik standing tensed so she comes & asks y did doc change her medicines she asks y is he quiet y is he not seeing her face & y is he soo tensed she tels him to look @ her & asks y is he crying she asks whether tere baby is alright or not she again asks him wat is he thinking is tere baby fine or not naitik asks her to sit she says him to first tel her wat did doc say he says wat to tel she says she ll take care of herself she ll do everything wat doc has said she ll take food & medicines @ proper time ma & bm tels her to take rest she says if she needs to sleep al the time she ll do tat also but she asks him to tel wat did doc say she keeps on asking he couldn't control himself & hugs her naitik says they ve lost tere child he asks her to control herself she says nothing can happen like tis he tries to console her but she is not ready to listen anything she starts shouting she says she is alright nothing has happened to her he is telling lie he doesnt no anything she says ma no's everything so she ll call her she starts shouting ga & bm naitik tries to stop her but she says only ma can tel him tat nothing has happened to her she tels ga3 tat naitik is talking non sense doc has told him to take care of her & he has taught something else she asks ga3 tat her baby is alright no she asks her to speak y is she silent she asks tem to tel naitik tat nothing has happened to her she is alright he doesnt no anything & asks whether her baby is fine or not ga3 says naitik is saying truth akshara gets shocked hearing tis & starts crying naitik asks her to control herself ga3 tels akshara tat it happens like tis sometimes nothing can happen against god's wish ga3 says her prob is tere prob also & asks her to be strong she cant c her crying so both ga3 & bm leaves akshara hugs naitik he says her to stop crying he cant c her like tis naitik makes her to sleep she keeps on crying...

@morg akshara ll be sleeping naitik takes baby photo frame baby books & clothes & goes out of the room all singhanias ll be praying in front of tulsi dj asks god to make tem strong so tat they can cope up with tis situation naitik comes & tels ga3 to keep those things away from akshara if she sees tem she feels vry bad dj asks abt akshara he says she is sleeping doc has given her sleeping tab rb asks him to console her dj says they ll look after office work akshara gets up & sees tere ll be no photo frame nor books she feels vry bad she gets call of rajshree she picks the call rajshree asks she is still sleeping til now she asks her to get up soon like varsha & do pooja it ll be good for baby & says nani has sent lot of gifts for her listening to it akshara starts crying she asks y is she crying naitik comes & takes phone from her he says rajshree he ll talk to her later & cuts the call he asks akshara to stop crying... here rajshree gets tensed for akshara dadi says if something was tere ten she would ve told her she says even she was crying without any reason during her preg varsha also says she was also doin the same & sometimes she would get vry angry seeing rajshree tensed dadi says het to call back akshara after sometime so tat she can be releaved...

naitik consoles her saying tis sorrow is everyone's akshara tels al must be feeling vry sad he says yes & they also can understand tat tis can happen with anyone she says its al her mistake she didnt take care properly he says its not her mistake doc said it happens like tis sometimes it can happen for any reason its vry normal wat has happened tat sorrow ll be with tem forever but he asks her to forget everything if everyone sees her like tis ten al ll feel bad & they ll also get worried he asks her to control herself he says its vry easy to say but difficult to do he is also trying to do tat akshara says she has slept for long time its already late he has to leave for office she ll prepare breakfast for him he says he wants to stay with her she says no need of it & asks him ro go ga3 & bm r tere to take care of her she sees toy & starts crying naitik comes near her & tels she was telling him to go if his heart says to stay near her only ten also she ll tel him to go she hugs him & again starts crying she says she no's he is also vry sad like her but she is not strong like him he says he is strong only becoz of her if she becomes weak in he ll also breakdown he says they both ll try to forget tis...


ga3 tels rajshree tat naksh ve lost tere baby rajshree gets shocked ga3 starts crying she says she couldn't hide her feelings in front of rajshree...

sry for any spelling mistake... today was very emotional epi hope naksh comes out of it vry soon...


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