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Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai - 11th April 2011 Written Update

This is a discussion on Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai - 11th April 2011 Written Update within the Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai forums, part of the Star Plus category; Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai - 11th April 2011 Written Update The epi starts of with the family at the ...

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Award Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai - 11th April 2011 Written Update

Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai - 11th April 2011 Written Update

The epi starts of with the family at the dining table rajbana says to dadaji its good you came to eat with all of us , bhabhima says navrati is coming we all will pray together, akshara comes down the stairs gyatri sees her akshara tries to signal to her and walks over the phone she rings natik he isnt picking up they show natik lying down, RB says the doctor is good he treated you quickly dadaji says what will the doctor do if there is piece at home i will recover quickly, akshara comes to her room and says what shall i do how shall i say it to ma dadaji is in the room she says shall i ring the hotel, akshara remembers the hotel name and finds the number she rings up the lady tells her that no one called natik singhaniya has checked in here akshara wonders where he is, there gyatri wakes up she goes to fetch some water and sees akshara walking up and down in her room she is about to enter but stops, she enters the kitchen gulabo asks if she needs anything she says no why is akshara still awake gulabo says dada has gone delhi so she must not be feeling sleepy, there akshara hopes natik is fine he never does this before shall she tell everyone then she goes no they must be sleeping shall i tell dadaji she says no what if he gets upsetThe next morning the woman come to the house mandir they see akshara praying she sees gyatri starts crying and hugs her gyatri says what happened when rajbana and dadaji also arrive akshara says natik rajbana says what happened to him she says there is no whearabout of him he is meant to go delhi i phoned him so many times and i cant get through rajbana says he must told u whee he was going to stay akshara says he said hotel winston i tried there but they said natik isnt staying there, gyatri says will my munna be alright rajbana says why didnt u tell us at night akshara and everyone look at dadaji akshara says i dont unerstand what to do gyatri says dont cry rashmi says yes bhabhi dada will be here soon rajbana says i will ring him dadaji says munna isnt a kid he will come himself and leaves (is dadaji mad cant he seem to understand poor akshara's pain that man is just ) rajbana says there is no signal i will try outside akshara says where has he gone where there are no signal gyatri says dont worry everything will be fine stop crying she tells rashmi to take akshara to her room akshara says i am very worried i will see if the phone connected natik says i havnt spoken to akshara since yesterday i will ring nowNatik say the charging is finished he trys to find the charger and says i will go incase i miss the flight, rajbana says munna phone is off i will ring the office akshara says i have already tried no one knows, rajbana says the manager will know atleast, the manager says that natik didnt tell him anything before going nandani says how can know one no gyatri says hope munna is fine, bhabhima says dont worry gyatri says how cant I since yesterday there is no news of munna and no one is bothered in the house, bhabhima says i will come she enters her room and says have you taken your morning medican he says i forgot bhabhima says till munna dosnt return who will remember you dont worry and look after your health (when was dadaji worried) he says your worrying for no reason munna isnt a kid he will come, has rajbana found out anything bhabhima says no he is trying dadaji says get him some tea he has a headache, dadaji rings someone up and says find out if natik is staying in the hotel or not @meshwari's varsha wonders if natik has came or not she decided to ring @singhaniya's akshara disconects varsha says she cut the phone, she is about to try again when rajshri comes and says why havnt you put clothes on her she will get cold varsha says i will after an important phone call rajshri says phone can be done later but the baby is small and can catch cold easily here put the clothes on, @singhaniya's rajbana says i have phoned everywhere nothing can be found akshara starts crying bhabhima asks if anything is found they say no @dadaji room bhabhima says everyone is worried its late and munna phone isnt reachable dadaji says do one thing and bring my tea outside, gyatri says to akshara to control herself everythng will be fine there natik comes back he says is everything fine gyatri says are you alright he says i am fine but why are you crying rajbana says were you in a problem, Natik says i am not in a problem but why are you all worried akshara says why didnt you ring then natik says i coudnt nadani says everyone was worried and rang everywhere natk says i told akshara i was going delhi she says you also said you will ring.natik says i was in a hurry so coudnt phone rajbana says akshara tried ringing in hotel winston and you werent there natik says they made my arrangments in hotel groove, akshara says you dint think how worried we will get gyatri says cant you imagine what a mother goes through dadaji calls her and says munna is back everything is fine why he didnt ring he should tell his wife and leaves gyatri also leaves followed by bhabhima rajbana says be carefull take rest and leaves natik goes to akshara and says i told you where i went whats the tension in this i agree i didnt ring if i didnt go delhi where would i went you know i went in a hurry please i am hugry give me some breakfast its not my fault akshara leaves angrily natik pulls her and says i am sorry see i am back it was a matter of 1 day natik says it wasnt one day for me but all day and night but you dont care if i am worried, akshara talking to herself in the room says what he thinks of himself cant he ring once i wont talk to him varsha rings and says if natik came akhara says dont ask i am very angry with him and he has came now varsha says where was he natik comes in the room akshara says ask him that he dosnt care if we were worried i will ring you later @rajbana and gyatri room, rajbana says munna hasnt reached home dont worry gyatri says what if he was in trouble what would we do rajbana says thats because his phone was home gyatri says munna is our son wat if he was in trouble we woudnt know we are the parents we dont know nothing about our child like he isnt ours akshara coudnt tell us because dadaji said no she was worried all night and were eating piecefully why have we distance our children so much say something @naksh room natik says i am sorry i didnt know you would get worried then i got busy in meeting this woudnt happen in the future he holds his ear and says sorry (aww munna) natik says dont get angry with me my phone was dead akshara says you could ring from anywhere landline etc dont make excueses natik says i didnt think everyone will be worried and waiting akshara says you always ring me in the night why didnt you think akshara will be waiting, natik says when i got to the hotel i lied down and fell asleep in the morning i woke up and came akshara says if you were really worried you would rang natik says how leave this i am sorry akshara says i have work to do natik says please dont be angry she says i am not angry with you.akshara says i didnt know if you were at the airport or delhi leave it you rest you must be tired she goes away natik says akshara she is about to close the door natik puts his hand in the way and gets injured (poor munna) akshara says are you alright why did you put your hand in there akshara has tears in her eyes natik hugs her and says i am very sorry, akshara says I hate you natik says I love you she says I hate you, natik shuts the door he takes akshara and both sit on the bed he kisses her on her hand then on her cheek then on her neck then takes her down on the bed with him with bg music playing scenes fades out (wow what an awsome scene I cant do justice by writing must watch all) next morning dadaji came for a walk where he meets some men they ask him where he was he says he wasnt feeling well thats why he was home the men say you always was in good health first you used to come with you nephew now you come on your own if your not well he should be with you, dadaji says leave me and tell about yourself one of the men says what shall i say my son went to his own house the kids grow up and parents are a burden on them the other men says who's kids are with them are lucky dadaji says the kids arent grown up explain to them a bit the men says the dont need us nowdays, dadaji says but the men says why are you arguing your son is a diamond not everyone gets someone like him (dadaji dosnt relize this )Precap: gyatri says to bhabhima that dadaji said to the kids if they want freedom get it but they wont understand what he means by this they are free'd from freedom bhabhima says let them do what they want gyatri says if this carry's on one day the children wont need us staying in a family the traditions and everything they will forget living alone they will like to live aloneSorry for the delay today's epi was good exp the naksh scene i coudnt do justice by writing it defo watch it sorry for spelling or grammer mistakes

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