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Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai - 18th June 2017 Written Update

This is a discussion on Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai - 18th June 2017 Written Update within the Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai forums, part of the Star Plus category; Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai - 18th June 2017 Written Update The Episode starts with Aditya taking rounds with Gitanjali. ...

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Podcast Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai - 18th June 2017 Written Update

Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai - 18th June 2017 Written Update

The Episode starts with Aditya taking rounds with Gitanjali. He says now we will let Abhimanyu go, else he canít see, just sindoor filling is left. Abhimanyu opens the ropes and jumps aside. Aditya presses the remote. Gitanjali says no and cries. Aditya takes sindoor in hand. Abhimanyu throws it. Gitanjali gets glad. Aditya catches her and keeps knife at her neck. She asks Abhimanyu not to come in his words. Aditya says we can live happily. Gitanjali pushes Aditya. Abhimanyu and Aditya hold her hands. Abhimanyu says just you will die now. Abhimanyu and Aditya have a fight. Abhimanyu says game over, I m calling police. Aditya asks him to think again, does he really want to give him to police and not kill him, does he not want to know what Kalyani said while dying. Gitanjali asks him not to
listen to Aditya.

Aditya says Kalyani was upset and said Abhimanyu, she died in my lap. Abhimanyu angrily beats up. Gitanjali stops him and says he killed my mum. Aditya pushes him and runs. Gitanjali says he wanted this, what did you do. Abhimanyu says what would I do, he killed my mum, I will call police. Gitanjali says no use, police does not know you both are twins, you will be punished, it would have been good if you both were together. Vijay and Rajveer are on the way and try to reach Gitanjali. Abhimanyu cries. Gitanjali consoles him and takes him.

Vijay and Rajveer reach there and get shocked seeing the dead bodies. Rajveer says I did not know Abhimanyu is so fallen to kill his parents. Vijay informs senior and says its shoot at sight order for Abhimanyu. Rajveer says I wish nothing happens to Gitanjali. Kavya says I got alone, where did you go, there is no one with me. She hugs the clothes and a diary falls. She reads Choti Maaís diary.

Choti Maa says you were thinking why your fate is not like Gitu, her fate was written when she fell in love with Abhimanyu, Ragini and Rishabhís love also failed in front of this enmity, Rishabh had to kill his love and became stone hearted, all emotions ended in him, he just had to keep the family name alive, he will not leave Abhimanyu and even kill Gitu if she comes in his way.

Rishabh does the puja. Someone goes and gets Priyam. Chanda asks the men to leave Priyam. They push her and leave. Gitanjali and Abhimanyu leave. She says why is someone shooting at us. Abhimanyu says no use to ask, run. They hide. Abhimanyu says I think they left, donít be afraid, we are safe now.

Rishabh says I refused to Gitu but she did not agree, she knows Rathore is enemy, even then she is supporting Abhimanyu, she did big mistake, Gitu has to die as well. Choti Maa writes in diary that Rishabh will kill Gitu too, big havelis donít support lovers, they are punished on the name of respect, same happened with Ragini, Bhavani killed his daughter, so I have hidden this from you, knowing both the families will get after your life, you are annoyed with me, but I saved your and my lives knowing this, Bhavani knows this, and Rishabh will know soon, you go far from them. Kavya cries.

Gitanjali sleeps in Abhimanyuís lap. He wakes her up and says we should leave from here. They come to haveli. She asks for Rishabh. Sevakram says I did not see him since morning, Priyam will be in his room. Gitanjali sees Chanda fallen unconscious and sprinkles water on her. Chanda says two men kidnapped Priyam. Gitanjali says Priyam has to get saved, he is Rishabhís son. Kavya gets shocked. She says if he is Ragini and Rishabhís son, they will kill him.

Priyam is tied somewhere. Gitanjali asks who will kill him. They hear the sound in library. Gitanjali asks them to break the door. Abhimanyu breaks the door. Gitanjali calls out Priyam. Abhimanyu says there is another door, its sealed. Gitanjali says break it. He says no, its made of metal. He sees a handle and moves it. He says no, this will have some key. Gitanjali recalls Priyamís words. She says I know where are the keys, make the clocks reach 12 fast Priyam used to say all the clocks have some secrets. The clocks alarm rings at 12. The lever handle opens. They see the door opening and enter. They get shocked seeing so many skeletons. Priyam falls in Abhimanyuís hands. They take him out.

Gitanjali asks Priyam to open eyes. Priyam hugs her and says you saved me. She asks who locked you inside. He says donít know. Gitanjali says whatís that skeletons. Kavya says its the dark secrets of the haveli, which were buried in the walls, its those bahus and daughters who tried to cross the limits of family pride, they got this bad death, did you not understand the rules and customs of the family, did you not hear the screams from the walls, injustice happened with them. Gitanjali asks Kavya to say she is saying a lie. Rishabh comes and says Kavya is right, they did same mistake like you, they have put family respect at stake for love. Gitanjali asks did you know this. Rishabh says I have guarded this familyís traditions and customs. Gitanjali asks what are you saying, whatís the tradition to kill bahus and daughters, its called honor killing, its a crime.

Rishabh says I canít separate this from me. She says I canít believe this, it means you left Priyam there to die. He says yes. They get shocked. She says you know he is your son. He says I know. She asks how can you leave him there to die, tell me why. Kavya says I will tell, mumís diary opened all secrets, Rathore family also killed Ragini to fall in love with Rishabh. Abhimanyu says no, its not true. Kavya says its true. Gitanjali asks whatís Priyamís mistake. Rishabh says his mistake is he came in this world, he is a curse and stain on this family, he is a sign of the love which was erased, he has to die, everyone who try to ruin this family respect has to die. She asks did you send those men to kill me and Abhimanyu. Rishabh says I wanted to kill just Abhimanyu, now you have to die too. Gitanjali ask who are you, you canít be my brother, you are a devil who canít see relations over false prestige. Rishabh says there is nothing in front of family pride, yes I m a devil, who can give sacrifice of love and son, I have to do same thing again. He points gun at Abhimanyu and says if I knew he is from Rathore family, I would have killed him, but he met with an accident, I thought story got over, but he returned, you went in enemyís arms, I m giving you a last chance, what do you want, love or family respect.

She stands before Abhimanyu and says I chose love, like those daughters who got buried behind the walls, kill me if you want, you said you love me, its lie, you can just hate people, you canít love anyone, I m ashamed today, you were my world and pride, I used to tell you that if you go, I m gone too, today you are going to kill me, kill me, I canít expect something from you. Abhimanyu asks what are you saying, he does not have sympathy in heart, he can kill you. Rishabh cries. Gitanjali says I loved enemy, protect your family prestige, kill him, why are your hands shaking, shoot. Rishabh wipes his tears and loads the gun.

Aditya comes and points gun at Rishabh, saying you canít kill her, she is just mine. They all get shocked. Rishabh says its Abhimanyuís voice. Aditya says my face is also like Abhimanyu. Aditya says yes, you checked my fingers and realized it. Rishabh says but DNA and fingerprints. Aditya says I had six years to plan it, it was not impossible. Rishabh says you are very clever, Bhavani Singh gave birth to two snakes. Aditya says we both are same. Rishabh says donít take my name. Gitanjali says what wrong is he saying, he is right, he has nothing to do with relations and love, his conscience also burnt in revenge, his soul is like you. Aditya says I donít know all this, but my mind is great, so I changed avatars and came in front of you, I came as Abhimanyu and Sahib. Aditya asks did you get shocked. Abhimanyu says it will be your last day today. Aditya says I want to tell same thing to you. Vijay comes and says Gitanjali was right, they are twins, put the gun down. Aditya picks Priyam. Priyam shouts for help. Aditya says let me go with Gitanjali if you want to see the kid fine. Gitanjali says leave him, I will come with you.

Abhimanyu asks Rishabh to see, Gitanjali still lives for relations. Rajveer comes and hides behind the bar. He kicks Aditya. Abhimanyu takes Priyam and Gitanjali. Aditya hides behind sofa. Rishabh too hides. Rajveer, Vija and Aditya shoot at each other. Abhimanyu goes and beats up Aditya. Police catches Aditya. Vijay arrests him. Aditya says I told you Gaura, if you are not mine, I wonít let you become of someone else. He shoots at Gitanjali. Rishabh comes in between. He gets shot. Gitanjali gets shocked. She takes the gun from Rishabhís hand and shoots Aditya. She holds Rishabh and asks him to open eyes. Rishabh says I have sacrificed dear ones for family pride, you were right Gitu, I have no right to live and love someone, donít snatch the right of being your brother, forgive me, donít let your love lose. Gitanjali and Priyam cry. Abhimanyu says nothing will happen to you. Rishabh says no, remember me as a brother, not any devil. He apologizes to Priyam and asks him to become a good man. He asks them to forgive him and dies. They cry.

Its morning, everyone does rituals. Gitanjali thanks Rajveer for always supporting her. Rajveer says I did this for love, I know your happiness is not with me, its with Abhimanyu. He goes to Kavya and says our fate is incomplete like our love, sorry I canít give you the love you want, I will pray you meet someone who loves you a lot as you do, so that you donít have to bear one sided love. Kavya says I will miss you, sorry, have a good life ahead. He tells Gitanjali that his posting happened somewhere else, I m going, but I have a request, please take care. He goes.

Abhimanyu and Priyam get the ashes. Gitanjali joins them and immerses ashes in the water. She hugs Priyam. Abhimanyu says whatever happened, where did it get us. She says where we all should be together, I wish lovers stay together, none dies for false prestige. He says change starts with us, we have to make the world as we want, I promise I will make such a world for you. She asks sure. He says I m a Rajput, I live and die for every promise. They go holding hands with Priyam.

The show ends with a romantic union of Abhimanyu and Gitanjali.
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