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Dil Se Dil Tak - 27th December 2017 Written Update

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User Dil Se Dil Tak - 27th December 2017 Written Update

Dil Se Dil Tak 27th December 2017 Written Update, Dil Se Dil Tak 27th December 2017 Written Episode, Dil Se Dil Tak 27th December 2017 Written Update
In the corridor, Teni wonders how she should save Parth and Ipshita from Madam jee. Madam jee sat with Ipshita in her arms. Mms was ready to shot the fire at Parth. Madam jee stops him saying she wants to lend him a chance to see his child. She gives them a time of two minutes. Teni thinks she canít even call police by going out of this place, and canít even leave Parth alone. Madam jee says from today this child will be marked as Madam jeeís. From today, she will be called Chingari; she will light Jamuna house when 16 years of age. Parth resists the grip of goons, Madam jee says its now time for Parthís death. She moves the gun over his face and points it at the forehead.
Teni pulls the fuse. In the room, Madam jee shouts what happened with the lights. As the power supply is connected;

a guard informs Madam jee that Parth and Teni have run towards the garage with the baby. Madam jee sends her goons to get them.
In the garage, Parth and Teni come hand in hand. Teni was moved as Parth tightly held her hand. They go to hide behind a car. Teni says they need to take Ipshita to a safe place. Madam jee comes out and was irked at Parth and Teni. She screams at MMS to look everywhere. Teni was worried and asks Parth to find a safe place for Ipshita. They go to hide under a car cover. MMS arrives nearer, but doesnít check inside. Madam jee screams at mms to find them at any cost. They are somewhere around. Parth and Teni climb the back of a jeep behind the tyres. Teni spots an open door and says they can get out of here if they can distract their attention. Parth decides to confront them, but Teni wasnít ready to leave him alone. Parth throws a bottle towards the inner door of Jamuna house, they all head inside while Parth and Teni turn towards the outer door. Teniís foot was stuck in a hole, she screams and madam Jee and gang head towards them. Teni hands Ipshita to Parth and makes him run with her. Parth wasnít ready and moved that she put her life and everything at stake just for her. She can never wrong him.
The goons take Teni by hair. Madam jee slaps her face hard. Madam jee says she doesnít trust her shadow, but trusted Teni; she canít bear the marks of her mistakes and will wash her off. She tells her to be ready for death right now. She holds Teni at the gun point, but the gun was shot by another fire. They turn to see police with Parth. Teni was elated as Parth removes her foot.
Madam Jee laughs that itís a waste of their time, they canít keep her in the police station for even two hours. Parth says it wonít happen this time, she is always saved because of lack of proof against her. He has a proof this time, recorded in a small pen camera. Madam jee charge over Teni and deters she must pay heavily for this betrayal. The inspector takes the pen appreciating Parthís effort.
Madam jee spots the gun in inspectorís belt, snatches it and shot a gun fire at Parth. Parth comes to save Teni and was hit at his arm. Parth fell over floor out of pain.

PRECAP: Indu prays for the safety of their children. Mohini was worried where Ipshita got stuck. Teni cries for Parth.
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thanks for sharing sweetie

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