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Dil Se Dil Tak - 1st January 2018 Written Update

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Light Bulb Dil Se Dil Tak - 1st January 2018 Written Update

Dil Se Dil Tak 1st January 2018 Written Update, Dil Se Dil Tak 1st January 2018 Written Episode, Dil Se Dil Tak 1st January 2018 Written Update
Jalpa comes to meet the family and takes Ipshita in her arms. She says it’s a huge relief that Ipshita is safe, and clarifies she couldn’t get time at home because of Jalpa and Spursh. Mohini asks about Bharat. Jalpa says he was busy with some hospital task and asked for an apology. Mohini asks if everything is fine between them. He wasn’t ready to give the phone to Jalpa by himself. Jalpa denies any such thing. Jalpa thinks she can’t share the tension with them. Mohini thinks there is surely something Jalpa is hiding, and discuss with Indu as well that Jalpa appears to be a little changed. Indu was thoughtful and says they need to find if there is some problem.
Parth comes downstairs awaiting somebody and joins the breakfast table. Baa notices his eyes stuck at the main door. Parth

says Teni must come. Dada ji and Baa can’t recall she promised to come today. Parth insists she had to come to meet Ipshita. Baa didn’t take it seriously. Parth says he thought she might come after he has left for Ipshita. Dada ji assures they are all here to take care of Ipshita. After the breakfast Dada ji tells Parth to leave for office. He goes outside with an upset mood, looking all around the way. Teni comes out of an auto as soon he goes outside. Parth thinks if he now goes back in, everyone would be suspicious. He still decides to check with her.
Inside, Teni greets Dada ji and Dadi. Baa offers her breakfast, but Teni asks about Parth. Dada ji says he left for office already. Parth had already come inside. Teni says she came to meet them all and Ipshita, she won’t have spent so much to meet Parth. They all laugh, then Dada ji signals towards Parth. Teni thinks since Parth is back she will have to give him the papers. Parth makes up she returned for an important file. Teni was happy and says she can get her work done from him now. She asks Parth if he will take her guarantee for American Visa. She promises not to let his name at stake. Parth was lost as he reads the papers. Parth asks Teni what she will do in America. Teni says she will start a restaurant in America. Parth argues she can even do it here, it won’t be easy to start it over in America. How would she manage everything? Teni says she will earn a lot there. Parth asks how she would be able to communicate to her clients there. Teni says he has taught her a little of English, will work there. Parth says a number of his friends live there, and always miss their families. Teni says it was her dream to go to America, why he won’t let her fulfil her dream then. Dada ji and Baa silently discuss that Parth hasn’t been able to only communicate that he doesn’t want Teni to leave. Parth sits for the signatures thinking he doesn’t like it to make Teni leave him, but he won’t interfere in her happiness. Teni asks him a favor to drop her to the travel agent, after she meets Ipshita. Parth tells Dada ji and Baa that he doesn’t wish to stop Teni, but is worried how she will manage there alone. He goes to wait in the car. Baa asks Dada ji what if Teni really leaves. Dada ji says they will accept it as fate then.
Jalpa comes to Bharat with a cup of tea. He was furious and pushes the cup away. Both were shocked to see Indu stand at the main door. He asks if everything is fine. Jalpa forces a smile, while Bharat invites her inside. Jalpa goes to clean the mess, but Indu stops her saying she brought New Year gifts for them. She invites them to New Year Eve celebration with the kids. She notices Bharat was not attentive. Jalpa assures they will surely come and leaves for party. Indu thinks Mohini is right, there is surely something Jalpa is hiding.
In the chawl, Teni blames the organizing couple for arranging the couple dance, and no solo dancing; otherwise there won’t be a New Year celebration in the chawl. Chutkan calms her down and promises to bring her a partner. He offers a few suggestions which Teni continue rejecting.

PRECAP: Teni had to leave the competition for not finding a partner. It was announced that someone gave its name as Teni’s partner. Teni looks towards the main entrance for someone to arrive.
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thank u so much

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