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Saathiya - 9th August 2010 | Written Update

This is a discussion on Saathiya - 9th August 2010 | Written Update within the Saath Nibhana Saathiya forums, part of the Star Plus category; Saathiya - 9th August 2010 | Written Update Part 1 Epi starts with Aham saying to Gopi that I was ...

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Bell Saathiya - 9th August 2010 | Written Update

Saathiya - 9th August 2010 | Written Update

Part 1
Epi starts with Aham saying to Gopi that I was not joking when I said that I dont want to see ur face. Gopi runs back into the room crying. Koki and Hetal are shocked to hear this. Hetal asks Koki to make the things correct as Aham will understand ur words. Koki blamed Hetal that u did a mistake by getting married 2 sis of same house as this will create a problem at home. Hetal shocked again but says to leave it now and to talk to Aham. Koki replies first one sis was playing tricks at home and now other sis is alo following her. and if Gopi will do any mistake Rashi will broadcast it but if Rashi will do any mistake Gopi will cover it for sure and now both will get punishment as Gopi told lie to me and Rashi also. Next morning in temple Rashi asks Koki to do some pooja chore but Koki says this is the right of only Elder Bahu of the house also asks her to call Gopi. Rashi goes upstairs and Jigar bids her Good Morning but she does not reply, jigar calls her again, Rashi looks back bids him also and leaves. Jigar is in thinking mode.

Part 2
Koki asks Kinjal abt agarbatti but she does not reply, so Jigar teases her saying ur man is in Omkareshwar as some one must be w8ing for u there. Koki says we will have good news from there m sure. Gopi is taking Aham's clothes out and Rashi calls her to come to temple. Koki comes and starts scolding them saying u are wasting time here and everyone is w8ing for u in temple. Koki takes clothes from Gopi and goes to guest room to give them to Aham. She puts the things on bed and Aham says u need not to do all these things. But Koki asks him to forgive Gopi as this does not seem good. Aham says in a very softer tone (he was so much tone down while talking abt Gopi...i cant expect...he was so normal...how come....something is going in her mind..) I cant forgive her now as till now I was thinking that she is helping u but after yesterdays mistakes I wont, I cant  now, I cant, while he has tears in eyes(Aham is crying...are yaar m very confused..plz just watch this scene and try to decipher his Tears now...it was not for Mom...m damn sure....Tam m remembering ur Aham Darcy theory to be true here....). He leaves. Koki talks to herself that coz of these gals nothing is peaceful in house and esp Aham is troubled the most.  On the way to temple Rashi asks Gopi to come later as it will also become an issue. In temple Gopi lit the diya and turns back sees Aham coming with Koki so keeps pooja ki thaali down, hides behind Hetal. Koki picks up the plate and calls Parakh to do pooja and Gopi looks at Aham from back of Hetal. Next Koki calls Aham to do pooja and Hetal forwads Gopi to do. She is abt to enter the temple but sees Aham already started pooja (poor gal....how much she has to bear....). She goes and stands beside him and crying. Aham finishes pooja, turns back w/o even looking at her once and gives thaali to Jigar. And Gopi goes back to Hetal. Gopi is crying and looking at Aham who has eyes closed.

Part 3
Gopi is crying in the kitchen and Baa comes. Gopi asks her not to tell anyone that she was crying. Baa tells Gopi that u and rashi are sisters but here u are Elder Bahu and Koki gives u all the rights of Elder Bahu but u also have responsibilities that has to be done w/o mistakes thats the only expectations of Koki from u. In hall Koki calls Gopi and Rashi. Rashi comes first and then Gopi. Koki invites Baa n Hetal. Hetal says Koki not to give big punishments to them. Koki raises her voice saying now u are keeping ur image as good and making me villain. I know that no one learns by itself, but either a mother teaches (but Rashi's mom herself needs a lesson how could she teach her daughter..lol..Koki go and plzteach her a lesson also...)or A Teacher who will teach them as she by herself gone through all this in past, now they will curse me but in future they by themself will thank me(we know Koki u are the best teacher that both Gopi and Rashi can have....u know to be harsh when to punish and to love when needed....onlt thing is Gopi needs to open her brain thats all..) Rashi screams why M getting punished. Koki shouts her to keep quite as I dont want to know who did mistake, looking at Rashi, and who did nit do any mistake, looking at Gopi.Also m not interested in knowing who was involved in Cooker Kand. Rashi was dead shocked. Koki asks one servant to bring Rassi (rope). Servant replied again Rassi. Koki looks at Rashi and signals by making a circle and says U dont know Rassi, which is used to hang people. Rashi is looking at Gopi and Koki looking at Rashi.

No Precap

Fir wahi kahani...no precap...kya hai ye..till when we have to tell plzzz give importance to this show to prove itself....

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