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Saath Nibhana Saathiya - 9th January 2017 Written Update

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Bell Saath Nibhana Saathiya - 9th January 2017 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th January 2017 Written Update, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th January 2017 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th January 2017 Written Update
Jaggi tells Urmila that whoever the culprit is is a very good planner, he is sure he is targeting him and Gopi and using Kokila’s name. Urvashi confronts Jaggi that he is taking Kokila’s side and does not care about his real mother. Jaggi says Kokila is innocent. Urvashi angrily leaves. Urmila asks him to go and console her. He says not to worry, it usually happens between them. Gopi on the other side says they have to apologize Jaggi for misuderstanding him. Koila says she hit Jaggi with a stick, so she will have to apologize him.

Gaura speaks to doc over phone and says she will send her money soon. She thinks she is ready to destroy herself, but take revenge from Modis. She reminisces fixing CCTV camera in Modi bhavan and starts her lengthy dialogue that
she was rottening in jail and Modis were enjoying here, she will destroy them. She dances and sings and loudly shouts that she will make Modis dance to their tone and will become director of their life and make them her puppets. She comes out of flashback and laughs that she made a super hit film. She does garba and praises herself, says this is just a first scene, picture has not finished yet.

Gopi sees Jaggi sitting on dining chairr sadly and walks towards him. Jai and Veeru ask her where is she going. She says to meet their bade papa. They say bade papa is sad and she has to do something. She asks what. They murmur their plan in her ears. She smiles. They go and show a plate with smiley made with sauce. Jaggi says changu mangu are looking jovial today. They laugh and run away. Gopi enters with sorry balloon and a note and signs a song..I am sorry, so sorry, jaane do.. apologizes for misunderstanding him. Jaggi says there is no need for sorry. He just wants to say that he is brought up by a lone woman, so he respects women and does Gopi’s pooja, he will never insult woman. Gopi says that is why she is saying sorry. Jaggi says he wants to win hear with love and not by force. Gopi sits silently. Jaggi says let us forget everything,at least he got paranthas from her. Gopi asks if Urvashi is angry on her, she knows Urvashi cannot do this heinous act. Jaggi says Pari must be a culprit. Gopi says they have to gather evidence and catch red-handed. Jaggi says he will meet Kokila first. Gopi asks to have paranthas first.

Meera speaks to sleepin babies and says once they grow up soon, they will go on a shopping spree and enjoy a lot. Dharam comes and asks not to teach children shopping spree like her. Meera says it is very difficult to take money from him. They both laugh and continue chatting. Gaura watches them and angrily walks into Chanda’s room, sees her munching food and throws food on her face and scolds that she has brought her to work and not relax, sees AC on and scolds why she needs AC in cold wheater. Chanda asks why is she shouting. Gaura shouts Dharam did not apply sindhoor on her forehead just for fun, she should go and snatch babies from Meera. Chanda murmurs she just needed money and not all these problem. Gaura continues yelling.

Jaggi goes to Kokila and apologizes. Goi says doctor and florist created doubt among time. Jaaggi says she is like her mother and he will never doubt on her. Gopi hugs him and then apologizes for doubting him. He asks to forget everything and bless him. She says sure, she will pray god to keep her children in peace and prosperous. She gets emotional looking at Ahem’s pic and says Ahem’s soul must have been in peace today as he knows his mom has amother son who will be with her always. Jaggi says yes, gets emotional and walks saying he needs to make a call. Gopi walks behind him. Urvashi watches everything and gets jealous. Kokila sees her and says they were all discussing that Urvashi cannot do this. Urvashi says she is very lucky that whatever she wants happens. Kokila says she.. Urvashi says whenever someone ahs to choose between them, they chose Kokila, years ago Parag chose Kokila and now her own son is choosing Kokila and not her. What Kokila has that she does not have, what sin she did that she makes relationships and Kokila snatches them. Kokila says it is not like that. Urvashi says she snatched Parag from her and now her son, why. Kokila tries to speak and Urvashi walks away. Kokila stands tensed. Pari and Mona watch hiding near door and smirk.

Precap: Jaggi touches Kokila’s feet before going to work. Kokila blesses her. Jaggi says even she is like his mother, so she can feed sweet. Kokila feeds curd and laddoo. Urvashi snatches and throws curd bowl and slaps Kokila.
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