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Saath Nibhana Saathiya - 4th July 2012 Written Update

This is a discussion on Saath Nibhana Saathiya - 4th July 2012 Written Update within the Saath Nibhana Saathiya forums, part of the Star Plus category; Saath Nibhana Saathiya - 4th July 2012 Written Update Jigna receives a call, she is all blushing and says, that ...

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Light Bulb Saath Nibhana Saathiya - 4th July 2012 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya - 4th July 2012 Written Update

Jigna receives a call, she is all blushing and says, that she was waiting for the person's call..and then she panics and ends the call after seeing koki coming into her room...in the mirror... Koki brings her the coffee.. Jigna is still in a panic and weird state.. Koki asks if she is fine. Jigna says yes and gives a smile.. after koki leaves .. Jigna thanks god and sighs a relief (now who is this mystery person..)

Rashi walks in to her room.. jigar wakes up .. both are blushing and smiling and then sneezing .. Jigar asks where did she go . she says she was talking to mummy.. then she goes to the closet , jigar follows her and asks her if everything is OK...Rashi says she is still thinking about what happened on the puja day and says that now they both (RaJi) are happy.. but there is lot of tension in the house.. and Jiju is really alone .. as Kaki is not talking to him ..and says if Ahem jiju asks for apology from koki then things will be fine.. but who will tell jiju.. Jigar says he will talk to Ahem bhai.Rashi has this slight Kalakari smirk on her face

Jigar walks into Ahem's room.. when Ahem was about to go to work. Jigar says he knows how much Ahem is affected with all these things.. (oye . jigar..your Ahem bhai is the one because of whom there are so many pangas in the house..) and says that he feels things will be alright if Ahem seeks apologies from Koki as both are hurt because of this .. (kya bhai hain.. and Gopi what about her pain)

Gopi and Koki are setting the table for breakfast .. Ahem walks down . Ahem and gopi have a stare.. Ahem goes to talk to koki near the dining table ..Ahem says "Mom".. Koki tells meethi to give Ahem's breakfast in his room ..Ahem was about to say something.. Koki walks away from there...(love this Koki ' nice treatment to The Great Ahem Modi) Ahem tells gopi that he will be going to work.,. Gopi asks him to have breakfast, he says he has an early meeting and goes ..

Ahem is in the parking lot.. the puppy comes and seeks his attention.. Ahem pets him (the puppy ) Ahem gives him the biscuit, he eats it ..Ahem cutely says, if he was so hungry why didn';t he eat it before.. the watchman says.. that the puppy is not eating from anyone except from Ahem.. Ahem is happy.. content ,.. smiling and satisfied,. and asks the watchman to put the puppy in the shade and give him some milk..but the puppy does not want to leave Ahem, and holds on to his leg.. Ahem very cutely says to the puppy that he has a meeting now .. and will come in the evening and feed him and play with him.. the puppy understands and sits there.. Ahem goes in his car.. the watchman panics as he does not find the puppy in the premises .(very cute puppy and Ahem scene..puppy is practically making Ahem ready for the baby ')

Near the dining table.. Jigna praises Rashi, saying she looks beautiful.. baa asks koki if Ahem left without breakfast.. and says, he came late in the night, . baa is worried as if he continues like this, his health will be affected..Rashi sneezes. Koki tells her , that since she is not well.. she should have her breakfast in her room.. Jigar comes down,. Rashi says, jigarji this is telepathy .. jigar asks what ???/..she says we both are wearing Red today .. Jigna says when there is equal love between them .. it happens .. Koki looks at gopi.. who is smiling looking at rashi.. rashi has this kalakari smirk as if her words affected Koki...

Rashi brings basundi for Jigar.. Koki says basundi?? for breakfast.. Jigna says now to have basundi also should we see day/night/morning/evening and rolls her eyes..and says there is no reason to eat the desert...Jigar sneezes, hetal says he got the cold from rashi.. RaJi have hand touching and eye lock..baa tells gopi to have breakfast ..Hetal says that they made Dahi Kachori,. for Gopi.. gopi thanks them . rashi says even she wants Dahi Kachori.. koki tells rashi that she does not like dahi kachori.. but why does she want them all of a sudden...Jigna says.. may be rashi is also pregnant like gopi .. everyone are having smile on their faces.,. rashi is shocked.. jigar chokes on his food,,,Jigna says ..it all indicates rashi is pregnant ,..jigar say nothing like that .. rashi also nods her head to hetal..

Ahem reaches office.. in the parking lot. he was about to take his back from the car and is shocked to see the puppy in the car..Ahem shakes his head and says so you are following me whereever i go (looks like a hutch puppy ..wherever you go the network follows) Ahem walks into the office with the puppy in one hand and laptop bag in other hand.. his employees start gossiping and talking about the puppy ..he calls the peon and asks him to get biscuit and milk for the puppy '

Jigna and rashi have all perfume bottles on the bed and jigna gives a perfume to rashi and says, jigar will surely fall for it ...and says she knows the likes and dislikes of men , rashi asks her to tell and says "who is he" jigna says no one.. rashi says there is something going on and tells her to share with her..Jigna praises RaJi and says they are very cute together (RaJi fans .. you have a new fan member in Jigna Maasi) Rashi says wish koki was also like jigna .. Jigna is shocked,. rashi says she meant that kaki should also be like jigna - Fun loving..Jigna says koki is different,, Rashi says how Ahem is so pressurized in the whole situation and he wanted to say sorry to kaki but he couldn;t rashi says.. jiju is really pressurized and is hurt.. jigna says that koki shouldn't pressurize anyone like that as everyone has the right to take their own decisions.. Jigna is a bit irritated with the whole situation.,. Rashi has this kalakari look on her face

precap: Ahem tries to apologize,, but koki says not to put up all the act .after hurting gopi vahu so much, and tells she will forgive him only when he a pure repentance ,..


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Old 07-05-2012

Rashi has again started with her evil plans.....all should backfire...please

Ahem is not irritated with that puppy....Cho Cute!!
Old 07-05-2012

soon we will see ahem n the puppy singing.


U N I.................. IN THIS BEAUTIFUL WORLD ....

U N I.................. IN THIS BEAUTIFUL WORLD ....

U N I.................. IN THIS BEAUTIFUL WORLD...



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