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Diya Aur Baati Hum - 7th January 2012 Written Update

This is a discussion on Diya Aur Baati Hum - 7th January 2012 Written Update within the Diya Aur Baati Hum forums, part of the Star Plus Archive category; Diya Aur Baati Hum - 7th January 2012 Written Update Opening Scene :- Sadhya turns to Suraj Folds her hands ...

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Heart Diya Aur Baati Hum - 7th January 2012 Written Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum - 7th January 2012 Written Update

Opening Scene :-

Sadhya turns to Suraj Folds her hands and then keeps walking towards the door , when Bhaboo says Bindani wait, she goes to Sandhya , and says, your going empty handed , wat about ur luggage and things? I dont want even a single things of ur's left in the house which reminds us about U, Suraj has both shocked and angry look on his face , Bhaboo helps sandhya with the luggage and when she lifts another suitcase its opens and all books fall down, bhaboo goes to flash back scene *******where she asks sandhya about books and sandhya says its her fathers to which bhaboo says, oh u have brought ur fathers memories with u , ****** bhaboo comes to present and is arranging books in suitcase, sandhya sits down to help her , vikram just smirks , then sandhya keeps walking towards the never ending door

Suraj;s keeps looking at her and rem how Ankur said , Sandhya knows nothing about this and is innocent, Suraj goes to flash back scenes ******their first night scene where sandhya tries to tell him something but couldnt, then about the chai scene where she tries telling him I want to tell u something but couldnt ********** snadhya is slowly heading towards the door , he rem ankur saying Sandhya thinks he was educated and again he goes to flash back scenes ***** where he rem her asking about books and about that pic, gifting him book , him asking her to tell him everything which is bothering her so much and want to come out as tears but couldnt all she says is u dont understand ************ sandhya is heading towards door , Man will she ever reach there Suraj again rem ankur saying , sandhya was in front of u for so long , didnot u understand her at all again flash backs ********Suraj rem sandhya's bull fight, her helping him out at sweet shop, helping bhaboo when when she was ill, and giving the FD to bhaboo************, sandhya finally manages to reach door and they show the flip flops of Newly wed bahu entering rasam's and sandhya walking out and all , Sandhya was almost stepped out when suraj says Rukiye , every one are stunned and surprised esp bhaboo , he goes to Sandhya and says Ur not a lier and ur my wife and ur not going any where , Sandhya is stunned and bhaboo is super shocked , rest all have their mouths hanging , he slowly takes the bags from her , holds her hand takes her in and goes straight to bhaboo ... the guy is neither able to look at bhaboo or sandhya ...

Suraj tells bhaboo that if sandhya is a lier then he is also one , since she had told him everything on their first night , Sandhya looks with surprise at him and was like wat are u talking , but suraj stops her and tells her that , as much as she is responsible for this , so is he ...

Vikram says , u both have been cheating us and all ,she had been lying to us for so long and u were supporting her , lets forget that , she went to police station and lodged a report against bhaboo what about that , suraj shouts back NO , which stuns every one, he says, she did not go and report anything of that sort , i know her and i trust her , vikram was about to say something more but bhaboo stops him and says , i dont want to hear anything more now ...

Mohit enters and he is shocked to see this new turn

Vikram says , no bhaboo, when ever meena was wrong , i not only kicked her out but i dropped off at her mothers place but never went and took her side and u not only supporting ur wife but u have broken bhaboo completely , before he could finish bhaboo starts in a calm tone

She goes to vikram and says , they say when a gal gets married she becomes parayi, but is not the gals who becomes parayi but the guys, look at you took, how both of u are supporting ur wifes and proving them right, she goes to vikram , ur wife she lied and burned the godown but thats ok, she goes to suraj and says , ur wife have lied to us and even after knowing it , u didnot tell us anything ...

U both are shravan kumar;s todays shravan kumar;s she me and ur father have become old, we cannot see anything , thats why we are not able to look at sandhya;s goodness and her sachayi, she tells babasa they need to go to doc to check their eye sight, she says do u want to hit me on head with my chapal or with ur wife;s ... she says , Head of the house is someone who would run the finance of the house , since you had been doing it for 12 yrs , what ever u say is right and u have full power on this house and u have right to take decisions ... Sandhya says dont say like that bhaboo , ur elders and u will always be ...

Bhaboo goes to Mohit and tells him to call Ankur and inform him that his sister will not be sent out but she will be kept in flowers and be treated like a princess, dont worry about her and not to come , mohit says he wont be able to do it , bhaboo says , nahin do it else suraj and sandhya might get angry and will kick u out , where will u go and live

She walks back and hits her leg on table , suraj rushes but she stops him, she then looks at chaturi and tells her to take madam sandhyas things back to her room and make sure everything is there and nothing is missing ...

she says all this in calm tone ... and walks into her room , suraj was about to follow her but babasa stops him, every one walks away from their giving a hatred and dislike look to suraj and sandhya leaving them alone

Sandhya goes to suraj and asks him why have he lied to bhaboo , why have he taken the blame on himself , till then suraj was in tears but he composes himself and gives a stern look at sandhya who puts ends to her questions and is taken back , he takes her stuff and heads towards their room

Suraj places the things in room and is sad, sandhya comes there and says, u didnot answer my questions ( i wanted to say , when did u answer his madam ji ) Suraj composes himself and tells her that , how could he see her walking away when he knows she didnot lie and she was honest ...

he was about to leave the room but sandhya is like , thats not a proper answer , I deserved this , i could have even lived with being out of house as i deserved that , but without doing anything wrong , u had lied to bhaboo , u have hurted every one in stopping me , some where even u have hurted urself , why did u do this ?

Suraj goes to her and says , so wat else u wanted me to do ? put urself in my place and answer me , She was silent , he says , see now ur SILENT, u had always been SILENT, i have asked u many times to tell me what is that which is bothering u so much , u wouldnt , Ur silence has worsen the situations , caz of ur silence i had been become bad in front of my mother and had to lie to her (they have clearly highlighted the communication problem here ) , may be u never TRUSTED me , thats why U never told me anything (agree with him , she was always like u wont understand, and all , )... he was about to leave the room but comes back to her and asks her i have one q for u , even after knowing ur bother had lied to u , why have u kept quite why havent u told anything , in hiding the truth all u did was give birth to more lies and more opportunity for cheating ... sandhya is taken back , he asks why ''

she says, since it would mean that why parents have taught us to lie and it mean they will be insulted and i can take anything any blame on me but i cannot stand anything said about my parents, suraj looks at her back and says ,thats the sole reason , i lied and supported u

Sandhya says, I will talk to bhaboo and tell her every thing and tell her that u have nothing to do with this , he stops her saying , no it will not help but worsen the matters, let me go and talk to her first

Suraj goes to their room , knocks on door and goes inside only to find it empty , he looks every where and wonders where bhaboo and babasa can go at this hour

PS, ************ this mean, its a start and end of flash back

Wonderful ME, simple , neat and no shor sharaba, Anas keep impressing me more, not easy to keep a straight face and hold ur emotions , Nelu is good , Deepika was better she had improved ,

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