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Diya Aur Baati Hum - 6th April 2012 Written Update

This is a discussion on Diya Aur Baati Hum - 6th April 2012 Written Update within the Diya Aur Baati Hum forums, part of the Star Plus Archive category; Diya Aur Baati Hum - 6th April 2012 Written Update Suraj is at a mechanic shop. He tells the mechanic ...

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Ruby Diya Aur Baati Hum - 6th April 2012 Written Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum - 6th April 2012 Written Update

Suraj is at a mechanic shop. He tells the mechanic to do some repairs in the scooter. Some women come there selling odhanis. They ask him to buy one for his wife telling they are beautiful and any tiffs between hubby-wife would be solved but he refuses outright and moves away. Sandy is making paper envelopes and is thinking about Suraj's anger towards her. She thinks she unnecessarily hurt him for no reason and he has always supported her and also thinks of explaining him when he returns back from Ajmer.

Suraj returns to shop and asks Chotu whether he studied well for his English exam and asks Pappu how did he manage the shop. Chotu answers him that it was difficult as there were lot of customers but bhabhi came to their help. Suraj is surprised and asks why did she come there. Chotu praises Sandhya's apnaapan, how well she was handling all, selling sweets to customers, serving them, cleaning the plates, etc. He tells Suraj that if he had seen it, he would have appreciated her and fed jalebis too. Chotu also informs him that Sandy helped him with his English lessons. Suraj is confused hearing all this.

He comes to their room and sees Sandy making paper envelopes. Sandy tells him how she got to know about how famous he is and his sweets. Suddenly, the wind blows and Sandy keeps the weight object over the envelopes so that they do not fly. Suraj picks one of them. Sandy tells she brought old newspapers and made them. Since it is the first time she made those, asks him to check them. Suraj checks the one holding in his hand and it is not pasted properly. Sandy sees it and smiles shyly. She is about to tell something like apologizing for her behavior to him the other day, Bhabho calls her down making sarcastic remarks that her friend had called. Sandy goes down.

Bhabho tells her to ask her friend not to call untimely. Sandhya attends the call. Preethi asks about her decision. Sandy has forgotten it and Preethi reminds of her divorce decision. Sandhya refuses it firmly. She tells her she has decided to continue with the relationship. They both have arguments regarding Sandy's parents, their teaching, culture, etc., and Sandy tells she is following the same as they have taught her the family and relationship values and also they have taught her to face challenges and not to run away from them. Preeti tells her it is of no use in that house as no matter what Sandy does, she will not succeed in it and also tells her husband has got transferred to Jaipur and they are leaving in two days and she is worried for Sandy. Sandy tells her that is good and she asks her that they never talk about the divorce topic again. While this convo is going on, Suraj is confused at Sandy's outburst the day before and her behavior at present. Wind is blowing and the book gift and the paper beneath it fall to the ground. Suraj takes the book and tries to pick the paper. It flies with wind and after some misses, he finally picks it and recognizes it is Sandy's and then keeps it in the drawer. Then, he pauses and takes it again. This time, he opens it and recognizes it as the divorce papers and is shocked and tearful. He could not believe himself. He is having flashbacks of marriage and some SurYa moments and tearful. Then, he hears Sandy's anklet sound and keeps it in the drawer again.

He gets his bedding and spreading it on the floor. Sandy offers to do it and he refuses. She then brings the letter from Food and Health Department and informs him about that that they need to fill the form and send some samples to them. He is upset, sad and not able to console himself that he tells her to keep it and he will do it later. Sandy keeps it on the bed. She closes the door, switches off the light and lies down. She sees Suraj very upset and is thinking that he is still angry with her for the day before. Suraj is unable to sleep and Sandy is thinking probably how to resolve his anger. BG with the following lyrics:

Tum jo mile tho, aisa lagaa ki saara jahaan, mujko milaa
Soye huye the, armaan jage woh saara samaan, khil gaya
Tum sang judii hai, saasen piyaaji
Mein ho gayi hoon, tumri piyaaji
Tu sargam, mein saaz piyaaji
Maari pankh ti thu parvaaz piyaa
Thaaro maaro milan aiso lage re saathi
Jaiso diya aur baati, ho diya aur baati hum

Precap: Seems like Suraj is sleepless. He is standing in the balcony and is thinking whether Sandy really wants divorce from him. He sees Sandy with her packings coming out of the room and telling him.., yes, she wants the divorce. (Pure dream scene).

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