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Diya Aur Baati Hum - 1st February 2012 Written Update

This is a discussion on Diya Aur Baati Hum - 1st February 2012 Written Update within the Diya Aur Baati Hum forums, part of the Star Plus Archive category; Diya Aur Baati Hum - 1st February 2012 Written Update Opening Scene :- SurYa in their room , Sandhya in ...

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Star Diya Aur Baati Hum - 1st February 2012 Written Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum - 1st February 2012 Written Update

Opening Scene :-

SurYa in their room , Sandhya in front of Mirror and is removing her ear rings and all , Suraj comes in with Pagdi ON, he notices her and is hesitating , he want to remove that Pagdi but want to hear some thing from his wify too , , Sandhya notices this and she takes those two dolls in her hands and looking at him says U look good in Pagdi , Suraj is alll as laal tamatar ... he then goes to her , and says , u dont have to say anything , without u telling anything i understand ur dil kee baat , our relation is about that , Sandhya is like trying to understand how she dont read his dil kee baath with out saying (well her expressions are like that me kya karu ) ...

Vikram is looking for for pass boss in his room and is worried if some one didnot take them , chaturi comes there and sees his state and asks him wat he is so update about , he says nothing , she then asks if its something about a small book if so since books arent for him , she kept it in Mohits room , hearing this vikram goes all pale , chaturi asks him wat wrong , he says nothing and goes to get them , chaturi suspects something is wrong since vikram can never be so sweet to her ...

Chavi turns off the alaram at 6:30 with lappy beside her , she is trying to sleep when bhaboo screams for her to come and read Ramayan for her , chaavi is like being educated is so much head ache , she wishes to be uneducated instead of reading it at this hour (waise bhi darling , being educated u and ur actions are dead uneducated ) she goes to wash her face , zooming on the lappy ...Vikram enters the room chori chori , and is searching for his pass book , he finds them and he notices that mohit is entering the room , he goes and hides behind the book shelf ... Mohit goes to mirror and is readying himself ...

Bhaboo is at pooja and asking chavi to make it fast, sandhya comes there and asks , can she read the Ramayan, bhaboo sort of agrees, sandhya asks which chapter to read, bhaboo says , which ever u like , since u do things as u like , then why ask me , sandhya being a good bhau with out being sad and crying starts reading the chapter ,

Mohit notices the lappy on bed and cursing chavi he takes it and puts it in bag , he was about to put it inside dressing cupboard , when a small movement from Vikram makes some books fall down and vikram had to come out , when asked wat he was doing there by mohit, vikram makes some execuse of accounts and notices that mohit is trying to hide a bag behind him, he asks about that and mohit says its college bag, vikram asks again in stern voice and then takes the bag , he is angry seeing the lappy and asks him from where did he get such expensive lappy which dont look less than 25K...

bhaboo asks her , are u just reading for sake of it or do u know the meaning ? sandhya hesitates before saying Nope, bhaboo then explains her about the chapter Not going to rephrase it , dont really rem it , please dont throw tamatar please ... Vikram is dragging mohit out of his room while slapping and asking him about expensive lappy, bhaboo is disturbed with this and every ones goes to see wats the halla bulla is about ... Vikram then tells bhaboo that he found a expensive lappy in mohits room and wonders whether he didnot do chor for that and is slapping mohit a lot ...

Suraj comes there and stops Vikram and asks mohit to tell him to truth about the money to buy lappy and he will save him , mohit says he got the money from Sandhya, sandhya is stunned and says in strong voice she gave him money for course but not to buy lappy and even points out that when asked about telling to bhaboo about it mohit said he did tell bhaboo about it yday morning ... ...Mohit is stunned and is looking for excuse , he turns to bhaboo only to be slapped, she slaps him asks him why he had to take money from her , had his parents gone poor or so...Mohit says he was forced to take money from sandhya even after his refusal as sandhya said no one in this house understands the value of education, sandhya is stunned , bhaboo lagao one more to mohit and says , no more lies , why do he need to take it from her and asks about wat lappy is doing with him , mohit says , sandhya asked him to buy lappy and do course at home , sandhya is shocked, and Vikram asks something which i forgot, Mohit says that he agrees he had brought the lappy but he isnt using it , vikram says if he is not using it wat is lappy doing in his room , mohit turns to sandhya folds his arms and says , he cannot lie any more and says that Sandhya was using the lappy , sandhya is stunned and suraj is depressed ...while in all this drama chaavi is stunned to see her bro not only lie though she is aware of his lies, but was worried her name will be out but is happy and shocked to know how mind blowing lier her bro is to drag every thing on sandhya ...

Precap:- As usual , Bhaboo had called up sandhya;s bro , they show ankita on other end , bhaboo says , the meaning of Suraj and Sandhya makes the universe not to make them stay together then how can suraj and sandhya stay together ...


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