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Diya Aur Baati Hum - 19th April 2012 Written Update

This is a discussion on Diya Aur Baati Hum - 19th April 2012 Written Update within the Diya Aur Baati Hum forums, part of the Star Plus Archive category; Diya Aur Baati Hum - 19th April 2012 Written Update Video Update here: Click Here to Watch Online Episode Bhabho ...

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Bug Diya Aur Baati Hum - 19th April 2012 Written Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum - 19th April 2012 Written Update

Video Update here: Click Here to Watch Online Episode

Bhabho force chavi to grind the masalas n other side babasa start shouting as he was dng yoga n his leg got hanged, bhabho shout on him n help him to relax, she again turn to chavi n shout to grind thinking that thr's her enemy inside n babasa again call bhabho,she turn n babasa says he was kidding, sandhya was dng her work , suraj came down n bhabho was shouting on chavi as if she dnt do it her MIL will beat her.

Suraj came to sandhya n ask her that y she get ready so soon n came down ,sandhya was still scared, he ask if she was sleepless all night, sandhya dnt reply, suraj wash his face n bhabho again starts shouting n ask meena to cook this n this in lunch.

From outside,chaturi came running n says that she want to beat that dhudh wala,she was blaming dhai saa,bhabho ask the reason n chaturi again start talking abt dhai saa that she was roaming here n there proudly, bhabho start shouting n says that whenever she ask her to do sumthing she takes so much time n also made excuse n at the same time dhaisaa enters the house n babasa comment on her arrival, dhai saa saw bhabho in anger n says that if sum fight is gng on she'll cum later but bhabho says that thy were discussing abt menu, dhai saa says that she too came to tell abt the food festival on gangor, bhabho move from thr.

Dhai saa goes to sandhya n tell abt the cooking contest on gangor n she enjoyed it a lot n then says that y is she telling it to her n came to bhabho n taunt that although she has 2 DIL but only one can participate, vikram n suraj dnt like it,dhai saa says that she's really pity on her but her pity cant change her fortune, meena was working n starring dhai saa, dhai saa says that when bhabho was not a MIL , for 15 continues years he won the contest, sandhya was surprised,dhai saa continues that she was on no. 1 but then cumes meena n she starts loosing n then she hopes that her 2nd DIL make her win but after sandhya came she lost all hopes as if she participate alone she cant win, dhai saa says that she cant see bhabho like this.

Bhabho changed the topic n appreciate her jhumkas n she told that her DIL given her, as she loves her so uch, bhabho stares sandhya,dhai saa says that her DIL asked for bangles if she wins n she replied that she would love to give her a neckllace as a DIL like her is pride to her n jealously for neighbours, she gave emphasis to bhabho,all were looking at her.

Chotu came running n gave the bad news that the govt. officials has sealed the shop, all were shocked n goes outside, as thy saw it thy were in shock, dhai saa dnt miss the opportunity n taunt that how will suraj make sweets now.

Bhabho calls suraj n ask if he meet the officer or not n he agrees that he meet him, vikram says that such officials once got angry dnt came in control afterwards,thy might hv taken sandhya's bhashan seriously, bhabho ask suraj wats next n suraj sys that its holiday of sat- sun so shop will remmain closed n everything will happen after that, bhabho goes to sandhya n says that she might be happy now, bcoz of her the shop is closed n ask to tell all that she's so intelligent that she has helped in closing the shop n now ask her to take out cards n play with suraj as bcoz of her suraj is umemployed,all thr image n reputation is spoiled.

Bhabho continues that whenever a DIL came to a house ppl says that she's laxmi but bcoz of sandhya thr goddess laxmi has gone n in festive season if shop is closed thy hv to bear a big loss but y she'll be worried she's educated she dnt care for this, dhai saa interfares n says that if she's educated she can calculate the loss, she has spoiled the reputation.

Sandhya again starts n says that if thy hv submitted the form n samples thy dnt hv to see it, giving n taking briobe both r big crime n bowing down to such officers thy cant increase thr greed,suraj got angry n came to her n says that wat happen today is thr mistake bcoz she never agrees on her mistake as she's not a human being she's devi, sandhya replied that she has not done any mistake then y she agrees that its her mistake,bhabho got angry on her reply, others were surprised, sandhya continues that this lock is not bcoz of her she was right that bribe is not a gud thing n her father has taught her that never support the wrong,n thats y she said wat is right.

Suraj replied that watever her father says is a pather ki lakeer for her n that gud but now she's not a daughter she's a DIL n a wife, he ask if she has given happiness to his mother as a DIL, bhabho look at suraj, suraj ask her to look at bhabho.

Dhai saa that she dnt hv qualities of a DIL n if she thinks that she's a DIL she shud hv agreed to participate in the contest n make bhabho proud,sandhya was surprised, babasa was confused as y is it came betwee, suraj ques sandhya if she has ans to this or not as she only care for her wishes not of others, he continues that before his marriage bhabho's wish was that thr DIL was sarvgun sampan, who win such contest for them but she 's not like this,bcoz of her this lock is here n he's very upset as sandhya never fulfill the duty of a DIL , for her parents wish she can cross anylimit but wat abt bhabho's wish, for her she can do nothing, y is such discrimination.

Bhabho ask suraj to be quiet but suraj need ans for bhabho's happiness n ask if she can participate or not, sandhya says that if its for bhabho's ish she can surely participate, all were surprised n leaves.

As suraj was leaving the govt. officer came n taunt him but suraj replied thaty wat sandhya says was right n wat he has done is also right, he will file complaint against this n will win.

Precap: Meena ask if she teach sandhya cooking but sandhya ask suraj to teach her n he replied rudely that he has lots of work to do.

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