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Diya Aur Baati Hum - 18th January 2012 Written Update

This is a discussion on Diya Aur Baati Hum - 18th January 2012 Written Update within the Diya Aur Baati Hum forums, part of the Star Plus Archive category; Diya Aur Baati Hum - 18th January 2012 Written Update It starts with Sandhya telling Mohit to tell about the ...

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Heart Diya Aur Baati Hum - 18th January 2012 Written Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum - 18th January 2012 Written Update

It starts with Sandhya telling Mohit to tell about the computer course as she does not want to hide anything from bhabho after what all the whole house had to go through recently. Mohit says that he will tell himself and at that time bhabho enters Mohit's room and is bit surprised to see Sandhya there. She asks "beenani, you are here. do you have any work?" Before Sandhya can say anything, Mohit says "bhabhi had come to call me for lunch but I said you go, I will come later and do not keep my plate. I will eat later on." Sandhya just looks at Mohit and leaves. Mohit asks bhabho "so much has happened and even then you forgave bhabhi. can you trust her?" Bhabho replies "no matter how much you try to hide lies, they come out somehow. nobody will be able to hide their lies." "Mohit, it is so cold then how come you are sweating?" Mohit is taken aback and blabbers "nothing bhabho, I came running from outside hence sweating."

There Vikram is shocked to hear from Meena that bhabho forgave Sandhya...She also tells that now we have to bear half monthly expense and also make dinner... Even after so many dramas, we have to end up bearing all this. Vikram jumps and folds his hands and says "please, devi maa do not do anything else. Please do not do any more drama. I do not want to save money so please do not think of doing anything."

Next comes a very funny scene. A customer brings back a sari that is torn and then Meena scolds the lady saying that you too gave torn rupee note and bought this Rs 1000 sari in Rs 300..So what do you expect??? Vikram pushes Meena aside and tells the customer that it is such a small tear.. See if you wear it like this, it will not be shown and he wears the sari.. "If you want another sari, I will show it to you but take full money for that." And then Vikram scolds Meena for talking rudely with the customer. They both become serious and Vikram says "I have never seen bhabho bowing down and this new bhabhi has done this in 4 days...Meena, you be careful as this bhabhi knows your weakness and mistakes and she will always be watchful. This bhabhi put bhabho in jail and then got the excuse too ..she is very smart and she is going to eat you..And we have to keep the bank papers away from her as if she gets hold of these papers, she will know everything and will tell to the family." Meena is not able to take more of this and gets upset and blurts out "She is not that smart ...The jail incident was not done by her but ..." and then she stops and is scared as Vikram hears all this and is shocked. He looks at her with doubt and comes close to her and Meena somehow manages the situation and says "yes, you are absolutely right. I will be careful."

Night time and Sandhya is making the bed on one side and Suraj is making on the other. Sandhya looks very pretty and she goes to Suraj's side and helps him. Suraj looks at her and Sandhya says "I know you are very tensed. I know you must be thinking that it takes years to learn household work then how I will do. Do not worry, it is difficult but I will work very hard and learn everything from bhabho, everything. I wil make sure that I pass this test with flying colors. I will show it to you too that I can do it." Suraj looks lovingly at her and continues making bed when his hand touches Sandhya's hand and their background song plays... They keep looking at each other. Sandhya continues "To prove me right you have lost your trust in bhabho's eyes and I really respect that. I will never let your this trust on me break. Bhabho will surely agree that her son can never be wrong." (very very nice scene, must watch). They keep looking at each other and their song plays. Suraj removes his hand from hers...Then Sandhya goes to her side and lies down and Suraj does the same. He turns his head and looks at Sandhya from below their actual bed...Slowly Sandhya turns too and sees Suraj looking at her. As soon as he realizes that Sandhya is also looking, he turns his head away. Sandhya gets up and says "You stood next to me, supported me and I am very thankful for that." Suraj says "It should be me who should say thanks as I know you are very intelligent and you are the one who got those ladoos made by bhabho. I can understand why you did that. You are the one because of whom I have got my bhabho back."

Bhabho is shown making cotton thread to light diyas in the temple. Bhabhasa takes medicine to stop his gas problem. Bhabho again scolds him and teases him. Bhabha sa does not sit quiet and teases bhabho with his sarcastic remark and asks her to look at him with anger...He says "thanku..dhanyavad..." Bhabho gets angry "seeing his educated beenani, he is trying to become like that. Why do you want to say thank you?" Bhabhasa says "you have forgiven Suraj's wife..that is why. I really liked it. I also feel that she is a very nice and truthful girl. I do not think so she wrote the report. She hid the truth about her being educated as it was her majboori and it is not bad to be educated."

Next scene between Suraj and Sandhya and Suraj says "Sandhyaji I spoke to your brother today and told him that you are fine. Whatever he did was his majboori too and there is no need to break relationship for what he did. You should also forgive him and if possible you should call him." Sandhya was pleasantly surprised and was greatful to Suraj.

Bhabhasa says "we are also educating our chavi and nothing wrong in that." Bhabho says "yes, but I was never happy about that. I was not educated that is why I was able to live with you when you never earned decent money. If not then I would have left you long back. This education brings feeling of proudness in a female that respecting husband seems to be thing of older generation. I have taught Chavi household work too and she will be able to take care of her house once married. But beenani does not know anything. Her parents have not taught anything."

Bhabasa interefers " so what, she will also learn. You have taught Chavi then you can teach this daughter too. Beenani is like our daughter only. And she is very intelligent and hard working." Bhabho is not happy and bhabhasa figures out that you have not forgiven her yet.

Bhabho "how can I forgive her. She is the one who made my son lie to me. Suraj who used to take my name first and then GOD's, spoke lie to me..She snatched my son from me. How can I forgive her. When a black cloud comes infront of Suraj then nobody can see anything. go and sleep". Bhabhasa is not able to bear this and goes closer to her and says "Beenani is Suraj's wife and as you have stood with me in all ups and downs then the same relation gives right to Suraj to be with his wife in all situations." Bhabho says "this relationship is a big mistake that I have made and we have to bear it. The day when my son is not able to stand infront of this 14th pass girl, that day will be very difficult for me and I will not let this happen to my son. She is playing with my innocent son and his feelings and I will not let this happen. In these 15 days I have to bring her true face infront of my son. This is not only her test but mine too." Bhabhsa is astounded and episode ends on bhabho's angry face.

Precap - Suraj tells Sandhya infront of kitchen that she is doing good. I was going to my shop and wanted water and hearing this Sandhya smiles. They both walk and are about to collide with each other and then look at each other...


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