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Diya Aur Baati Hum - 11th January 2012 Written Update

This is a discussion on Diya Aur Baati Hum - 11th January 2012 Written Update within the Diya Aur Baati Hum forums, part of the Star Plus Archive category; Diya Aur Baati Hum - 11th January 2012 Written Update The episode starts with sad and depressed Suraj in his ...

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Star Diya Aur Baati Hum - 11th January 2012 Written Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum - 11th January 2012 Written Update

The episode starts with sad and depressed Suraj in his shop making sweets in kadai. He is totally lost in his thughts and flash backs of his interaction with bhabho in her room yesterday. A customer comes and asks Suraj to give Kalakand as his kids want it. Suraj does not listen and is lost and chotu sees this and packs sweet for the customer. Chotu thinks why Suraj sa is so loast and sad.

There chaturi comes to bhabhasa and tells him that I want to talk about something "I have been here for last 8 years but I have not seen bhabho like this with Surajsa before." Bhabhasa says "not only you but I have been with her for past 30 years but not seen her like this. More than anger it is the pain that she is hiding inside her. One day this pain will burst and then nobody will be able to handle it and Saroj knows that Suraj is in her each and every beat. She is giving herself pain. Hey god, don't know what will happen to this house."

The scene shifts to Suraj making jalebis but his heart is not in it and chotu observes how Suraj is making jalebis and spoiling them. The customer who took sweet - Kalakand - comes back and tells Suraj what kind of sweet have you made, no taste at all. Suraj says sorry and I will give you barfi but customer says no as his kids have already gone to school without eating this. They badly wanted to eat kalakand but see what I got for trusting you...Bhabho is looking at all this from the window next to GOD's temple in their house. The customer continues "i am very upset and angry at you..please do not break our trust. customer is like GOD." Suraj says sorry and says I will return your money and will send fresh kalakand when your kids come back from school. In the meantime all his jalebis also got burnt.

Bhabho is seeing all this and sees Suraj giving back the money to the customer. Chotu asks Suraj what is wrong but he does not reply back. Starts to make jalebis again and his hand touched the hot kadai and got burnt. Bhabho flinches too seeing Suraj in that condition and is very sad. Bhabho turns and sees Sandhya standing there. Sandhya says "bhabho please excuse Suraj, he will not be able to handle this. I have done mistake then why should he suffer. You kow how much he loves you, you are his strength as well as weakness, you are his smile as well as tears." Bhabho says that I have nothing in my heart, you guys have not done any mistake so there is no question of forgiving. Do not cry as it will hurt me too.

Sandhya says "bhabho you are not understanding, you are his confidence. See, you are away so is his confidence. Have you ever seen any customer returning sweets to the most famous halwai in Pushka, but today one customer has. Please forgive him bhabho, he will die..please"

Bhabho looks at Suraj and then at crying face of Sandhya. She goes near to the window and keeps on looking at Suraj. Then ruthlessly she closes the window and walks away from there. Sandhya is shocked. Sandhya is learning from Chaturi how to make bhindi, daal etc.

Meena and Vikram in their shop and Meena counts the money she got from selling sari. VIkram tells meena to go inside and make rotis else bhabho will again scold. Meena says that bhabho will not say anything as she only has told bahus to do what they want.

Bhabho doing her prayers in her room and bhabhasa looking at her. Bhabho is very quiet and is going out when bhabhasa stops her and tells her to sit as he needs to talk. Bhabho says "if you are not hungry that is OK but i am very hungry. I have to make rotis as I have freed bahus from the kitchen work. I have to eat."

There Sandhya in the kitchen trying to make roti but is not able to. She remembers Mohit telling that Vikram took a round plate and cut off the edges..thsi way he made roti. Sandhya does the same and bhabho sees this and has a sly smile. She sees bhabho and tells her that I have made bhindi sabzi and roti and daal and I have asked chaturi about everything. Bhabho takes control of kitchen and tells her that she will work. Sandhya stands there and helps bhabho. It ends on Sandhya's face...

Precap - There was no precap in the video I saw.


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